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    No problem.  It was a fab weekend wasn't it image    Great to see you again and to meet your BF.   See you at OW swimming Thursday.

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    Thats not running that's showing off....image

    Hahahaha!  Sounds like a great weekend.  Well done to Mr & Mrs SA & Jordy for putting on a great event, and to all those who took part.  Hopefully i'll be in a position to join in the next time (helping and taking part!).  Need to get my tri stuff in gear next year image

  • Well done to everybody who took part on Sunday, it sounds like you had just as much fun as we did on Saturday, and Marshallini wow, I couldn't sprint 100m at that pace, let alone run 13miles in a HIM.

    Moving Along - so that's where my helmet, gloves and glasses went image. I assumed that I'd left them in SA's garage. Don't worry about it, just bring them to Outlaw.

    I will at some point today get around to doing a race report, but I am supposed to be at work, so....

  • Well done everyone hope you had as much fun as we did on saturday, Great time Marshallini and once again thanks to all who made it possible and I am sure it will give all who took part a good insight into what to expect on the day.

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    I had a fab weekend and there were some great moments that stuck out in my mind .... but the best one has to be when i was on "bike watch" yesterday before the swim.    I glanced into the reception area of the leisure centre as everyone was waiting for the pool to open ...... oap's out for their sunday morning swim, excited little kiddies armed with their arm bands and rubber rings ............... 8 very nervous lycra clad pirates image

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    lol image

    After choosing to dry off and get changed indoors, I left the changing room but wasn't sure which way the exit was, not to worry as I was last out I just had to follow the big trail of wet footprints thru the building and out thru reception.image

  • Mrs SAMrs SA ✭✭✭

    Lol image

  • Sounds like it was a great weekend guys... well done to all those who completed and especially to those who organised it... wish I could have been there image

  • deleted due to bastard formatting issues

  • Slagiatt - it was still most amusing despite the formatting! Sounds like you guys had a great weekend!!

  • Silent Assassins DIY 70.3

    Day one , 5 am start to drive up with Slags Mate Tony for supporting duty, I will let the race reports of BB Plodder , Horse , Moving Along , Mrs SA and Cake tell the story but will just say from my point of view it was a great day and myself and SMT were pleased to have been able to help out .
    Must just say though, Cake.. what a legend image covered in mud from the ride in, sporting  the biggest nicotine patch I’ve  ever seen , and wearing what can only be described as school socks.. just the most amazing character.... basically think  winnie the poohs "tigger" in a pirate shirt , an infectious happiness kind of a guy.
    Sat night .. Hotel from hell ... Beware of posh sounding hotels with impossibly cheap rooms.. the Britannia in Stockport .. what a toilet ( the hotel not the town) . Filthy room- check, bed linen that stinks of cigarettes - check , fire alarm going off every few mins from 11-midnight - check , stag party in the rooms either side- check... yep all the ingredients for a perfect nights sleep.   
    Breakfast served from 8 but "Ze Germans" start queuing from about 7 ,  glad we weren’t bothering and instead on the breakfast of champions , cereal bars and SIS supplements.

    Race day


    A short ride from SA HQ down to the leisure centre . Rack the bike against the wall and join the queue waiting for the pool to open. The tills opened at 10 on the dot, and we make our way through. left my bike shorts top and HRM in change room and head to  the water . Schoolboy errors 1 & 2 occur in quick succession.. 1, forgetting to press start button on stopwatch , 2, Joining the swim lane occupied by Marshallini , Doner Kebab , and SA. OK so lets be clear from the outset Marshilini is not "normal" i think he is actually the product of a Secret Swiss Genetics laboratory experiment whose aim was to create some kind of triathlon monster . Somewhere in that genetic mix there must be dolphin DNA cos the man goes through the water faster that Katie price goes through fellas. Can only apologise to the three of you for keep being in the way so often .. on the brightside i got more feet rubbing action in those 45 mins than i have done in 12 years of marriage image .. so lapped by Marshallini about 30 times , and by the others about 5 or 6 times.  My laps finaly complete .. most of the others now long gone, just SMT on his final lap remains. Quick shower to de-chlorinate a bit into the change room and begin the dance of a fat wet man trying to put on a compression top thats probably  already a size too small. Out to the bike and on with shoes socks and pirate shirt... back in to the leisure centre for a quick wee .. then finally ready to go, now firmly in last spot after my less than rapid T1 



  • image That was fun and for those that know me well you will be pleased to know that I managed to get lost a few times even with sign's everything. I'll write up a race report went I can and stick it up. but for now. Q, Jo and Jordy thank you so much for this weekend and for being the star's you are. and for the rest of you kids well done and thankyou for your help and generally being cool kids. image

  • part 2


    Pleased that i remembered the way back to the start of the bike loops. About a mile or so in to the loop and on the horizon i can  see a yellow shirt, managed to close in on that shirt and by the first left turn and am within a few metres of  SMT. Traded places a few  times on the hills and past the feed station for the first time. Jordy, Mrs SA and Grandpa SA doing a grand  job of supporting. Lap 2 and 3 fairly uneventful, myself and SMT trading places , one or other opening up a few hundred metres , then getting reigned back in again.  I nearly skittled super Marshallini when i looked over my shoulder at one point to see where SMT was , drifted out a bit in the process at the very moment Marshallini was about to pass at warp factor 5.. sorry fella .. well avoided. (the DNA mix now thought to contain some dolphin and some lance armstrong). Gear issues started on lap 4 .. i think the result of my temporary wheel bearing fix that had changed the rear mech to sprockets alignment just slightly.. attempts to resolve with adjustment on down tube tensioner just made matters worse but eventually got to a point where it didn’t jump about too much. Lap 4 , starting to hurt now, the hills aren’t hard , but are relentless and just nowhere to recover before the next one arrives.. it was a good reminder of the IMW course .. but fortunately minus a wisemans and saundersfoot. Lap 5 and Doner Kebab comes past me going strong, Lap 6 and settling in to things a bit better now, making better use of the aero bars and making a better job of the hills, feeling less inclined to admit defeat and instead turning up the effort. Lap 7 (may have been 6) , passed by Bobby Nobby but discover i am not being lapped this time but that instead he unfortunately had some navigation issues at the start and had had a bit of a scenic route. Marshallini flashed past again at some point.  Last few laps seemed to go past pretty quickly left knee starting to complain a bit by lap 10 but the super strength nurofen are waiting for me at t2 so just try to keep the effort biased to the right on the climbs and it'll be fine.   Pass bike feed for last time and on to T2 , small navigational issue getting back to SA HQ (T2) but only 30 seconds or so.
    Enter T2 .. delighted to see SA DK , BN still there albeit just about to depart, so my bike time must have been at least vaguely respectable

  • finally- Run

    Lap 1
    Painful .. knee hurting , toes still dead from the ride.. ran a little bit then decided a better strategy might be to walk until pain killers started to work their magic and sensation returned to my feet.  This took a bit longer than i had hoped and resulted in most of lap 1 being a walk. Passed by coulorin going strong , and then by Marshallini going like  japanese train ( DNA mix now though to contain a bit of Dolphin, Lance Armstrong, James Kwambai and Usain Bolt). Getting a little concerned about another issue  that started on the ride.. that being blurred vision in left eye .. had assumed it was a fly or sweat or other muck, but after lap 1 of run no better.. Mrs SA confirmed no obvious foreign bodies and its not hurting , just like looking through a steamed up window if i cover my right eye (not that i look through a lot of steamed up windows , not since the court order anyway).
    Lap 2
    Probably spent a bit too long gabbing at feed station but off on to lap 2 with a run 4+ walk 1 stategy.. (The 4+ being four mins or to a geographic milestone that i'd set as a goal that may take a bit longer ) Pain killers doing their thing.. toes now functional again.. eye still fogged up

    Lap 3
    No issues .. the run walk strategy going well... running for longer before walk intervals.

    Lap 4
    Pass SA HQ for the last time with a promise of a sausage sarnie when i finish .. just me plodding round now pleased to be passing the landmarks for the last time, stopped at feed 2 to thank grandpa and grandma SA for their hospitality and willingness to sit in their front garden all day with a pasting table full of bottles whilst the curtains twitched at their neighbours houses thinking they had totally lost the plot. Ran all the way home to SA HQ where the Pirate massive were all still waiting image .
    Dont know the exact time as i didnt start my watch , but i estimate swim start at 10:10 , and finish at 17:20 so 7:10 +/- 10 mins.. 
    i probably should take this stuff more seriously image

    A fabulous weekend .. The Assassins & Jordy are just the nicest people and laid on a spectacular event matched with their spectacular hospitality.  Great to meet up with so many pirates and finally have faces to go with the forum names. Fantastic bunch of people and pleased to have been part of the experience.  See you all at outlaw/wales

  • Hopefully this works:


    Having dropped off me bike the day before to Mr and Mrs SA I was fairly confident of finding my way to theirs again on Sat morning. Dropped Mrs MovingAlong at the train station, typed in the postcode to my satnav and merrily drove towards their house. At the 2nd set of lights was a little alarmed to find the Sat Nav thought I was in Holland! Having driven round Macc and being lost for 30 mins thought it best to phone ahead and let people know I was still coming. This would be a sign of things to come.

    The pre-race briefing was mainly about a sharp left after a left hand bend, and then also an avoidance of standing water and gravel on another left turn. Then we headed off as a group to the swimming pool, at which point I felt knackered.


    Luckily we seemed to manage to get a lane to ourselves, and pretty much managed to get round without too much touching of feet. I found myself drafting behind Horse for quite a while (thanks for that Horse!) and thus managed to get out in just under 41 mins - much faster than expected. The highlight was inadvertedly holding hands with Cake at one end of the pool image


    This was a drawn out affair. Took a while sorting all my stuff out, and felt quite relaxed changing in the swimming pool changing rooms. It was a long change as I was using this as a full dry run for Outlaw, so on came the cycling jersey, jacket and bib shorts - and a quick toilet stop maybe explains the 8 minute time! Still, I was planning for 10 at Outlaw, so 2 minutes in the bagimage


    Garmin didn't pick up immediately so I clocked the route as just over 54 miles (and looking at the map, think the Garmin picked up after about a mile - so perhaps a total 55.x which is close enough for me!). No idea how many laps I did, my brain was still realling from the lap counting in the pool. My thoughts of the bike course were effectively about 2.5 miles of gentle down, followed by 2.5 miles of gentle up. Mind you the bike leg was nearly cut very short by some old codger on a roundabout who decided not to use his indicators and aim for me!

    On my 2nd lap I bumped into Cake. He'd apparently managed to get lost and was wondering if he could follow for a bit to work things out (I decided not to mention my journey to the race in the morning).

    Throughly enjoyed the first 4 laps, the next 4 were more trying to take corners faster and faster (including on one lap misjudging the tough left mentioned in the safety brief!). Never really nailed the corner with standing water, always taking it much wider and slower than I should have. Only time I tried the racing line I hit the pothole!

    The final laps become a bit of a grind and I was looking forward to jumping off the bike. Only other point worth mentioning is to the fantastic feed station crew. I didn't need to take a bottle by decided to on 1 lap in order to (a) practice for Outlaw, (b) give them something to do - every lap they jumped up waving bottles and I felt guilty giving the thumbs down!

    A bike split of 3hrs 23mins was a bit faster than I was expecting, but I did get carried away on the first few laps before remembering I wasn't doing a sprint and backing things off a little. Need to be aware of this for Outlaw and be cautious at the start of the cycle.


    Sitting in SA & Mrs SA garage legs felt a bit done in from the bike and so I was a bit worried about what was coming next. After SA offered me everything to eat and drink under the sun I declined it all and parted from the seat with a single gel in my hand and my trainers on my feet. A grand total of 3 minutes in T2.

    The Run

    To keep up with the proceeding

  • Nearly worked. Here comes the run bit:

    The Run

    To keep up with the proceedings of the day I missed the 2nd run sign and nearly went the wrong way. Normally I'd just plough on, but wisely today I thought it better to back track my steps to the last sign. Then at the end of the 1st lap I missed one of the signs after the feed station and was somewhat shocked when having a little walk break when Mrs SA asked if everything was ok. I said I'm fine, just having a walk break, and she said thats cool, but you're not on the run course! Ah well, turned out I did a tiny bit extra. At the end of the lap SA explained where I'd gone wrong and sure enough there was right turn I'd missed.

    Lap 2 was good. Lap 3 started to feel hard, but after a quick gel managed to feel better. It was also on this lap (I think!) that I found a lost Cake!

    At the end of the lap 3 I also passed 2 lads. As they saw me I overheard them saying 'Ah, it all makes sense now. I've been wondering what the f--- all these pirate signs have been for'. Can't remember whether it was Lap 3 or 4, but a bloke who'd been working on his car turned round and asked if I was mad. I replied probably, but then asked him if he knew the latest football score, which seemed to make me seem at least semi normal to him and saved him called the emergency services.

    Lap 4 seemed to go on forever, and felt like someone had somehow expanded Macclesfield. Still felt fairly good though and even tried a sprint finish, but some evil sod had put the finish at the top of a steep hill.


    All in all a cracking day. Really, really enjoyed myself, and its been the ideal big weekend ahead of Outlaw and given some extra motivation to crack on with the final weeks of training. Great to meet so many new great people and now can't wait until Outlaw!


    All approximate because I didn't always remember to lap the watch immediately, but certainly not a million miles away:

    Swim - 40m 42s
    T1 - 8m 14s
    Bike - 3hrs 22m 52s
    T2 - 3m 01s
    Run - 2hrs 7m 53s

    Total - 6hrs 22m 43s

  • Slagiatt and Moving Along, great race reports lads, have tears rolling down my face from laughing, so great to meet you all

    And what Moving Along is not saying is that he went for a warm down on Sunday morning by doing the machester 10K



  • Fabulous race reports folks, keep em coming image

  • Slag,MA...brilliant race reports and again well done.

    I won't be posting my race report...image but I did get my hug and kiss off Cake..image

    MA... how did your 10k go?

  • 10k was good. Paced Mrs MovingAlong to 58m 51s so shes happy to finally duck under the 1 hour barrier for 10k. Legs were feeling it yesterday afternoon / evening though!

    Had bike fit this morning - quite a few adjustments so fingers crossed back pain finally goes!

  • Mrs SAMrs SA ✭✭✭

    Brilliant race reports image   Will post mine in a bit.

  • Arrived at SA's street at about 9.15am Saturday morning, and instantly knew I was in the right place when I spotted a gaggle of pirates waving enthusiastically from the pavement. Unpacked my stuff, and gave SA my T1 carrier bag to take up to the pool. Then realised that I actually needed cycling shoes and helmet to ride to the pool, so had to quickly retrieve them back again.

    Nice gentle cycle to the pool, chatted to Horse, and found out that he's from the same neck of the woods as me.


    As others have mentioned, we manage to grab a lane for ourselves, so off we set. I had my swim counter, otherwise there is no way on earth I could have counted 76 lengths. I don't possess that level of concentration. Anyway, after 47mins I was done. By then there was just me and Cake left in the pool. Cake was kind enough to remind me that I was done, so I left him just finishing off his last few, and got out the pool. I then realised it might of been a good idea to bring a towel with me.

    Never mind, I plodded through the changing rooms, along the corridor and out of the main reception leaving a dripping wet trail behind me. H&S nightmare image


    Had a bit of a dither in T1 about what to wear, what a girl ! Finally decided I didn't need the waterproof coat I'd packed, as the sun was shining image, well sort of!! So off I set, forgetting to eat the energy bar I'd packed in my T1 carrier bag.

    11 laps of a nice scenic undulating course. Nothing too hilly, and a couple of nice downhills where I could go weeeeeeee!!! The first lap seemed short, and I happily approached the feed station all waves and smiles.

    The next few laps seemed to get longer, but then I settled into a rhythm and completely forgot how many I'd done, and just kept going round and round. I amused myself spotting landmarks on the course - a weird black rubber thing quite early on, a empty box from a kids play set, and towards the end, on one of the hilly bits, a copy of The Sun stuck in the hedge (I assume it was The Sun - it looked like page 3, but I didn't want to look too closely. I'm sure there were boobs imageimage). I also saw a rabbit and a pheasant.

    I came across Mrs SA after a few laps and then a bit later Cake. It was great to see the familiar yellow and black in the distance, and then have a bit of chat. image

    The feed station was a real lift every lap, I found myself looking forward to seeing them each time I approached that section, a great encouragement! On one lap i enjoyed getting a waft of chips as I whizzed past. 

    After the last lap I was heading to T2 feeling pleased that I hadn't had any disasters, when somebody opened a car door right in front of me. Major wobbly moment as I swerved to avoid it, but I managed to stay on the bike, thankfully.


  • Run

    Entered T2, got off at the dismount line on SA's drive. My legs instantly felt like jelly, and I was faffing about trying to take my running watch off my bike handlebars. SA was great, he helped me with my watch and took my bike and offered me just about everysort of food/drink/nutrition. I settled on a banana, scoffed that, and then I was off.

    My legs were sluggish, and it felt like I was running through treacle, but after about 10minutes they settled down and as my mind started to wander, I realised I was desperate for the loo. Oh no!! I spent most of the first lap looking for a suitable bush to hide behind. I was struggling, as the run was mostly through residential areas. I was starting to wonder if I would make it back to the feedstation for a loo stop, when I spotted a clump of trees and bushes (just past the fire station). Phew, what a relief image.

    Each of the laps of the run got harder and harder.  On lap 3 I tried flat coke for the first time running, no ill affects, so that bodes well for Outlaw.

    At about 11 miles, my poorly ankle started to really ache, but with just 2 miles to go, I had a word with myself, gritted my teeth and got on with it. As I approached the end of lap 4, I was delighted to see that my OH and my two girls had arrived just in time to see me finish. My girls held up the pirate flag for me to run through, and then thankfully I could stop image.

    My timings are a bit sketchy, but my swim counter recorded 47minutes for the 76 lengths. And my Garmin made it 3hrs 49mins on the bike and 2hrs 20mins run. I didn't measure my times in transition, but overall it was about 7hrs 10min image. Well pleased with that!! I am delighted to have completed the distance. It's the furthest I've ever done.

    I wore my HRM for the bike and swim, and I averaged 74% of max on both the bike and run, so that's pretty much where it should be.

    Again, a million thankyou's to Mr & Mrs SA, Jordy, SA's parents and all the other pirates for all their support and encouragement. It was brilliant image


    Outlaw - Bring It On!!!



  • BBPloder - Fantastic race report. Strange how you spotted all the same things on the bike course as me! I also had a near encounter with 2 lambs that had spotted a hole in a gate, but as I went flying* past decided that their field was the nicer option. Oh, and it looked like a copy of the Sunimage

    * Flying = artist licence image

  • Pre race

     Had a bit of a mare the Friday night had to work because of ongoing changes with the day job and by the time I was finished it was frankly p*ssing it down. Cycled home drenched and with a slight front brake problem. Got home straight the bed and up at stupid o’clock for the train over. Ws still raining heavily and unfurtunanly the road was flooded. Missed two trains’s trying to get into Sheffield and finally got one to Stockport. Original plan was to cycle over but had about an hour to get to Mac so had one of the must expensive and entertaining taxi rides ever talking about man city. Went straight to the pool or would have been late and missed the race briefing. Meet up with the gang and after a lot of faff on my part headed to the pool.




    I was frozen so was nice to get in the water, took it easy and let folks get past when they needed to. Counted the length’s by every 10 length’s ducking under the water and pulling faces at Mrs SA, BBurn, Movingalong, <span style="mso-spacerun: yes;"> etc..<span style="mso-spacerun: yes;"> it’s a mark of how fast and competitive they where that I don’t think any of them noticed me under the water swimming on my back with my tongue out and hands at the side of my face waggling. Hard to miss in a pool even a big un like that.image

  • T1

    Got out and headed for the bike, realised that my running sock’s where my bag in SA’s car and stuck on the soaked socks cycled into Sheffield with. They where lovely image


    Managed to miss the first roundabout and head into a little cul-de-sac to the side of the car park for the pool said a brief good morning to the stunned old lady wondering what the nutter was in front of her and headed back. First lap was pity cool and fast until got held up by a tractor cutting the verges. Someone in a land rover and horse box was refusing to overtake it on clear roads. Evenally the tractor driver had enough and pulled in not sure if they where more annoyed with horse driver or just saw me in there mirror bouncing up and down and wanting to get past. Overshot the lap and ended up back near the swimming pool. Luckily retraced the sign’s that had been put out and met up with Movingalong and did the second lap with then and part of the third. By the fourth lap was having issue’s with the bento box and so pulled up for a picnic as saw the lambs as well and wasn’t sure if they where stock outside on the road. Carried on and the other laps where uneventful. On the way to SA’s I did manage to miss the road which given I was the only person racing on the Saturday who had been there before was a bit embarrassing. imageimage

    Bike course was deceptive and while not any thing hard on it and only one real rise that should get you out the saddle with the short laps is hard going. Well worth a jolly in future years if this happens again and perfect IM training. I think I most have kocked my bike computer while going round because only showed as 52 miles but average was 15 which was about right for me at the moment.


  • T2 should have through it through and sorted out socks and also changed shorts from the bib’s but was more interested and my wedding ring. So faffed it all up got to give missus and junior SA a hug through.


    Found it hard going first mile but managed to get into a rhythm after that and went for run/walk managed to get lost on the first lap and say movingalong again who very kindly ran at my pace till I got my bearings back. Second lap a knee problem that has been on and off since Manchester marathon played up so called it a day. Was racing the day after at Eyam and didn’t want to miss that beast.


    Post race got to talk to some folks not meet yet how ever briefly and generally was a good day out. Afraid the race the Sunday didn’t happen with the knee problem coming back half way cycling to the Eyam so in retrospect should have gone for it for two more lap’s.


    Special shout out for Mr and MR’s SA and family this was a brilliant idea and if this happens again which I hope it does it’s perfect for the run up to a IM both it terms of training and probably confidence for newbie’s. Afraid for myself in just confirmed I havn’t done enough this year but there have been more important things out there. Bring on 1st July. It’s time to be all you can be! image

  • Love these reports and love the camaraderie building up.  This childish excitement really floats my boat.

  • Nice one Cake, loved your report and nice to see you again.

  • Awesome racing, reports and general pirating.

    Reading back has made up some of the disappontment on missing out. Did a similar day myself today, although the run was cut short as a bloomin puncture took me over half an hour to sort.

    See you at Outlawimage


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