Garmin FR60 message : ah02.400 0000 aid02.200 0000

Hi all. Hoping someone can help me out.

My FR60 stated it had low battery so have replaced battery but now its showing the message ah02.400 0000 aid02.200 0000 on the screen and won't reset at all. Any ideas what I can do?


  • Tbh Jo, you're probably better off asking here.
  • Hi! Actually there seems to be a huge decoupling capacitor in the electronics. You can notice if you remove the battery and the display stays for several seconds for instance. I can understand if this capacitor must be discharged first before the device can start up properly.  Garmin recommends to wait 24h in this case as it says in a different forum. I wanted to use my Garmin immediately though. So, I took some aluminium foil and short circuited the two battery contacts (in the center and at the rim of the battery compartment). Voila!
    It came up with this strange message again but then only after a second it continued and asked me for my language. Admittedly, I repeated this procedure twice. But in principle short-circuiting the voltage supply is supposed to be the ultimate brute-force reset of any device.

    All the other resets seem not to work when this problem arises after a battery replacement!

  • I know this is an old thread, but I had this today after finding and reviving my FR60 with a fresh battery after couple of years of being dormant. To solve I just took the new battery out again for minute or so then reinserted and the setup screen displayed.   

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