Running in the lakes

I'm passing through the lake district on my way north and have time to fit in a run say, 1:30 to 2 hrs and was wondering if any of you fine people have any in mind.

I'd like to start of somewhere around Grasmere (3 or 4 mile radius) and would like to incorporate some hills, fells and good views.

Lets have you ideas




  • i think swimming in them is best ;o)
  • You could try Loughrigg Fell.
    If you buy a 1:25,000 map of the area, you should be able to work out a suitable route from Grasmere.
    Alternatively, stop in Ambleside on the way through and and pick up some of the leaflets describing easier walks, there are plenty about, Tourist Information may be best. They may be easier walks, but they should still give a challenging 3-4 mile run.
  • You could try the Coledale Horseshoe. I've walked this in just over 3 hours with stops for piccy taking, so I guess it should be possible to run it much quicker. It's an easy to follow route and you can see the start and finish point most of the way around.

    Start at Braithwaite (Near Keswick) then continue up Grisedale Pike (791 mtrs, Vertical rise appx 700 mtrs), you can then continue upto Hopegill Head or turn off directly to Coledale Hause (807 Mtrs). From there it's a little tricky through a brook, but you turn off to Crag Hill (839 mtrs). You're now home and dry as it's then downhill all the way to Braithwaite. The path is also easy to follow, as you more-or-less just keep going left at path junctions.
  • Suffolk

    That sounds like what I'm after I'll have a look into it and its on the way over to Alston as well.

    Nice one

  • The lakes has got to be a good one for fell/x-country running - ie choose a hill and run up it, though best to have a mountain bike on your back so you don't have to run back down!

    but all of this does sound like sport participation away from home - hmm - perfect candidates to fill in my dissertation questionnaire on sport training holidays found at
  • From Grasmere you can go, via Easedale Tarn, to Stickle Tarn (all fells and tough) then down to the Dungeon Ghyll hotel (good drinks stop!) and back along the footpath that edges the road to Chapel Stile/Elterwater, back to Grasmere via High Close YHA...not sure on distance but probably 8 miles or so...fab scenery..enjoy..
  • I've been past there and the Brittania Inn at Elterwater is good for a drink.

    Now I'm torn

  • H0NKH0NK ✭✭✭
    I am visiting the lakes soon and would like to climb up Scafell Pike, Does anyone know how suitable the path from seathwaite is for running? I plan to walk the steeper/ rockier sections but would like to run in between.
  • Hi Steve

    I've walked from the 3 Shires stone at the top of Seathwaite a couple of times.

    There's a good path taking you up passed (if I can remember) Red Tarn, then up a steep section to the edge of the Crinkle Crags. When you're up on the top of these it's a steady, well-marked path over to Scafell Pike. You drop down a bit to meet the path from Langdale & Wasdale Head, but then the path becomes mainly rocky as you climb back up to the top of the Pike.

    I've never had good weather though!!
  • Steve,

    there are a couple of Seathwaites within walking distance of Scafell Pike. Did you mean the one that Mushroom is talking about or the one that is north of Scafell Pike, reached from Borrowdale?

    If you mean the one reached from Borrowdale then your best bet is probably the Corridor Route from Styhead and onto the col between Scafell Pike and Lingmell. This avoids most of the rockier sections, in fact, it only becomes rocky for the final section above the col and it's a reasonable gradient all the way.

    Arrive early, parking at Seathwaite is limited.
  • I was in the lake district a couple of weeks ago. Went for a 2hour run around the cycle trails in the grizedale forest.

    It's undulating without being hilly, wide good condition paths, open space and woodland, and a lot of outdoor sculptures dotted about too. I recommend it.
  • H0NKH0NK ✭✭✭
    Rivvy Ruuner & Mushroom,

    Thanks for your replies, the corridor route from the north of Scafell Pike was what I intended and then returning to seathwaite via Esk Hause then stockley bridge, may change my mind when I get to the area and buy myself a map.
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