Over Training Syndrome

I posted on here a few weeks back saying my RHR was up following a virus. I didn't run for 8 days after and then got back into it (60 mpw). I train religiously with a HRM and three weeks later my 75% MHR runs are still around 1 min a mile slower than pre-virus and my RHR is still all over the place. The only answer I can really find is 'Over Training Syndrome'. I am therefore, reluctantly, taking some time out. I reckon about a week should surfice but I keen to hear other's experience or advice about how long to take off and how to return to training.

Any keen runners here will hopefully sympathise with how upsetting it is seeing all the hard work go to ratsh*t. image


  • I really sympathise with you. All your hard work has just been a waste of time. You must be thinking what is the point?
  • Or you could just leave your HRM at home for a week and run just for the joy of running.

    You are not a machine.

  • The tank would appear to be empty Screamapillar. I don't think ignoring the signs are the right way ahead.
  • It's not unusual for the effects of a virus or other illness to linger for rather longer than the week we all hope it will last!
    Sadly there's not a lot to be done - sleep, patience, and read up on all the other runners (it's more comforting when they're famous) who have been laid low by illness at awkward times. (Thinks: P. Radcliffe, Athens Olympics, dicky tummy....)

    Sure it sucks but it does eventually resolve!
  • I'm guessing that you went back to your usual mileage too quickly and if you're only planning on taking one week out with what you've posted, then I doubt that you'll reap much benefit.

    If you really are struggling as much as you say, then it looks like you'll need more than a week  and I'd also suggest a rethink of your training plans.

    Whilst I appreciate your concern, you're not going to lose much after just one week off - and I'm sure that there are plenty of others on here who are forced to take a much longer break, so I'm not sure that you'll get a lot of sympathy for one week's absence.

    If you really don't want to take time out, why not cut out some runs and take up some form of cross training instead, or, if you're using your HR, spend a week or two running at a low HR / recovery pace then reassess?

    But as others have said, it's probably nothing more than the fact that it's taken longer than you assumed to get rid of the virus.

  • Cop Out - At the end of September/start of october i felt a little over fatigued, picked up a cold, 2 stomach virus' and a minor injury.....i found taking a week out completely after over racing didnt really help. For what its worth, i'd just do a couple of weeks of easy running...forget aboutthe HRM for a little bit, just go out and run to feel....i always find a few days of easy running leaves me feeling alot better than complete rest. In winter and post virus its inevitable some weeks are going to feel harder than others, i think in those phases its important to just keep things flowing.....its like in races, you'll hit a rough patch but if you keep going you come out the other side and will be stronger for it.

    Not sure what SussexRunner(NLR)'s problem is, always full of sardonic negativity...

  • Screamapillar wrote (see)

    Or you could just leave your HRM at home for a week and run just for the joy of running.

    You are not a machine.

    Agree think it might possibly be post viral fatigue instead of overtraining but for both the result is the same time a deep breath rest up slightly and then get back on it.
  • I'm taking the week off. All things going to plan I will run a 75%MHR run on Thursday. If there's no magical improvement I'll take a further week off. Regardless I intend to start back at half my usual mileage and ease back into it. I've come too far to blow it all now. Thanks for your responses.
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