Deep Muscle Pain

I completed my last half marathon of the year back in september and acheived my PB at a much faster pace,since that run i have have lost a toe nail,and had a horrible pain down the outer side of my foot and put up with the pain whilst running over the weeks and months,now thats cleared up and i now have a horrible deep Muscle pain in my leg muscle under my right knee,i have heard that i could have been caused by my injury in my foot,or is it a new injury ive picked up,it wears off after a couple of miles but after my run it really hurts,ive tried R I C E ibruprofen and streches?


  • I'd find it hard to believe they weren't connected. However I am not a medic or a physio so can't give you an answer on that- did the original foot issue totally go away? Maybe other muscles took over to compensate for the weakness during that time.

    I guess your first port of call would be with your doctor, to try work out whats wrong and if its a tear or a sprain or a break or whatever, then you can work out what to do and a timescale on how long it will take.

    What I will say though, is no matter how tempting, wait for it to recover before hitting the ground running- at least give it a good 2 weeks of really laying off and if you are like me and itch to run when you can't, try focusing on non impact stuff like cycling or weights and so on, build up the muscles around the problem area, it may feel like its gone but wait the full 2 weeks because some times things can feel like they are OK but then come back within minutes because in reality they have not fully healed.

    Maybe try physio and sports massage but bear in mind most if not all physios will advise rest above all else and wait for the initial pain to go away before working on any treatment.

  • Thanks for the info jenn,the pain in my foot has cleared thats what made me wonder if its moved into that area of my leg due to carrying on running on it,i havent really had a long layoff since last may when i had shin splints and they were nasty hun,i ran for 10miles this morning at a slower pace of 8.30s and its feeling ok today so im just wondering if i have run through the worst of it now,and i do x train too and do core and body weights.

  • I'd hazard a guess at your body complaining because it has an injury that has not yet recovered. It could well be that as much as you felt the foot injury had gone, it was still recovering.

    See as a kid, you must remember falling over and getting one of those really gross massive wounds on your knee or leg. It would heal over time and scab would form. Its a desire still not understood by myself that lures kids into thinking "I'm gonna pick that!" They do and the thing starts bleeding again! Not because its been recut but because the original wound has not healed properly despite the pain going away despite the knee still working fine. I'm not a doctor or specialist but I'd wonder if you maybe went back before things had healed- it could have also been a referal pain from the shin splints (even if they were on the other leg as the body works as a whole, the other side takes over from the weaker side if its injured or recovered).

    If your certain its not this and feel rest really isn't going to make a blind bit of difference, I'd visit your doctor, see if you can be referred to a physio and maybe one that specialises in exercise or sport injuries then see if they can help with anything. It could be the way your build and so the way you move as we all have personal inbalances and so on, it affects how we move. For many people they never really notice anything but with running and other types of exercise being on the more extreme side to normal (normal being the rest of the population who rarely run and tend to vary what they do far more) these inbalances tend to show up far more.

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