2011 for 2011 - week 49

Hi, apologies to the regular posters on these threads - I've been busy with a house move and a lack of internet access, meaning I've stopped posting a 2-3 weeks.

It's also meant I've slacked off my running a bit, to the point that as at yesterday I am just 1 mile ahead of target, clocking up 1852.25 versus 1851.36! So in the last three weeks I'm just going to concentrate on building up my mileage again, and if I hit my target then great, if not then I won't be too disappointed.

I'll be starting with a longish run this morning - anywhere from 10 miles upwards should do it. Hope everyone else's running and racing is going well - try not to be too tempted by the festive treats!


  • Good to hear you back Simon, still sticking with the runstreak, today is day 45. Not doing any crazy mileage at the minute and sticking with around 35 a week.
  • Welcome back Simon, WR impressive streak I broke mine today it was at 34 days, when I got up this morning I had a slight lower back pain so I didn't run.

    I've had a few good weeks recently all around the mid 40's and one above 50 miles so my current annual total is 1872.70 miles this gives me a 16 miles surplus just 138 miles left!


  • Great mileage Richy, wish I could learn to listen to my body, got a tight/sore achilles but keep going out!! Determined to get at least 50 consecutive days.
  • Just completed the Birmingham & Districts XC League at Northampton today what has brought my total today to 1919 miles so far I have 34 miles this week with 62 in credit. It's nice to be counting down in double figures to 2011 and still on course for a 20th Dec target.

    I'm having a good week off after that as on the 27th I start my VLM training so I'll probably exceed 2011 by a decent margin come 31st Dec.

    This years been epic for me in both mileage and completion of 35 races from 3000m track all the way through to half marathons. Next year will probably be a drop in overall mileage even though I have yet to run my first marathon I have 2 scheduled and the Ashby 20 miler, my focus will be on a sub 41 minute 10k and getting my runbrittian handicap down to below 9 as this year it's crept up to 9.2, which means being selective in races that are UKA certified.

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