New Shoes

Went and got my gait analysed yesterday at SportsShoes in Bradford ( have to say the guy was great and very patient), and got some new shoes . I have purchased some ladies Nike Zoom structure Triax 15's. It was quite funny watching myself run on a tradmill turns out I am a wobbly runner he he and over pronate ( I think thats the technical term ) so hopfeuly my new shoes will help fix that , quite excited for a run tomorrow now !!! Does anybody else wear them , never really heard of them before but I dont know a great deal about trainers so fingers crossed they do the trick !!


  • Hello, I got the Nike Zoom Structure Triax 14s, and recently got the Nike Ladies Zoom Structure Plus 15 Shield Shoes for winter outdoors running. I got the 14s after a gait analysis with Up and Running in Manchester. I think the 14s are very similar to the 15s that you have.

    I have to say that the 14s were great. I have flat feet and they offer really good arch support and really good in terms of stability. It took my feet and legs a good few weeks to adjust (initially they rubbed slightly, and I had a dull ache in my inside knees and I was worried that I'd been fitted with the wrong type of shoe!) but once I'd broken them in they were perfect for my running style. I'm pretty heavy footed too and I think the cushioning on them is great. I did my first marathon in October with them and they served me well, I didn't get the aching in my arches that I'd anticipated and not a single blister! So they are fantastic for long distance running.

    The only downer I'd say is that they are heavy! And I do notice it. When I am trying to tackle shorter, faster runs, I feel like my feet are heavy when I am wearing them and I don't think they are ideal for me with that type of running.

    I recently got the 15s outdoor version - I just ordered these online, didn't get the gait analysis done as I thought they would be the same. However they do feel very different to me. They don't feel as structured or offer quite the same level of support, but on the plus side, they feel so much lighter and much 'bendier' (not the technical term I know!). I definitely prefer wearing these for my shorter runs, like park run.
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