Rough Neck

I'm wondering if anyone has any advise on my ongoing neck pains.A few weeks back I did a light weight training session and felt a pull in my neck, I had to rest for about a week before I could even turn my head properly. Now although mostly recovered, I still get quite bad neck pains and sometimes have trouble with moving it fully.There must be a way for it to recover without me stopping running. Obviously, I'm not doing weights at the moment, but i am only 24 and don't fancy causing myself permanent damage just yet. Can someone offer advise.


  • I'd advise a thorough sports massage to get rid of any knotted muscles in the neck, shoulders and back so you can then ascertain whether that's all the problem is or if there is a deeper underlying problem which requires the more expensive services of a physio or osteopath.

    Do you do sit-ups a lot? Neck pains can often come from poor sit-up technique rather than the weight training itself. Try using one of those frame things that support the head.
  • The neck seems to be a weak point. I sometimes get neck problems from too much computer use. I have also found that cycling did it too, although this 'strain' has now gone now I am used to it. Running seems to be good for my neck, but it is important to relax as much as possible.
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