Training for 1.5 mile time

Alright, well im currently training for the Royal Marines and i am trying to get a running plan sorted prior to my selection. This requires a 1.5 mile steady run(11-12 mins) followed by 30 secs-1 min rest and then another 1.5 miler best effort. Also, there is an endurance course including various things to kill you off, followed by a 4 mile run back to camp. 

 Ive not done a best effort on the road for quite some time, but im going to test myself tomorrow. I am hoping for around a 9 minute 20 return 1.5 miler time. At the minute this is roughly what my RUNNING schedule looks like. I do other things in the gym, just need some help on my CV plan.

Monday: Do a mock test or a 3 miler best effort

Tuesday: None impact cardio, rower or bike 20-30 mins

Wednesday: Hill sprints

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 5-6 mile endurance run, sometimes best effort sometimes steady.

Saturday: Swimming

Sunday: Rest

So, what would you do in order to improve this?

 Many thanks, matt


  • I had to do something similar a few months ago and also a bleep test to a miniumum of level 10. The thing that worked for me to get much better at short and fast was, well hill sprints 3 x a week aswell as my normal running. I do 8 or 10 x 100 metre hill sprints. Best effort on the uphill and gentle down, then sprint again 8 or 10 times. Really worked for me but does take it out out of ya. Look into doing Tabatta training aswell. Its basically picking some body weight exercises, say burpees, jumping lunges etc, then its 20 secs balls out with an exercise, 10 secs rest then balls out for another 20 secs. Do this until you have completed 8 balls out reps. Your only actually working for 4 minutes, but again, you will be hanging out at the end. This method has been proven to improve VO2 max better than a 40 minute run.

    Oh, and try British Military Fitness, if they run classes in a park near you. Its a cracking form of fitness and you'll be getting fitness advice from military PTI's, some of which have been Royal Marine baton swingers.

    Good luck.

  • I'll be honest... more running.. and more regularly.

    Ignoring all the other aspects of fitness that will be demanded of you, running at least 3/4 times for varying distances and at various speeds/effort levels will probably yield the best improvement in your 1.5 mile time
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