Best value desert races

Are there actually any that cost less than the price of a decent car?


  • Isn't most of the cost in getting there?

    this looks pretty good value and heard lots of great things about it.

  • Oooh that looks fab James...probably shouldn't have looked!

  • Have a look at the Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon. Shoestring affair, entry is c. £1k depending how the Rand is doing (and what 'extras' you want), flights to Jo'burg can be had for £5-600 if you're canny. Small field but I've only heard good things!
  • How about Sandbaggers Gobi Challenge? It cost £1650 last time I looked, half price of MdS. I am considering it in 2 years time.  
  • Gobi is meant to be amazing but I think getting out there is quite pricey. Couple of vets I spoke to said that with transfers its about the same as MdS. Was on my the minute though just not got the time or budget to train for one of these beauties. So Jurassic Challenge in Dorset here I come! image

  • And if you want to do a RacingthePlanet one, Iceland should be the cheapest to get to... 4th August next year? image
  • the Kalahari Extreme Marathon is a great race and good value, Namibian Desert Challenge is also a fantastic race but they have changed the format slightly so now you don't carry any of your food, so although I loved the event and its well organised isn't quite the challenge it was. Beyond the Ultimate are organising 4 events, one of which will be in Namibia next year, there is the Jordan Ultra in September a stunning location. Racing the Planet put on great events but I personally think they are very expensive.
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