sub 4 hour group,if anyone wants to get together



  • Poppy

    Thanks for the advice on the knee injury. I have been applying the RICE treatment all week and not run since Monday. The big test will come on Sunday afternoon when I try it out again. Fingers crossed...

  • Ha !!!

    Just found this site ........ Gonna scroll back to see what Welsh Poppy has been saying !!!
  • George!!

    Found me I see.......Welsh Poppy tries to think if she has said anything bad;-)
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • Well guys where have you all gone? how has your training been??

    Come on not long to go to the big day!!!!

    We really need to get this thread going by posting how we are all doing each day!!!
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • Good afternoon Welsh Poppy, I hope you don't mind me replying.

    Last week was my first week back after the xmas break, did 45 miles with my long run being 12 miles.

    So far this week I have done 11 miles on Monday in 1:33 and 6.6 mile yesterday in 56 mins, tonight will be another 6.6 miles and the same again on Thursday & Friday, I will rest on Saturday and do my long run Sunday which I plan to do 14.7 miles.

    I have entered Watford, Hastings half marathons along with the RW 15 miler in Richmond Park.

    This is going to be my first marathon so I am finding this all very new and don't know what to expect, training seems to be going well.

    How's yours and if you've got any advice it will be welcome.
  • I'm lurking on this thread because I'm old and slow, but if I train as though I was aiming for sub 4, I might get close to sub 4:30.

    So I'm watching what you guys are doing, and copying all the best training tips.

    hope you don't mind !

  • Sorry me again, I am going to run for Macmillan, is anyone else part of Team Macmillan?

  • Great to get some new peeps on the thread nice to meet you Crazy Addick and welcome LynneW off course we don't mind thats how we all learn I lurk on the sub 3.30 thread:-)

    That is some good training you have done this week we will have to keep an eye on you:-)

    This is my 1st marathon as well, last week was an easy week as I had 2 races in the week and a 10K time trial in 49 minutes and X country on Saturday 4.5 miles in 34 minutes for club and then my big disaster on Sunday a 10K with mountainous hills in 51 minutes.
    So this week so far intervals at club last night and long run of 17-18 miles tomorrow will be a rest day or a recovery run.
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • WP

    What sort of time do you do for your long run, before xmas my final long run was 19.1 miles, but I found myself slowing towards the end, do you have any advice on how i can maitain my speed over these longer distances.

    I don't belong to a club so have found it hard to do speed work as most of my runs have a lot of hills involved.

    I also have to confess that the Watford half will be my first ever race.
  • Welcome Lynne,

    Yes, nice work CA - looks like you're already on the pace and building the mileage nicely.
    I'll be doing Richmond Park and Hastings too.

    I'm well on course too (I think). My high mileage approach seems to be bearing fruit as I'm definitely getting faster whilst keeping the heart rate comfortably around 150 (my HR max is 194).

    Except for today that is....;-) Motivated by what Poppy put on the daily training thread I thought I'd go a bit quicker than normal and managed 14 miles in 2:03. Not quite as comfortable as usual with HR average at 158, but still under expected race HR.

    Rolling 7 day total mileage new PB of 68.3

    Off to the physio now for an MOT.

    Good training everyone.
  • Hi CA

    I'm impressed... the Watford half will be your first ever race and you're already doing 19 mile training runs. Congratulations!

    I wouldn't be too upset about slowing down towards the end of a run that long - once you've run that far then you've every right to get tired. Some advice I've heard is:
    - to keep training - it will get less hard (I hope this is true)
    - for the long runs, to concentrate on the time that you spend running rather than on the distance,
    - to run with others (as this helps keep the motivation up)
    - to make sure you've got enough food and water on board - certainly I'm finding taking on water helps keep me going - but then it's 7 years since I last ran as far as 19 miles - but only 4 weeks until I'll run that far again...
  • Thanks for the encouragement everyone, off now to do today’s run and I feel it will be less lonely tonight.

    I will keep you all informed and look forward to hear from you all on your progress.
  • Well done Percy you have superseeded me on mileage:-)I have never reached over 58 miles well done!!!

    Good luck at physio

    I agree with benicetome

    But have to say on long runs you need a sports drink like Lucazade 2 bottles plus a sports bar to keep you going so you don't fatigue.

    Good luck on todays run
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • I will be at Richmond & Fleet before the FLM.

    I managed another ~15 mile run at the weekend
    in a pleasing 2.10 . . . 10(slow) K on
    sunday and a fast (40 min) 5 miles Tue.

    Decided not to get wet in the rain this
    morning - so I took the bus (and got wet anyway)!

    17 miles planned for this weekend . . .

  • Thanks Poppy.

    You're still the Queen of the long run though...

    Green light from the physio. Did some gait analysis - not perfect but ok. He confirmed my shoe choice. Apparently just the ticket for my mild over pronation.
    Also suggested a soft tissue massage might help with a slight niggle I have in my left hamstring/glute and slightly inflexible hip muscles.

    I thought the visit a worthwhile investment considering the mileage I'm doing.

  • Went for a 15 miler on Sat, got drenched after 5, legs of lead, turned round and plodded home. Coughing by Sat Nite, Green flem buy Sun, Rough as a badgers ... today.

    Now for plan B.
  • Percy

    I would agree a worthwhile investment great news on your trainers:-) I must get around to arranging an appointment, although I go and have a massage ever 2 weeks which keeps me ticking over!

    I think you are the King of mileage:-) i am going to have to keep an eye on you!!!

    Sorry run did not go to plan- but you live to run another day!!
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • But Percy

    Please have a rest day you should be having at least 2 rest days a week!!!
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • Poppy - thanks for the concern/advice.

    I think that while I'm in this aerobic base building phase (which means nearly all my running is comfortably paced at around 150 HR) I can get away with only one rest day a week, usually after the longest run.

    When I eventually (mid. Feb) start to add intervals and speed work and tempo/threshold runs then I'm going to have to be a more cautious as that's when I'm more likely to pick up injuries.

    Apart from my December sickness I've been building mileage since starting running again last June and reached 50 mpw for the first time in late October so it's not like I've suddenly added a lot.

    However, if I do feel the need for an extra rest day I take it or better still walking with Mrs. P for a few hours, makes a great alternative to a recovery run.
  • Thanks poppy, the frustrating thing is having a few days off. Have taken so many remidies my blood would make Ben Johnson look like a saint !!

    Seem to get cold /flu type things quite a lot. Only 4 weeks since the last dose.

    Never suffered until I went to Uni - then it was chocks-away for the nast little viruses and they haven't looked back since.
  • Alex,I think your immune system must be low do you drink plenty of Orange Juice or eat plenty of Oranges and Kiwi fruits??

    Maybe you should think of getting the flu jab in winter?

    As a chronic asthma sufferer I have to have the flu jab as in high risk group!! No colds or flu as yet(fingers crossed)although everyone around me has been dying like flies.

    I have to say I have never found the remedies any good and even my pharmacy said all you need is paracetomal and honey and lemon or some hot lemonade and let nature take its course, although lots swear by echinacea!!

    Hope you are back running soon
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • Alex - Echinacea (sp?) is supposed to boost the immune system I believe - I take it along with Glucosamine for joints and Calcium and other stuff. is good value for vitamins and the like.

    I lost 17 days training in December to a flu type virus thingy so I know about the frustration of being on sick leave....

    Good luck.
  • Morning all, well another run done, it rained all the way home in the car but lady luck was smiling on me and it stoped as soon as I left the house.

    Another 6.6 mile @ 8.30 min pace, left shin a bit sore this morning so will do a slow run tonight.

    WP, intresting that you feel two rest days are needed, before xmas I was running 5 days but after looking at some programmes on RW and the run log have steped up to six days.

    May have to re-think this if shins start to play up more.
  • Interesting discussion on rest days.

    I'm now planning on having just 1 rest day a week - and somewhat unusually I'm planning it for the day before my longest runs as otherwise that run really seems to hurt. I am also taking it very easy (nice gentle 5km runs) on the days after the long run too so that almost counts as another rest?

  • Poppy / Percy,

    Thanks for the advice. People actually ask me how I get so many colds. Not an asthma sufferer and have not thought of the flu jab. Registered with doctors in Gowerton; lucky to get a plaster cast if you break your leg there so I have not thought of asking. Perhaps I should.

    Long hours & contact with lots of the public probably don't help.

    Never heard of Echinacea until the other day percy. Might try it.

    I do dink stacks of Orange Juice and I have been taking vit C tabs since the last outbreak. Poppy, I like Kiwi fruits but have never thought of a reason to overindulge on them. Great idea.

    See you all later; off to buy some snake oil.
  • Benicetome, I with you on the rest day before long run for two reasons firstly I agree with you, I seem to have more energy doing my long run after a rest day and secondly as I am now moving my long run to Sunday's because of time this gives me Saturday to rest fully with only my pilgrimage to se my footie team ever other week the worry about.

    WP, I'm impressed that you can manage the mileage you do being a chronic asthma sufferer, just goes to show what you can achieve when you put your mind to it.
  • CA

    I too was training 6 days a week but on advice of training partner to wind down to 5 days as problems with ITB if need be I would try 6 days again.

    The day before my long run I have interval training but have a rest day after my long run no choice my body demands it:-(

    I guess I look after myself better because if I don't I would not be able to run.Have to say in the 11 months I have been running my asthma has improved and not had a day off sick!!!!

    Good luck with snake oil:-)Alex
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • And if she didn't rest the day after the long run, Welsh Poppy would get a slap from her training partner !!!!!!
  • Hello George,

    So you're the one keeping Poppy in line then? Please make sure she's no quicker than 3:45 for FLM so I won't need too much elastic to keep up with her....;-)

    Could you explain the thinking behind the 3 hour plus long runs at this early stage?
    I prob. wont be doing those before late Feb at earliest, but as you may have read I prefer to add mileage to all my other weekly runs which are at the moment comforatably paced.

  • George!!!

    I would like to see you try :-)I always toe the line don't I??
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
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