sub 4 hour group,if anyone wants to get together



  • Hi all

    Quick dash in to say hello.  Busy day (what's new). Glad last night was good.  I despair of Mr M running 7 miles in 50 mins with a recovering calf tear. Nuff said. I won't be able to nag you at all all w/e because off to Wales in the morning to run up a mountain on Saturday.  Think of me between 4 and 6ish on SAt pm.


  • Morning!
  • is that all you are doing AH ... come on... try a bit harder... image  (GOOD LUCK!!)

    Howard - why are you confused?? was just thanking you for my drink in the pub...?

    Saw Diane in the hospital for a coffee - she was having a break from the ward - put my head round the curtain to see Tom - he was a bit bleary with the morphine poor bastard - did not stay long .. am so squeamish and I dont think he was feeling much like visitors - really just went for Diane... so one day further on the course to recovery hopefully - waiting for test result... yuck.

    went out with sian and gatecrashed a book club eve of local mums and drank rather too much and ended up getting them all to play the cereal packet game... very unintelectual... I really lowered the tone... image

  • love the pie Smeagol!!
  • Susan - what's the cereal packet game?
    Fingers crossed for Tom.

    AH - good luck with the Welsh Castles Relay - what leg are you? A colleague / friend (also an Ironman btw) is running the last leg into Cardiff Castle - he's done it before but not this leg. Look out for Wirral AC vests (they have 2 teams , standard & vets) white with 2 green horizontal bands.

    World Cup starts today - hoorayimage Leaving work early to settle down and watch South Africa v Mexico. Will be supporting SA as my daughter is currently out there for 2 months doing her medical elective training.

  • Just to clarify- was not 7 in 50 - no way!! Susan is spreading stories.

    calf much better now AH - the phys session worked much better than (if Im honest) I thought!

  • Smeagol - never seen a pork pie that big - or one with writing on either for that matter, wow!! And yes I've been using tripadvisor quite a lot to cross venues off the list, it is so useful. The one I just booked in to see next Thurs (Wentbridge House Hotel, near Pontefract) gets fantastic reviews.

    Jovi - hotels in Harrogate that do weddings are: The Majestic, The Old Swan, Sun Pavilion, Pavillions of Harrogate (those last 2 are conference centre type places with no bedrooms so don't look ideal in that respect).. I think there was another too which I forget right now. Let me know if you know anything about these ones - especially the Majestic as I am thinking of booking to look round there - although I know they had a serious fire recently and an employee died so that's a bit scary...

    Fido - yep it's all about wedding spreadsheets and nothing to do with training spreadsheets now - hee hee! One of my bridesmaids is coming to stay this weekend and we are visiting my first bridal shop tomorrow to try on dresses - AAAARGHHHH!!! Literally SOOOOOOO excited about this.... I always compare myself to Muriel from Muriel's Wedding as I have obsessed over this for a long time and to be quite honest I am amazed that I have never invented a fictious wedding in order to try some on before... image

    OK I'm not really that bad - but I'm VERY excited....

    Susan - the game where you have to pick up the box from the floor with your teeth and you keep tearing bits off so it gets harder?! Hmm....!!! Hope Tom's test results are good and that he recovers quickly.

    Have a nice weekend everyone.

  • Tutu - of those venues i would say the best one is the Sun Pavilions (the one in Valley Gardens). I have a few friends from running who have got married in last few years so once i am back home from all my concerts i will ask them if they recommend any particular ones. Majestic is nice - been to a function there but not for a few years mind. are you after somewhere that does the ceremony and the wedding or is it just for a reception? (sorry if you posted earlier - only have my netbook here and no mouse so struggle a bit with surfing.

    there is also Fountains Abbey that do weddings and Ripley Castle. not been to weddings there myself but have heard good things about ripley castle - both would be amazing for photos.

    mates of mine had there reception at weetwood hall in leeds - it was really nice venue and food was very good.

     Susan - if i came down on 22nd would it be ok to stay at yours. i could get overnight coach back from victoria if you have a house full already so no worries if not doable.

  • bit of drama in the hotel the other night - the hotel room door a few down from us had a policeman outside it and now the door is sealed and has blue & white police line do not cross tape across it. both the hotel and the policeman assured us it was a "minor" incident.......hope they're right - i promise i left my axe at home! we didnt hear any altercations so are intrigued as to what went on.
  • am sure we could sort it out Jovi - plenty of sofas and beds... of course.

    Judderman - as TuTu says - the cereal packet game is where you have the empty cereal box on the floor and you have to take turns to pick it up off the floor with your teeth - you cant put your hands down anywhere to balance yourself - then you slowly tear off a strip round the top of the box so it gets smaller and smaller and people nearly kill themselves to bend over and pick it up - I am not bad at it but was totally outshone last night by three women (although clearly they all had shorter legs... ) when we played it one evening at christmas time gordon was being so competitive he fell flat on his face!!! its is very funny .. especially after a few glasses ... Mr M dont do it with a dodgy calf and hamstring....image

  • my hubby always wins the cereal packet game. does anyone else know the tin can game - we usually end up playing it at the same time as creal packet game after a few drinks!
  • no come on - spill the beans... ha ha .....
  • you stand behind a line and hold a tin of something - beans, soupl etc - you then take it in turns and you have to lean as far as you can, put the tin down and then lean back up without your hands touching the floor. the next person then tries - the person who can place the can furthest forward wins - like the cereal box game it usually ends up with lots of people crashign nose first into the floor! it is more exciting than it sounds!
  • Hate to mention training but have been doing some - hill runs yesterday - a couple of miles jogging round Abo for warmup and then 3 runs up Lodge Hill (which AH will remember - it's the one you come down if you go off the N A43 exit into Abo).

    Sports massage this morning - boy oh boy - I did not know I had a tendony thing behind that knee, nor that it could hurt so much. And I must do more with the outside of my calves with the foam roller because that actually was "quite uncomfortable" (in doctor-speak). Feel better for it mind.

  • well done Fido - bringing us all to attention with some running talk!! I did do 9 miles yesterday and promise to do a longish one on Sunday!!

    Jovi - will def try the can game next time!!

  • Tutu, the pie came from Wilson's Butchers in Leeds so near to you. You can order Wedding Pork pies from them as well.
  • Just to keep up the running talk, I'm going to run this weekend. Probably hit the gym tomorrow then run on Sunday. Will be in the morniing due to world cup.

  • Just to continue with the theme:

    I've run three times in the last severn days: 1 mile, 1 mile and 1.1 miles image

  • go Howard , go Howard, go Howard......   imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage
  • While on the training thingy, ive ran 4 times this week + boot camp and 5 aside football tournament as part of my companies well being week have the Southend 1/2 on Sunday looking forward to it.

    pleased to hear your on the way back HRR.

    Love the tin can and cereal box games.

  • I always win the cereal packet game! Will try that tin can one next time too,whenever that'll be..

    Smeagol - sadly with us being veggie/vegan our wedding will be meat free so can't really see a place for a giant pork pie..shame!! Nice idea though image

    I am going wedding dress shopping today!!!!!! Excited does not even begin to describe...

    And on a running note........nope,can't think of one!

    Well done Howard!
  • Good luck at Southend half eastham,sounds like you've been doing a lot!
  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭

    morning all!!!

    doubt I would win cereal packet or tin game, would b too busy eating the cereal I think...

    wedding plans sound good tutu, enjoy the dresses and keep it all secret!! apart from your assistants of course!

    training this week not great actually!  I only ran tues and thurs, meant to d0 a race this morning but am being sensible because my achilles is very sore this morning, so I laid in, amd sitting in bed now and at 1 will be heading to a beer garden with bbq etc for the day for my duaghters 1st send off drinks (thurs is city one) and cant wait to watch footy either smeagol!!  Watched all opeing ceremony - loved it, and both games yesterday. 

    Howard, 3 runs!!! lovely

    Susan,  Tom is in my thoughts hope he keeps healing and test results are good. 

    Fido sounds like you really loved your sports massage... no really...

    I do love em, think I am a masochist!!

    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • Morning all.

    Tutu - enjoy the wedding dress shopping.  

    HRR - Good to hear that your comeback still going well

    Eastham - good luck at the Southend Half  - hope you havea good run. sounds like this week has been good fun - hope they havent worn you out too much for the race.

     im just sat on the train on way back from london for a brief overnight stay in leeds to go to my mates 40th party tonight. back tomorrow for abother show, back home monday for a night and then back down tues for two nights in paris & one more show in london - i then get 5 days off before the last 3 shows! yes, there arew 3 shows im not attending! the partying is catchign up with me - am knackered and have pretty much lost my voice - no doubt that will be a great relief to many image  the hotel barman looked very relieved last night when we told him we wouldnt be there tonight - i think hes looking forward to an earlier night!

    on a runnoing note - hoping to get in a short run between getting home this afternoon and going to the party - will probably only be 3 or 4 miles as so shattered - am hoping the fresh air revives me for the party and if not might have to resort to the red bull!

  • you know how to party on Jovi..... wwwooooooooohoooo we're ... half way there.... whoooooo wooooo ...

    Wabo - (()) thanks for Tom wishes - he was feeling a bit rubbish today as they have taken the morphine away - he was greatly relieved when he finally farted today ... a) it escaped the trapped wind and b) it means the gut is working and not twisted.... poor love... they dont think they will have results until week on tuesday .... 

  • Eastham bon chance

    Tutu giant mushroom & tempeh pie??? image

    HRR  you are so sensible!

    5 miles at m.p. this morning, got it under 9m/m and didn't feel too bad, "which is nice".

    Susan yes even twisted guts v. painful so my Dad tells me - fingers crossed, it seems so wrong for a tiddler to be going through this....

    OH doing Chiltern Chase tomorrow - I'll be running (most of the way) there as my long run. No desire to go pinning numbers on me for now thankyouverymuch!

  • Morning.

    Slightly further, slightly faster.

    1.2 miles at 8.31 pace. I even overtook someone ..... up a hill!

  • Well done Howard, thats a good pace considering you have just started running.

    Did first full workout since 2 weeks before Edinburgh at the gym yesterday. Legs are aching today so won't run. As I have no races planned I am going to concentrate on leg strength and less running for the next 3 months so that I can hopefully stop the annoying knee pain I get.

    Well done on under 9mm miling Fido.

    Suffered the usual England World Cup failure yesterday.image

    Jovi, running to counteract the partying or the other way around?

  • Morning! on train on way back to london. didnt have time to get out for a run in the end. probably just as well asi think my sore throat is slightly chesty cough so probably best to avoid running until it recovers. did manage lots of dancing at my friends party last night so will count that as cross training! great party - shed dressed the house up with all sorts of oscar stuff including giant oscar statues anda red carpet - shed managed to get it all off ebay! hoping i can have a it if a snooze on the train...

    HRR - thats fab running - hope all well after the run
  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭

    smeagol, it was not good was it?  I felt for all us fans in the pub so so full of hope!! yet again shattered!  Have yet tosee a really good game tbh.

    I have not run again today!!   Trying to look after my achilles, and have a hangover after my daughters leaving party all day yesterday!!

    HRR brilliant running, pace is so good!

    jovi look after yourself you party animal!

    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
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