sub 4 hour group,if anyone wants to get together



  • Southend 1/2 over 1hour 50 decided to try to stick at 8.30 pace but had a few 8.15's in there. nice day for it.
  • Sounds good Eastham - well done sir!

    I did another longish one today - just about 9 miles again... goodness me .. thats two in a week!! 

    Tom feeling better today and fingers crossed may be home tomorrow... test results a week on tues.

    HRR - well done on your run..

    Wabo (()) hangover.... 

  • Evening - at long last I have finally done a race and did well! Did the Kinder Trog, 16 miles, very hilly - took the courtesy of showing you below image Ran with my friend I've been running with and he really kept pushing me and I kept pushing myself. Did it in 2hr 58!!! I was heading for 3hr 30 on previous performance so really pleased. Calves, things, feet absolute kill now but Mr WT is on his way home from the shop with lots of chocolate as a treat for me. All this after getting back from a wedding at 1.30am as well image although I was stone cold sober! Had a terribly nasty time stubbing my toe on a rock and thought I must  have broken it, but was running with two men at the time who just ignored me.....

  • Susan - you're storming woman, two long runs in one week! Glad Tom is feeling better, must be so tough for the family. Fingers crossed for the results.  

    Eastham - good time, well done, especially after everything you've done this week with work!

    HRR - that's brilliant news on your running, bet you feel really positive about it all now - really pleased for you.

    Wabo - happy hangover evening image

    I am now off to bed with chocolate soon as I am completely and utterly exhausted!

  • Well done WT makes my flat Southend seem really wimpish.image


    Just a photo of me stile hopping image
  • like a gazelle!! you look like you have lost weight....
  • not that you needed to or anything.... just you look like a blade of grass....
  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭

    wow wt, well done, it looks fun!! In a crazy way of course.

    am all good and not hungover, looking forward to running 6 miles in the forest in the morning with my mate who has been over from US and will be going back tues.

    Pretty much starting to feel a bit sad about my daughter going sat, I will miss her so much, I know I have said it before but its all getting a bit real now! Thank goodness her brother is coming to the airport to see her off with me, I would hate to drive home after that alone.

    susan, nice running going on!!

    and eastham well done on the southend

    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • So are we classing Susan's nine miles as a long run then image !
  • WT- Fantastic run as Ive said suddenly it all falls into placeimage

    Eastham- ell done, great attitude I am determined to just run a race rather than chase a time but just cant do it

  • Susan - haha! I think I have lost a bit but still a bit heavier than normal. Good camera angle as well!

    Martin - you were completely right!

    Wabo - it must feel very odd,good that she's going on such an adventure but sad that you will miss her (((())))
  • WT well done .... OM___G! Rather you than me!

    Howard - you will have to find different places to do your 1.something miles or you'll get bored and start stubbing your toe like WT who was no doubt subconsciously trying to distract herself from the GERT BIG HILL.

    Susan I did 10 miles so there (... well... it was 9.5 then I had to stop for a bit a) tum trouble b) to ask directions.... then start again.. OH was doing Chiltern Chase so I got him to drop me off after we'd driven 3 miles along the road to the race HQ and I ambled the rest of the way there for me "long" run... )

    Got there a couple of mins before he appeared - well timed - I could therefore offer my usual encouragement GO ON YOU CAN TAKE THEM GET A MOVE ON GO GO GO! which led a clubmate of mine to say I needed a whip! No, that would get him DQ'd - assistance! image

    Martin the rather dubious thought occurred to me recently that my spring maras are never v. good so I might as well just train for a race in the spring "just to finish" e.g. Comrades. However counter argument might say that I did find doing 10 milers in the snow quite difficult!  Remind me, how did you manage to get the midweek long runs in during the WEATHER this year?

  • Well I AM sorry Howard - what is a long run then??? over 20 miles?? I still think 9 miles is quite a long way but clearly we are in a different league now??

    answers on a post card - how long does a long run have to be to be long??

    AH - hope you survived your weekend

    Wabo (()) re daughter 

  • Brilliant WT!!

    First longish run for a while Sat - 12 miles in 1-45 so not bad. And no ill effects apart from slightly sore hamstring.

    Packing for Turkey so after today you wont hear from me for 10 days!!

    Cant wait!

  • Susan - depends on how you run it. If you run it slow then it's long in my book, but if you run it fast then it could be a tempo.
    Thanks for the cereal game stuff - I'll remember that for Christmas.

    Well done WT -  a great time for a difficult course.
    Nice running too Eastham

    Howard - pleased to see you're following your own 10% rule (1.0,1.1,1.2 etc). How's the foot holding up?

    Have not run since last Tuesday. Just too busy - spent all day on Sat at the tennis club watching B in the Junior finals. He managed to win mixed doubles and under 18 doubles. 2 proper trophies - must admit I was a bundle of nerves..

    Hoping to get away early to get a long 9 miles in (you and me both Susan) but then it's also Japan v Cameroon. Maybe I could go after that and be back in time for Italy v Paraguay...

  • Re how longs a long run ? how longs a piece of string??

    depends how iam feeling really

  • Foot is holding up well. I am doing a lot of stretching to keep everything loose around the calf and ankle. Also getting into a cold bath after every run! image
  • FIDO- You are getting tempted. I can tell

    Long runs in the snow. 2 things. 1) ran by the canal on "virgin" snow which was lovely and helped strengthen the legs. 2) Had to accept the treadmill once. (20 miles which I will never do again!!!)

    HRR- Keep it going

  • Great news re foot and running ,Howard!

    JMan - brilliant B!  God, you must have been terrified, watching! Had no idea B was such a whizz!

    WT - awesome. Great pic.

    Have skim read back folks but must read properly.  Got to dash off now to bring Dad home from hospital after his hip op on Thurs.  Seems he's doing well and refusing drugs already. Situation normal.

    Need to do you a proper post/race report about the Welsh Castles RElay. Oh. My. God. A cross between a running Tour De France and the Wacky Races. It's a two day stage race going from Caenarfon in the north of Wales to Cardiff in the south.  20 stages all of about 10/12 miles. 6 mountain stages, of which I had one.  The good news: I didn't come last (second to last though!) and I beat the 10 min mile cut off. Bad news:  my quads feel worse than if I'd done a marathon. Good hews: hips and knees perfect. image

    Bad news: no sleep to speak of. Good news: am feeling a new sense of love for and from my club mates. It's an AWEsome experience.The support for and from runners of your own teams was stupENDous. But there's also HUGE support for every other runner - only 58 per race. And we all set up impromptu water stations for everyone which was brilliant.  And when you're running, you know that everyone driving past and hooting or calling out support, is a runner and knows what you're going through. Amazing experience.  

    Serpies won most of the prizes.  We came second in the ladies competition behind them (most of our team were vets and most of their's were amazing racing snakes) and second in the Queens of the Mountains comp where they total up the mountain stage times.  Feel a bit awful that my time was so slow (1.31 I think) but we were 80 mins behind Serpies so it wasn't just me.

    Will try to find a way of posting the profile of my leg.  Would like to drive up it to really appreciate what I did!  I think it was the descent that really got me. At least my legs and core were strong enough to run down properly... but the descent at the top was really really steep. And at the last two miles... all alone, but having to keep pushing because you know that every second counts.  The year we last won it from Serpies, we won by 40 seconds, so you know you have to keep pushing and pushing.

    Right. Love you all - must dash. Opera tonight. Actually want bed and Horlicks. image

  • Welsh Castles website

    in case anyone's interested.

  • Great Stuff AH - haven't heard from my colleague Simon yet who ran the last leg for Wirral AC, but he raves about this event.
  • Guys

    Here is a good world cup related exercise. Start the treadmill when the match starts. Try to do 10k before half time. You have to gamble on how much injury time but means you have to get out in 48 usually. Sound interesting?

  • Mr M i did that many years ago, i was in New York for work and one evening i was bored stiff so decided to go down to the hotel gym, on the tele was Costa Rica v some other south american country i started on the treadmill at kick off and stayed on till the match finished no idea how far i did, it just seemed a good idea at the time.

  • Sorry AH the Welsh Mountains sounds fantastic.
  • Indeed they do AH - you are a real core runner and a hardened one - a legend!
  • Serpies rule the WElsh moutain relays...  image

    Judderman - great news re table tennis.... well done...

  • saw a mental marathon advertised somewhere - man vs horse - in the welsh mountains somewhere - the man has only twice beaten the horses when it was very hot... what a mental challenge - imagine some here would be up for that.....

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