sub 4 hour group,if anyone wants to get together



  • bedfordshire for me...

    also those staying on 22nd... sadly Gordon will be in Scotland... playing GOLF!!! (EARNING MONEY??? NO CHANCE... ) so thats sad in a way but means more room ... 

    night all x

  • Morning campers.

    WHAT a tennis match last night!  I put the telly on at 5.30 to do the ironing and I couldn't believe the 31-31 score.  Three hours later... Interesting that they didn't take any gels or energy drink.  Only the odd bite of banana and water.

    Might start a thread on that on the tri thread.

    Nothing for me today until tonight's swim trial.  Knee not right after yesterday - but am not too bothered.

  • So much to catch up on and not enough time!

    Tutu - brilliant news about the wedding day and that you will make the 22nd! Where are you getting married? I wish I was getting married again, loved my wedding day, might even marry someone different just for a change image

    Martin - I'm not surprised you're tired, rest man! Wish I was you and had it all over and done with. Do you have anything in mind to do for the rest of the year, not that anything will go near Comrades.

    AH - can't believe Roth is so soon, so pleased AR is going with you now as well. I love it with Mr WT and kids watch me, not that he does often and I have to strop! I support him on every race and so it would be nice to have the same back but hey ho!

    Looking forward to 22nd, going to book my train ticket today for the week trip as I am not being very well organised!

    On the topic of running, I recovered really quickly from my 16 mile race, was back out on the Tuesday with no ill effects. Have been doing pilates which I think is making a difference as well. Did a hard run on Tuesday night, some big climbs and then steep downhills which was good for speedwork and managed about a 7 min mile, although did feel very sick! Doing a club race on Saturday, only 5.5 miles but a big climb for 3 miles and it finishes in the river (I kid you not) - we did a recee last week and I hated the river part. Have a huge fear of jumping in water and face going under, river is up to my chest and so if I bend my knees I will go under image Kind of scrambled in on the receee so off for another try tomorrow night with my friend who is about 5" smaller and a lot braver than me. The only other way is a half mile run through an estate so the river it has to be.........
  • Wow - I'm afraid I think the river part sounds ACE!

    Just done the most important part of IM prep - have bought foul yellow pirate t shirts for the entire Hen household image.  AR will be so pleased image. J is the Artful Goose, C is Artful Chick and AR is AH's OH.

    My Bangkok sis has been staying for a few days and is doing somethign Very Exciting tonight.  Will tell you tomorrow but better hadn't just yet.  Suffice to say it'll involve some MAJOR name dropping imageimage

  • image AH - look forward to that... (name dropping!) and we will need to see a complete pirate family photo!! cant actually believe you are doing an iron man...

    WT - will talk later - having a bit of a frazzled day - slept very badly - gordon gone off to Nick Hancock (small name drop) for the cricket which I went to last year but cant this year as I have to get up at crack of sparrows and take my ungrateful 17 year old to Bristol to look at uni... got meeting at school in a minute to look at the mental bus stop where the accident happened after the marathon - got 3 head teachers and some council folk to be there so thats good .. sadly its the mornings its worse... 

    then got another event at school... its so busy this time of year it makes you ill... and still got the whole fun run forms etc to sort out - thats 2 weeks on sat... eeeeekk image so WT if I dont call today I promise I will tomorrow but your room is booked (its the little one I am afraid!!) you will have to move out of it on 22nd so Martin can go in there and you gals can go in James room (he can come in mine.. ) will be fun!! 

  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭

    hi all

    good news re wedding jovi and trains tutu!!

    I am passionate about footy, so my son told me last night, mum calm down please stop yelling!!

    Hen yes rio is amazing, went there another life ago with Jodie and sam's dad. She is still there today!! Cant drag herself away, is that cairphirini  (not sure thats right) some cocktail?  We have some sort of drink witha  red fruit when we were there.

    my running is going ok which is nice and I am getting on nice with tehfirst schedule!

    susan you sound busy!!!

    howard delighted the running is coming along!!

    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭

    susan hope all goes well for tom

    tutu great news about your friend, not sure about his pink corset!

    looking forward t o 22/7 guys!

    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • will be FUN  Wabo.... image
  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭
    indeed it will susan, I think I am getting a bit less is more you  know....
    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • American Footballimage How boring. 10 seconds of action then 5 minutes whilst they change the players. Much prefer the American Ice Hockey. Much faster and more flowing and skilful game. Shame Channel 5 stopped showing it the season just gone.
  • Evening all

    First sorry about thepicture. Back to Darkhorse!!!!!!!!!!! Trying to upload a Comrades picture which failed. (picture is on facebook if anyone wants to look.

    Tu-Tu- Well done re the wedding but GOLF is not boring

    WT- Sounds like your well on track, it wil here before you know it

    AH- Your training is just crazy!!!!

    Susan- Who looks after the axe or does this now mean we will be OK?

    Have I missed something. What has happened to DIDDS?

  • I know - I miss Didds... but I'm sure he's lurking and just too busy to post. Hello Didds image.

    Now Coxy will pop up and say why don't I miss her too... and of course I do! image  She's just busy being a mum.

    Now then - I will have good gossip that Jovi will be interested in... or maybe not... image. And other stuff that I might not dare to post in full!!!  But you'll have to wait till the morning imageimageimage

  • axes have to be left at the front door.....image
  • come on AH spill the beans your sister been on a date with Bon Jovi??
  • Had to stay late at work tonight as something cropped up, not that it was a big deal as we all thought from the start it wouldn't turn out to be a problem with our bit so we were fairly mellow! But I had a stiff right foot too so I junked tonight's planned intervals sesh. Tomorrow is a rest day too - Yoda would say don't try to play catchup!
  • Carp night's sleep.  Got my friend to his bike start and watched him cycle off into the darkness at 3.05.  At 8.42 he'd done 45 miles so he's doing well.  55 to go. But didn't really feel like I got back to sleep. Then the cockerels started in the distance, then our cockerel started, then the dawn chorus... you know what it's like.

    Just having a break from giving my legs a going over with the foam roller. Have had the thing for months but hardly ever use it.  Hurts image. Being nice tomyself today with no training - only PowerPlate. Ouch.

    So who wants to know my name drop?  Well, it's not exactly my name drop - it's my sister's.

  • Susan (SLIM 2010) ... wrote (see)
    come on AH spill the beans your sister been on a date with Bon Jovi??
    Sort of...
  • Blimey - what a TOTP!!  Is Jovi around?
  • Go on...
  • 1.7 miles @8.20 pace. Hot but felt good. Pushed it a bit for the first time and with no problems in the foot.
  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭

    howard thats what we want to see!

    I had a good but hard run last night, middle 3 miles at 9 min pace and it was hot, 2 warm up 2 cool down and I was on the last mile or so and some blokes went past in a 4 x 4 with green and red flags (dont know where from) and one hang out the window and looked at me and said yuk, he should have seen me up the top of the hill!!! But seriously, why??? Why do people have to make horrid comments when someone is simply exercising and minding their own business.  Needless to say I gave him a wave, yeah with two fingers up!

    come on ah, spill???

    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • All

    Remember me? Am back from Turkey - had a really good time seeing my daughter. Didnt do much running so am now rested with NO NIGGLES! So time to krank up the miles now.

    Any news here?

    When is July meeting?

  • Wabo - I'm so angry for you.  What twats. image

     Well, it's a long story but my sis was helping last night at Elton John's annual charity ball.  She was on reception,checking people in, then working at the auction, handing round mics and making sure that people who wanted to bid were seen by the auctioneer.  Then handing out goody bags at the end.

    Haven't had the full low down yet - will tonight when she's home - but the texts last night were (with a few edits in case it's libellous!):

    "Kerry Katona, peter andre, jamie redknapp, shirley bassey, dale winton, holly valance, david walliams (insert rude word here) liz hurley, JON BON JOVI (insert comment about how well 'hydrated' he was at the beginning of the evening image), boris becker, kate beckinsale to name  a few I've had to deal with tonight".

    Then, "met scissor sisters guy, Lulu, Dougray Scott"

    Then, " Dragons den bloke - Ballantyne - insert word meaning over-refreshed"

    Tee hee!

    So Jovi - your idol was obviously letting his hair down between chunks of his tour!

  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭

    love it hen, how funny!!

    thanks for feeling my pain image my son wanted to go out and give them some pain!

    hi mr m and welcome back!!

    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • Hi Mr M.  Have you got a good sun tan? Not that it's been that bad here... image
  • Liz Hurley had a lot of powder on and does have a really nice bum

    Jon Bon Jovi stood politely behind her until she'd finished dealing with someone else, asked what table he was on, then asked her where the mens room was. She said he seemed nice and wasn't up himself - unlike Mr Walliams. She said Peter Andre was sweet and made a point of coming up to her to say hello even though his burley body guard kept saying, 'he's BEEN checked in'.  R didn't know that and said so and he just kept smiling and saying, 'but I wanted to come and say hello'.

    DougRay Scott was her favourite.  And there were a few people she was 'meant' to know but because she's been living in Bangkok for four years and doesn't watch soaps, she's been a bit out of the loop!  Shirley Bassey smiled at her and she held the door open for Grace Jones who arrived late.

    Lady Gaga - the live act - was amazing.

  • Oh, and Lulu was very nice and made a point of coming over to say well done and thanks for all their hard work.
  • I met peter andre many years ago and he was a lovely lovely bloke.. Nice list of names there!

    Ran a slow 5.5 miles last night. Off to scarborough for the night now then umber bridge half sunday.

    Nice running Howard! image

    Mr M - July 22nd meet up. Jovi - are you getting same train as me?

    Have good weekend all...x
  • Tu-Tu Dont want to scare you but the Humber bridge half is a real tough one watch the hill at about 10 miles its a long one

    Nice one Howard.

    Welcome home Mr M

    I think Ive got a chest infection feel very rough, so thats one way to take a proper break.

    Yea my picture has gone onimage

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