sub 4 hour group,if anyone wants to get together



  • Hello!

    It was rather bad, wasn't it, JTS! I walked to and from the gym yesterday evening, and for the first time ever I felt safer in the underpass beneath Spaghetti Junction than I did on the pavements.

    Almost ache-free today despite increasing all my weights last night, but miffed that they closed the gym an hour early so I didn't get my swim.

    Speedwork today. As in, I will try to do at least one measured sub-10-minute mile as part of a set of long intervals on the tready >:-(
  • Morning all, well I now understand the highs & lows of being a runner, Tuesday struggled to do 3 miles out of planned 7, got very annoyed with myself for giving up and started to question whether I could do this at all. Wednesday decide to do a ten minute jog before my weight session legs feel ok so push it out to 3 miles followed by the session, this morning no reaction legs feel good so will try 5/6 miles steady tonight and the world looks good again.

    May I also take this opportunity to say how impressed I am on the development of this thread to new cultural levels with poets and songwriters whatever next.

    Go for it V-rap you can do it.

  • Just checked my training schedule and in exactly 80 days from now we'll be crossing the start line in Blackheath ... and in less than 80 days and 4 hours the champagne will be open!

    Just 1920 hours or 115,200 minutes left to get the training runs in!
  • I don't mean to panic anyone, but now I think about it there's a GMT-BST time change - which means there's actually ONLY 1919 hours left for training!
  • Er, thanks for that, Benicetome.

    When do you suggest it would be appropriate to start panicking?
  • If I find myself sitting in a cold bath then I'll panic...
  • Errr benicetome you must think about gtting out more
  • CA - my (weak) excuse is that it's all this snow - it makes me want to go build snowmen and it really makes me want to go book a ski holiday...
  • it makes me want to go somewhere hot, Thailand is 34 degrees today.
  • Anyone mind if I just take a short rest on the injury bench? Started Yassos on the tready yesterday and got unexpected pain in the outside of my knee. I got off immediately and am going to give it another go tonight - hopefully just one of those things!
  • Higs, by all means join the bench, it does seem to be the week for it, remember do not push it if it still hurts, after all we still got 80 days and something under 4 hours to go until it's all over.

  • CA, watford may be a nice icy run this weekend. Perfect for injuries!
    this may seem like a stupid question, but...
    Higs, how do you do yassos on the tread? set your pace and try and keep up? i tried this and felt like it was cheating cuz my thoughts were that yassos were meant to tell you where you were at in your training.
    setting a treadmill to pace you seems to defy this...
    of course this is better than nothing (my thoughts when i did it) and certainly gave me a reality check as to what pace i could NOT keep up to!
    thoughts, people?
  • rrr

    i cannot agree about not moving the legs.
    The whole point is to chill them so as to
    increase the blood flow, so as to promote

    Real runners do 30 Min, ice cold and
    wiggling the legs.

  • Think I might take an extra rest/injury day off as it's a bit slippery out there today and after losing a week, what's another day off.

    I don't see a problem with Yasso's on the treadie - set your time and go for it, but be aware it'll be a bit easier than outside.

    Take it easy Higs.

    Best of luck for Watford guys - looks like wetter and milder weather coming by Sunday.

  • Natnif

    Sorry, I was actually joking about not moving in the bath. Is this humanly possible? How can you wash your tootsies and behind your ears :)
  • Jean Plod

    I do them on the tready with the incline set to 1% (supposedly equivalent to road running). I start my warm up on a bike then do 0.3 warm up, 0.5 fast, 0.3 recovery, 0.5 fast.... This works for me because I forget which rep I'm on (can't count to 10!) but I do know my 0.8 time table so I can always calculate current rep. Like you I do have a faint suspicion of cheating on a tready so I actually set the pace a little faster than I should, just to make sure I can't possibly be cheating in anyway. I actually did last week's set on the road and found myself able to set a pace the same as or faster than target (and tready) for each rep. This sort of validated, for me, the tready ones (and filled me with an almost unbearable delight!)

  • Higs - It all looks too technical for a simpleton like me. Owt that involves counting and I've lost it.
  • Afternoon all, just finished 7.25 miles on the treadie in 1 hour so things seem to be back to normal after Tuesdays blip, I will may now do 3 miles tomorrow with a rest day Saturday before Watford.

    Jean Plod, I did yassos last week on treadie I set my target at 800m in 3.45 did this comfortably for the first 8 so increased the last two doing 3.37 & 3.29 did feel like I was cheating a little, will do yassos again next week but set first 8 at 3.40.

    If I knew what all you sub 4ers look like I would say hello on Sunday, I look forward to comparing views on Monday.

  • Thanks for the seat on the injury bench and all that but it looks like I'm OK.

    Just done a tready run of warm up, 3M at 8min/miles, recovery, mile in 8 mins, recovery, half mile in 3:45, rec, half in 3:45, cool down - sort of like Yassos but I didn't have the time for all the recoveries if I did it in 800s. Not a trace of yesterday's spurious knee problem. All other joints and muscles in fine fettle.

  • hey thanks for that, higs. especially the 1% incline.
    when i did the tready yassos, i suddenly realised my pace was WAY off...but i chalked it up to christmas on the bench.
    CA, whats your race number? i can give mine tomorrow and try to meet up. be nice to hook up with a sub-4 forumite prior to FLM...
    what time you looking for in Watford?
  • Jean Plod

    Didn't have this link earlier (at work) but interesting info on tready equivalence:

  • I'm doing Watford on Sunday.

    Hoping to break 1:43, but the hills might put paid to that.

    Good luck everyone.
  • Have a good one, Valuxian!

    I managed some faster-than-expected intervals yesterday (though the 8mph one was due to my finger being a little heavy on the treadmill button) and feel more optimistic about being able to crack 2hrs at Reading.
  • Morning all, late start at work today (plus an early finish it's good to be the boss).

    Jean Plod my race number is 678 what's yours?

    Higs, it's good to hear that your injury cleared so quickly, I know the feeling was inthe same boat on Tuesday Wednesday Thursday & Friday have been fine. It's a funny old thing the human body.

    Valuxian what's your number for Sunday?

  • thanks hig...i almost freaked when i saw what the pace was until i realised that the chart is in MPH and the tready is KPH
    CA...i forgot to note down my number! but i will try to put it on later tonight...
    be nice to see valuxian and yourself there...looks like the weather may hold...
    1:43, that the pace needed for a sub-4 marathon? I'm hoping to break 2 hours, but that was also in the hills.
  • Jean Plod, I have been told by my trainer that 1.50 is a good half marathon time for someone looking to do sub 4 and he has done a sub 4, so anything better than 1.50 will be a good indicator especially as there is still 11 weeks left to train.

    My trainer is running with me on Sunday and we are going to look at 1.50, so if we do meet up and you want to run with us you will be welcome.

  • CA, what is that pace per mile...
    8 something?
  • Jean Plod, about 8.30 but this may slow depending on hills & weather

  • hmmm...i beleive that was my pace for the marlow half....
    i just re-found this link
    great for predicting marathon finishing times (albeit slightly yards) and the required pace...
    apparently a 1:53 half marathon will just give you a sub 4 marathon. This of course does NOT account for hills or weather (a problem at marlow and watford)
    would love to try that 8:30 pace again...but have to be honest with myself and stay uninjured for a while yet...
    probably a 9 minute mile from me, so ican at least beat my last time without hurting my poor knee!
  • Interesting predictor.

    It seems to agree roughly with this one:

    - however, I don't know how accurate either of these are - there doesn't seem to be an option for me to tell them how much I slow down once I get tired!
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