sub 4 hour group,if anyone wants to get together



  • Benicetome, good web site, just printed off some articles to read over the weekend.

    Intresting that my running speeds seem to be all over the place and my marathon time could be anything from 3.34 to 4.23 depending on which run time I enter.

  • Mcmillan's views on the long slow run are definitely interesting.
  • Percy, do you mean interesting in the positive or negative?

    Hows the calf?

  • CA - I read lots of the articles just before Xmas. They seem to offer quite good (sensible?) advice with a fairly high dose of science - although I do find 12 key workouts is about 8 too many for me to remember!

    At the time I was a bit worried that the site might be aimed at more "professional" runners - but I take great comfort from the news page and Success Stories/news.htm - which has a good representation of us half-immortals who aspire to get as low as we can below 4:00:00
  • Have just worked out that since Xmas my four weeks training have yielded the some of 188 miles in 28hours 38minutes & 30 seconds or 9.14 minute miles.

    Really must find something to do.

  • that should have been sum not some of course.
  • Definitely positive CA.....esp. the bit about training the body to burn fat as a fuel.....and what to drink afterwards and speeding up in the second half of long runs and more.

    Muscle problem (above calf and behind knee) feels nearly back to normal thanks. Today I'm going for a half hour jog for further testing...

    Good luck for Watford - time taget 1:50(or a bit quicker) should be definitely on depending on course and weather.
  • 9.14 minute miles would mean a marathon of 4:01:30.

    Really really must find something to do.

  • how much is 12K? i'm running the egyptian 10k, which for some reason is actually 12k.
    how do i pace for that? what do i put in the predictor? 7 miles?
    i guess i should be teaching here...
  • 12k is about 7.5 miles.

    Alledgedly that's the distance I run on Tuesday's from Nike in London - but actually I think their course is nearer 6.5 or 7 miles...
  • nike eh? any sub-4 people there?
    dont they have a battersea park sunday LSD?
    well, the school day is done and now its off to the pub!
    nice little jog tomorrow, then the half...
    CA, i'll get my number on tomorrow and lets try to meet up
  • Jean Plod, I look forward to it.

    That McMillan stuff does make intresting reading will try the slim fast drink after my run on sunday and over the next couple of weeks to see how it goes.

    Percy, you are right about the long run thinking may also give that a go over the next few weeks.

  • Evening all, I'm pleased to say I ran this evening only a wee 7-miler but felt quite good.

    I've received the info for Watford half... Eeeeeeeeeeeeekkk, it's a ad undulating to say the least.

    Anyone any experience of the route? If so, is there any good news or is that just the finish line :)
  • My Watford number is 1331.

    Doubt I'll see you there, but I'll write numbers down on my hand and you never know!

  • Right guys why no posts don't tell me no one has done any training...(WP looks sternly around forum)

    12 miles yesterday for me which was pleasing after all my knee problems this week and today hillwork and a 7 mile run after it.

    So physio tomorrow (knees)hope it is good news!!! it seems to attack me when things are going well!!

    So how did the rest of you do????????????
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • Sorry to hear that Higs

    Today's run was superb but tiring - I'd spent the whole week looking at snow, rain and wind - so to wake up this a.m. and see blues skies and sunshine was (cue, Tony the Tiger) gggggreat!

    18+ miles in just under 3 hours - so just outside 4 hour pace. Next weekend's a 10k race - so time to start doing some "speed work" (whatever that is)

    Any news from the Watford front?
  • CA - inspired by your maths I've worked out that in January I did:
    - 27 runs
    - totalling 192 miles
    - taking 27 hours and 40 minutes
    - average mile pace was 8 minutes 37 seconds
    - but my long runs were much slower than my shorter ones (and the treadmill runs were by far the fastest)

    As you said, I should get out more!
  • Spill the beans, Higs!

    I did about 16 miles in about 3:15. Lot of work still to be done!
  • V-rap

    Nothing to say really. My long run just got pushed about this weekend (something to do with tiredness, job pressure and having 5month old triplets!) In the end there was no way I'd have time to go out for the 20 I'd planned. So I went out Sun afternoon with no route planned but aiming to do at least 10 or 12 to keep things ticking over. From the start I knew it wasn't working (a) I just had no 'engine' - I was knackered after half a mile! and (b) I seem to have developed a very tight left calf and right hamstring, neither of which showed any sign of loosening up.

    So I came home having clocked a massive 2.52miles.

  • Higs

    I am so sorry things not panning out for you,not suprised with 5 month old triplets!!!!!!

    We are still early enough on plan for it not to matter that much.Get your self fit and rested !!

    good luck

    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • Sensible decision, Higs.

    When I start moaning about how life gets in the way of my marathon preparation, remind me to think of you and put a sock in my gob.

    Hope you feel better this morning.

    How are the nippers? Getting interesting yet?
  • I was aiming for sub-1:43 for Watford Half.

    Perfect condidtions, well-marshalled, quite hilly. On for 1:46 at halfway, so picked it up and came in with a PB of 1:42:20

    Pleased with that. Can't walk down stais today, but that's a small price to pay.
  • Well done, Valuxian.

    I am not worthy to breathe the same air...think I'll be outta this thread and raking up Josie's old 4:30 thread if I don't crack 1:50 at Reading.
  • Vrap

    Higlets all fine. They're actually turning out to be model bubs in terms of sleeping, feeding etc. They're definitely getting more interesting now as far as expression, play etc goes. I guess the real fun's going to start when they can move under their own steam - in three directions when there's only two of us (I guess that'll keep us fit!)

  • Hi all, just transferring in from sub 3:30 thread.

    Given ive suffered illness and injury during December/early January ive just managed a 1:54:?? Watford Half Marathon yesterday hence its time to be more realistic with my expectations, hence the transfer.

    I shall try and catch up on most of the posts in this thread but just announcing my arrival.

  • Hello Carl!
  • Welcome Carl.

    Well done excellent time.

    Come on CA, RRR - what happened at Watford?

    Smart move Higs. Best not to get involved with over use injuries - they not nice ;-)

    Good efforts - WP, V-rap, benicetome

    Are we all beating this injury trend now? I do hope so.

    I'm on the comeback trail after my behind the knee muscle strain and am pleased to record 7 miles yesterday. Another easy effort today and a trip to the massuer later for a check up.
  • Afternoon all, sorry for the late posting due to some fathers on a gantry outside the blackwall tunnel, 3.5 hours to get to work… what’s that song about Monday’s.

    Higs sorry to hear about you training this weekend, but you did the right thing and will comeback stronger I’m sure.

    Welcome Carl.

    Well I did it my first ever half Marathon in 1.46.48 so not as good as Valuxian (well done mate) but I’m very happy with it as the last three miles were all sub 8 minutes and still felt strong at the end. I agree the course was good and the race well organised and marshalled.

    All the hills I have to run up in training paid off.

    So we are still waiting on RRR & Jean Plod come guys how did you do.

  • V well done CA....bang on the money. That's the sort of time I'll be looking for at Hastings though I suspect the pacing will be tricky as it's 5 miles up hill from the start (fine by me, love descents).
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