sub 4 hour group,if anyone wants to get together



  • Hi,

    Would it be OK if I join this group? I have only just got back into training after injury (torn calf muscle). I managed 11.5 miles on Sunday in about an hour and a half. I am going to attempt to beat by P.B. of 4 hrs 0 minutes 37 seconds, 2003 FLM hence entering again this year.
  • Bacon Roll,

    Good afternoon your are more than welcome to join us.

    How long was yuo out for?

  • CA,

    I didn't do any running at all for three weeks and have spent the last two weeks on the treadmill in the gym taking it nice and easy. I will try and get out on the roads this week but stay away from the hill for a little bit longer.
  • BR - you seem to have taken the sensible approach, were do you normally run?
  • 4 hours and 37 seconds - that's the stuff of nightmares! Bad luck...
  • CA,

    I live in west London so I tend to run Richmond Park and the Thames towpath for my long runs, apart from that it’s the treadmill at the gym or trying to dodge the London traffic.


    Tell me about it…. I am also training my bladder this year as if I hadn’t stop of for a pee at 9 miles I would have probably got under the 4 hour mark.
  • hi all.i started the thread and have hardly been on here!have now got over my ingrown toenail,and battling to get back alongside the rw programme but getting sore shins as a result of trying too not sure if the 4 is on.
    but will be better attender in future!
  • Hi Alex, nice to have you back, I was thinking the other day what had happened to you.

    I can sympathise with you on the ingrowing toe nail & shin front, had both my toe nails done some years back, the thought pain still makes me wince.

    Hopefully you be happy the way this thread has developed.

  • Oh no! Not a 38 second toilet stop!

    I can only imagine how long that last stretch along the Mall must have seemed - you must have seen the hour roll over.

    Still - you did 20 minutes better than my first (and only) time 7 years ago - and it gives you extra impetus for this year.
  • I had been taking on a lot of fluids before the start, plus it must have taken at least 15 seconds to undo the draw string on my shorts.

    This will be my third FLM (first in 2000). I beat my orginal PB by 29 minutes last year.
  • hey guys,
    Valaxiun, nice time but hope your knees hold up.
    a desire to keep my knees in shape and get off the injury bench was paramount in my decision to pull out of the watford half.
    i went to richmond park and put in 2 LSD laps instead...i feel it may have been the sensible thing to do as whenever the old knee pain flared i could slow down without the pressure to beat my PB. felt like a bit of a poser, but i really have to think long-term, what with the sponsorship money, family coming over and personal pride on the line for FLM!
    Bacon Roll...check out the "Sunday Runs in Richmond Park" thread for a sub-4 hour running group that runs, yep, Sundays in Richmond Park...
  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭
    Hey everybody, guess who went running this weekend?? At new neighbourhood. loadsa hills. I managed 5+ miles sat in 47 mins and did about 4 miles sunday.
    Taking easy as the twisted ankle still bit weak but so far so good! Cant't tell you (prob don't need to) how great it is to get out there again.
    Move went well thurs in spite of weather.
    Hope all are well, but only read last page as I have been away 4 days and work piled up!
    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • Wabo

    You are probably gettig your priorities wrong if you're ignoring the forum for your work.

    Or are you one of those very lucky people with an interesting job?

  • Hi everyone. Hope you had a good weekend and successful runs.

    I had a very frustrating one in that I seemed to develop a knee injury AFTER a run I completed on Friday. No problems whilst running. It came on after. Painful Saturday and as a result pulled-out of watford half on sunday which I was very unhappy about but I made the right decision as it gave me an extra day to rest. That seemed to do the trick.

    I was OK this morning so ran my long run - 15 miles (slow/steady) with no problems (knee-related anyway :)) Won't mention the lack of oxygen and energy as that's another story :)

    Just releaved that it doesn't seem a bad injury and over the worst, I hope. My knee aches a little now but would expect that.


  • Pits of a run on Sunday. Probably due to
    getting promoted last week and celebrating too
    much on Friday - slept like a hog in an
    akward position and must still have been
    suffering sun am. Legs felt heavy and plodding
    would be abetter description than running.
    (And not a symptom of over-training either
    as meetings and the snow had enforced a weeks
    rest anyhow(.

    Was planning 20 miles in about 3 hours,
    cut short after about 8 miles and came
    home doing 1bout 11 in 1:43. Still we all
    have off days and I just hope that the
    18 April will not be one of them ;-))

    Rescehduled the 20 miles for next sunday -
    and I bet it is raining then . . .


  • Welcome Bacon Roll. I often think of you when running in Richmond Park....;-)
    Welcome back Alex. Well done Wabo. Good thinking RRR.

    It's about injury management folks..... as well as training and....etc. etc.

    Saw physio and masseur today....and now I have a niggly right hamstring as my problem. Not a new problem, just a re-diagnosis. So it's steady as she goes, rest, ice and review and a bit of gentle running for the rest of the week.

    Maybe I'll jump into the RW 3:45 schedule for next week if things looks achievable.
  • Absolutely normal natnif. At least you had the good sense to call it off. Try a mini taper for next weekend and I'm sure you'll have a better run.....and congrats on the promotion.
  • Thanks everyone, and welcome to the new posters.

    CA - we must have passed each other at Watford. I had half an eye out for a Charlton shirt, but didn't see you!

    JPVD - why the worry about my knees??

    I went with a friend of mine who I have persuaded to do the London Marathon - the comedian and writer Richard Herring.

    Have a look at his Feb 1 weblog at:

  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭
    Hey Higs, thanks for that. I now have my priorities firmly back in place and 1st thing this morning at work I am checking the forum!!!
    Inside of ankle aches today but I am only telling you guys.......
    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • That's better - a fast 10K in
    the local park this am - back
    in the groove . . .

  • Just back from 1hr 23mins running through the forest. As I am hopeless in the orienteering department I confess i had no clue where I was 98% of the run but chap I ran with knows it all well & had a fab route.Went faster than strictly nec esp after 17+ miles Sun but not falling to bits yet so that's good!

    So day off work today. Children to school, rode horse for an hr, walked the dogs, ran 10M+ & now need to buy food & collect children. Methinks easier at work!
  • A dog's life ain't easy, eh Blott's Mate?
    Sorry Valuxian, I just equated not being able to walk downstairs as a sympton of ITB strain...i certainly hope it is not the case!
    off to do a nice steady 6M
    (BTW, who is following the RW sub-4 plan? )
  • JPVD,

    I am following the sub3:45 plan as I followed the sub-4 last year and came in at 4:00:37.... although I have been tempted to follow the sub 3:30 but I think that is probably out of reach.
  • I'm very roughly following the sub-3:45 too - except I don't feel the distances are long enough early enough - so I'm on longer distances (18 miles) already.
  • this question may have been answered already, but is the FLM just too big to look realistically at PBs? like, how long does it take to cross the actual start line and then how much time to funnel to the finish?
    only wondering becuase some of my charity donations are reliant on a sub-4 run...i may have to switch that to a sub4.5 hour run and train with the sub-4 schedule...
  • It's chip timing isn't it JPVD ?
  • Last year it took me 8:21 to cross the start and it was very busy and a little slow but this did have the advantage of making sure you don't go too fast too soon. You can make up time later, in fact last year I managed to run the second half fast….. split times below.

    KM10: 00:57:19
    KM20: 01:54:15
    HALF: 02:00:33
    KM30: 02:51:41
    KM40: 03:48:45
    FINISH: 04:00:37

  • I think even with the chip, you need to prepare yourself for a few miles of crowds near the start... but in some ways this is probably a good thing to stop me going too fast too early on.
  • I am following sub 3 45 & agree re distances not being long enough early enough. Today I did Wednesday's sesh as club track night tom re speedwork. Schedule said 8.5 but felt happier going further. Although if I was pushed for time it would be comforting to think 8.5 is all that's required.

    Friend said he spent so much nervous energy trying to get past the crawlers in the 1st few miles last year he'd had it by the 1/2M stage. So aim to sit tight & go with the flow. Mind you I was being a bit cautious & put predicted time 4-4.15 & apparently that affects where you start.
  • Afternoon everyone, just finshed 7 miler threw in 5 yassos @ 3.40 minute 800m with 200m rests, felt a bit tired after five so finished off with two miles at around 8.30 pace.

    Did a 7 miler followed PT session on chest and triceps which is why I'm tired today I think.

    Percy, I have arranged to run with the greenwich park thread on Sunday, so thanks again for putting me on to them, I think it will help with LSD's.

    Question for all you experienced marathoners, What stoped you from breaking the sub 4 time last year?

    I ask the question so we can all maybe learn from your experience and not make the same mistakes.

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