sub 4 hour group,if anyone wants to get together



  • boing - any more interested in joining this?
  • yep.

    it will be interesting to see if i can recreate the magic of 3.58 from 4 years earlier
  • Im up for this alex. I think 9 min miles are good for me.
  • jason,if you really want it that badly,and why shouldn't you,then contact your favourite decent sized charity and get a place that way-you will have toi guarantee an amount of sponsorship..but,as its your first i expect all your astonished friends will pony up no trouble....mind you i think you'll be well sub 4 if you are 1.30 for the half...
    i am working on trying to get to 8 24 min miles(=1.50) for the windsor half at the mo,but i think i've damaged my calf/shin so it could be a non running weeks hols in cornwall next week.mrs p wil be happy at least.other than that i think it could be there(pb is 1.57 from imber in march),not getting hopes up too much in this weather...
  • Thx Alex thats nice words to hear,ive emailed loads of charities and now im just waiting for a response.The heat as hit me this week to,i dont know how they manage in these hot countries,i suppose thats why they are so good.Im still enjoying it though.Ive just been out in the car and sorted a new route out,its 17 miles and im gonna give it a go on saturday and go for 8min miles and try and get under 2hr 20.Ill let you know how it goes(if im still alive).Thx again.
  • Can I play too,
    If I get in
    I think I can live with 9 minute miles
  • Higs!!! You're on the wrong thread!!!
  • Wolfy

    I'd love to be on 3:30 but......

    (might defect if my running improves!)

  • I would like to be in. I am just hopeing that I get accepted as I have tried the last 3 years. I am also really traing for it this time. Already doing 4 times a week with 20-25 miles per week.
  • I'm in (as long as I'm in...)

    First FLM (actually first ever M) in 2002 4.26. Supposed to be a one off, but rather enjoyed it! Did Amsterdam in October 2002 in 3.53, again enjoyed!

    FLM 2003 had major wall moment at Mile 18. Staggered home at 4.10.

    Keen to prove that Amsterdam was no fluke and applied again for FLM 2004. Last two FLM's have got in with Golden Bond for Macmillan Cancer Relief, so it's ballot only this time as my very generous sponsors need a break and the min. this year for Golden Bonds with MCR will be £2k I reckon.

    Watford Half in February a good training race, well-organised with a few testing hills. My running club arrange the Oakley 20 in March which is also a good training run - more info at - and ran Silverstone Half this year too. Good course but definitely need to arrive VERY early next year - traffic to get in was awful.

    Rest of this year am planning on Half-M's in Nottingham (mid Sept), Liverpool (mid Oct) and St Neots (mid Nov). Keen to get half PB down from 1.49

    If any of the sub-4 group are in Bedfordshire and looking for running partners for the Sat/Sun long runs from Dec once the training schedules kick in, let me know. Always useful to have someone to run with when it's snowing/wet/windy/cold - much easier to talk yourself out of going when you're running solo!
  • I'm up for this group, completed 1st marathon at FLM this year in 4.28 after suffering badly from 19-21 but have since managed 2 halves in 1.45 & 1.47 so if I can get a place, ballot or GB then let's have it!

    Mainly have 10k & 10m planned for Sept to Nov then looking to add the distance work. Any mid Essex runners out there in the group?
  • I'm also up for it subject to the fickle hand of fate. I also plan to run St Neots, since I ran last year and want to make a comparison.

    One thing for later, we should organise meeting according to start colour and also meet after the kit drop...last year met some at Blackheath but split up at kit drop and never saw them again.
  • has everyone received their Marathon News yet? (because I haven't.)

    I note that the FLM is a fortnight after Paris next year, so I'll have two weeks to recover, instead of just the one.

    So, it'll be sub-4 for me too.

    (actually will have to run 3'55" to allow 5 minutes stopover with the supporters at mile 18.)
  • My Marathon News came in the post a few weeks ago.

    If you haven't got yours, try your local running shop - a list of them is on the London Marathon website - Stockist list by county.

  • thanx DG - my local sports shop does have a supply, but as an entrant into FLM the last three years, I should have got one sent through to me automatically.

    I just hope their rejection letters are more organised this time - it took me six weeks last year to receive mine after the first rejects were sent out!
  • And if (ha ha) I get rejected I'll see you in Paris!
  • fantastic to see so many keen runners.........does anyone want to try sub 3.45..did flmo3 in 3.50........really pleased was first one.if anyone fancies it let me know
  • Morning Sub-4hr-ers!

    Just back from 7.5m steady in 1.02. Longest run since that little jaunt round London in April - and thank God the heat has died down!

    Anyone doing the Nottingham Half next month? Am aiming for sub 1.45.

    Tye - I might be interested in a 3.45 attempt. Depends on how the training goes, but wouldn't mind going below my younger brother's time last year of 3.50. My PB 3.53 so need to get family bragging rights back!
  • good to here it Dr Galah will be trying to get a few more interested and will let you know................... sounds as if your doing ok with your training and sub 3.45 is achievable with a bit more training from your last out young bro!!!!!!!
  • Tye, depends how the training goes, but at this stage I'm targeting 3:45 ish. Did 3:56 on my first attempt last year but I now have over a year of base training so would hope to smash that PB in 2004 (am I being too confident too early?)

    I'll keep an eye out for a sub 3:45 thread over the coming months.
  • Anyone know where I can pick up a race entry for this marathon? And anyone live in Kent, Sevenoaks area and want a training partner? I did a 1/2 marathon in France in April in 1.52 and feel like I have a sub 4hr in me...
  • get a copy of Marathon News - most good sports shops should have it. otherwise get FLM to mail you one - go to

    there's lots of forumites around the Sevenoaks region - take a gander on training as there is a Beckenham group
  • Will do. Someone just told me there's even a club in town so I'll try and hook up with them. Ta
  • just noticed the sub-3 group are doing a hair colour - should we have one?? how about blue??
  • So Alex...I see you're trying to get another 4 hr group together then.

    Well, mad as it may seem, I'm posting off an application tomorrow for both me and for Mrs RB.

    In a strange way, I hope I don't get in but I think I might having been rejected for the last 2 years and having to do a Golden Bond thing.
  • good to see you back ratty - my mojo has gone a bit in this heat but am hoping to do another FLM all the same. and this time crack the 4hrs.
  • Hi Kym - I live in Orpington, and am currently training for the Dublin marathon in October.

    Will be doing Paris and London again next April and my training route in the spring is Orp/Sevenoaks/Kemsing/Orp - aiming for a repeat 4hr marathon.
  • Hi Snoop Dog. So how far is that run?

    I am not planning any marathons this winter, but am considering a new challenge for spring so that might tie in. When does that route kick in for you?
  • from where I start, it's about 20 miles in all, which I run at c. 10 minute mile pace.

    I've done that particular run on about 5 occasions in the last three years when training for Paris and London, and which marathons I've done in each of the last two years.

    I'll be going back to these routes in January, so maybe we could arrange something then. My training partners then will be Juliet and Donna, who live nearby, and who will also be training for Paris, having trained for London with me last April.
  • Sounds perfect. Are you a female Snoop Dog then? Send me an email so we can save addresses and get in touch closer to the time. And in the meantime I'd better get my butt outdoors and do some training! :-)
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