sub 4 hour group,if anyone wants to get together



  • CA, bacon roll's bladder stopped him. girl.
    i cant fault ba for his consistent 57 minute 10ks...great pacing Mr. B. Roll!
    i can only hope to hang on to such a pace.
    i am still wondering about the ending funnel...i heard it takes quite a long time to actually cross the finish line due to photography...someone please update this novice...BA, how long to actually roll across the finish line, as BNTM said, you must have watched the 3:59:59 roll over in the mall
    JPVD (off the bench and building the miles)
  • JPVD - as far as I know there's no problem crossing the finish line - certainly in my day (1997) the medal photography (moment of glory) all happened after the line (in fact it happened after the bacofoil had been handed out).

    As I remember, though, the stretch down the Mall was very long and painful - my thighs were burning... and my split times must have been a long long way from consistent.
  • Yippee - tonight was some fun fast stuff.

    After being too stiff to walk yesterday (after the 18 miler on Sunday), tonight felt good! My reckoning is I did 9 km in 40:50 - so the challenge is now definitely on for me to see if I can obliterate my previous race PB for 10km (46:57) and also break 45 minutes in Sunday's 10km at Woburn... bring it on!

    P.S. I'm mainly posting this cos I'm dead jealous of all you 1:45ish runners in the Watford half...
  • Greetings from the bench (again).

    Last Friday evening, my gait seemed to self-destruct after about 1.5 miles andeverything (knees, shins, ankles & feet) hurt. It felt as though my left foot was just slapping down, as though it were a lead weight rather.
    Tried another run over the weekend but got the same result.

    Last night, the physio said that my ITBs are tight but that stretching won't help. Said that it's something to do with the nerves sending too many messages and the ITB spasming in response. Seems to mess up my biomechanics quite spectacularly by dragging the kneecaps outwards.

    Anybody know about such a problem and how it can be treated?
    She taped my knees to try and hold the kneecap in place which worked for a small run last night but tonight the gait just disintegrated again at about 1.5 miles.

    All suggestions (apart from defering, of course) would be most welcome.

    On a brighter note, well done to everybody who's keeping up with the schedule and well done to all the people who have been out racing.

    Hopefully I'll rejoin the ranks of the running in time for the Castle Ashby 1/2 on 29th Feb

  • CA - I've been thinking about your question and I reckon one of my answers why I was 4:20 last time I ran was that I simply didn't do enough training.

    I was running for 3 and a half months before the marathon - and I roughly followed a RW magazine plan, but:
    - There was a week in Feb where I went skiing
    - There was a week and a bit in March where I got flu
    - I changed jobs in March and that felt very hectic
    - I definitely made the mistake that the
    training never really had its own time - it was always a case of trying to squeeze in a run here or there...
    - I didn't really do long enough runs - I reckon the most I ever ran was about 2.45 hours and I ran out of puff somewhere around there in the race itself...

    There are other reasons too - like I don't think I thought about the race enough (when to drink, what to eat, what to aim for each mile, etc) - but the main reason is my body just wasn't trained and ready...

    Having said that I'm still dead proud I did it...

    JTS - good luck on the bench - that sounds awful!
  • I have run the FLM twice now and I was aiming sub-4 both times and failed both times. In 2000 FLM it was because I didn’t do enough training. This was down to working away from home Monday to Friday and not knowing the true distance of any of my running routes. I only managed two long runs before the race which I subsequently found out were only about 15 miles! On the day I got to 19 miles in just under 3 hours and the spent the next hour and a half walking to the finish. My chip time was 4:21: something!

    Last years FLM I missed sub-4 by 37 seconds. This was down to working out my split times so that I finished in four hours, which I did plus 37 seconds. This year I am going to aim to finish 3:45 so that should give me some leeway just in case I need another bathroom brake at 9 miles. I am also going to wear a watch so that I can check my time all the way around instead of replying on the clocks at the mile markers. The clock that I was looking at when running up to the finish line was broken so I only knew that it was around the 4 hour mark hence missing out by 37 seconds…..

    I have never had any problem at the finish in regards to cross the line. There is loads of room and wasn’t any queuing. The photographers are on gantries above you just as you cross the line so remember to look up… and smile! There are also some just past the finish after you have picked up your medal.

    By the way did I mention that I missed sub-4 by 37 seconds????
  • Benicetome, thank you for your thoughts, you should be proud of your achievement. I think your points are very valid and the long runs are the most important runs it (seems to me) there is a very good article in this months RW about long runs which has made me thin more about how I approach them.

  • BR, your not at all bitter about that 37 seconds, all joking a part you will beat the sub 4 time this year with out a doubt and like Benicetome you should still be proud of your achievement.

  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭
    Hi all. I managed 4.18 after following 4hr 30 scehdule to the t. It can be done!
    Having real pains on inside of twisted ankle now (since b/friend knocked ankle inwards) trying not to be too down in mouth and not get my bum stuck on bench - mind you company is good - oh dear what am I to do.

    Have running gear with me and am planning to try to run home from work.
    Let you know how that goes (or doesn't) tomorrow. See I checked thread 1st thing again!!! Who was it who sorted out my priorites, can't remember!
    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭
    Oh yeah course, it was Higs! My old nickname! That figures. Cheers Higs!
    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • Hi Wabo, be careful of that ankle, we don't want you hogging the bench for to long.

  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭
    Well, I have my running stuff but may only crawl to gym and do stuff there. It's just that I see the weeks going by and schedule not happening, sob sniff sob.
    I will be careful CA, besides the bench is a bit hard!

    On a serious note though, I am so fed up! I hate not running!!!!!
    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • JTS...sad to hear you are on the bench...good luck with the rehab.
    Bacon Roll, what was your time again? and thanks for your advice on the finish line...where was i getting my previous, rubbish knowledge from?
  • Hi all.
    I'm in the FLM, first time. I started stepping up my mileage first week in January then strained the ligaments in my ankle. I saw a specialist last Friday and she reckons that after a couple of treatment sessions I will be still ok for the FLM. I'm not running at the mo but hopefully will be in a week or so. I hoped for 4 hrs or under, given the fact that my training has been disrupted am I being over ambitious with this time?

  • Welcome bushbaby. For all of us FLM time is directly related to both the quantity(mileage) and quality (speed and hill sessions) that we are doing in training.

    If you were training well before your injury then you should be able to pick it up again without too much trouble.

    Check out the RW marathon schedules for a sub4 marathon....
  • Hi Bushbaby, a lot will depend on how quickly you start training again & what level you were at before you injury.

    One of the most important things to remember is not to push to hard when you return to training, with 11 or so weeks to go you still have enough time to do the work you need to achieve your goal.

    Welcome to our thread.

  • Bushbaby, I reckon you're being ambitious but not overly so. If you were on schedule before the injury then I think you can get back on it.

    But don't make the injury worse by running on it while it's hurting (says the guy who's ignoring the torn knee cartilage...) - and if you've got a ballot place then you can defer and spend a year building up to the race - in which case you can be really ready for the 26.2.

    In any case there's a seat on a training bench here for you (but it sounds like you might want to bring a cushion).
  • Percy, do you intend to run with anyone at Hastings? As we will be looking for a similar time I will be more than happy to run together which my help us both with pacing.

  • CA....yes, definitely. I was going to suggest a meet up anyway. How're you going to get down there? I haven't decided yet on driving down or the train.
  • Thanks all 3 of you, good advice. Prior to hurting my foot I was putting in about 24 miles a week, usually with a 7 miler on Tuesday and Thursday and then 10 or so on Sundays.

    Does anyone know what the cut-off date is for deferral (worst case scenario)???
  • I think the cut off date is April 18th itself. But I'd make sure you send it with some sort of proof of posting at least the day before...
  • excellent - cheers benicetome. That's good news
  • Percy, will more than likely go by car. Are you doing Richmond Park on the 29th Feb? we could arrange to meet up then.

  • CA, good plan. I'm in the 8:30 m/m pace group for RP....should be ok as long as I can get a decent Feb's training in....with no more niggles.
  • hello all, and bushbaby.
    decided to lay off the knee tonight. want to make sure it is 100% before my RP 2-lapper sunday.
    that is all.
    it is not relevant to anything.
    i needed to write it down.
    for myself, you see.
  • Bloomin' windy out there today - felt like the lap of Bushy Park was twice as far and not even half as much fun as normal.
  • Jones The steam

    Sorry to hear you are still on injury bench wishing you a speedie recovery I know all about ITB and the pain it inflicts but since my physio treatment On Monday(was my back out of alignment that was causing all the problems)I am fine and tested long run of 3hr.30 today and first time in 3 months of no pain at all!!!

    So I vacate my place on injury bench!
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • I agree benicetome it was not pleasant out there today very tough and not a lot of fun!!!But i guess that is what marathon training is about!!
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • Poppy, Thanks for the best wishes and I'm glad to hear that you're finally pain-free.
    How far was your 3hr 30 run?

    I'm (somewhat desperately) hoping that a combination of physio, massage and strapping - the good kind - will let me get out and about again at the weekend. The number of days to go seems to be shrinking quite rapidly at the moment.

    Ah well, I'm sure that it will make my 3h 45 on the day seem all the more impressive... :-)
  • Jones,thank you for good wishes I did 22 miles just need to get a bit faster and I will be at my target 3hr45

    Really hope you are able to run and weekend and get back to training but take care.Yes it is amazing how quick the days have gone all too soon the big day will be here and hope you are fit and well.

    I am sure your 3.45 will be very impressive;-)
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
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