sub 4 hour group,if anyone wants to get together



  • Jones

    Just gone back through thread and saw that your physio says that stretching won't help, so my suggestion is useless, sorry.

  • J T S. My left leg does that & I get various niggles when training hard. Mine is from hip stiffness & when I do various hip stretches I am a lot less flexible on l side. I would start fm the top & work down. I used to have persistent pain in my left foot & when I started doing hip stretches it went.
  • Warthog, BM,

    Thanks for the advice. I'm trying out various stretches and have a deep sports massage this afternoon to try to loosen things up.
    Any particular hip stretches that you'd recommend?
  • The hip flexor one is good where you put one leg forward with 90 degrees at knee & sort of drop the other leg behind flexed but with knee off the ground. A bit like being on a starting block but with your upper body vertical. Then gently lean back as far as you can. Should feel a pull fm mid quads upwards. On my bad side can't do more than 15-20secs as makes me feel peculiar but def helps. Must say I have been getting lazy with the stretching & left leg is aching so you have spurred me on to make the effort.
  • Hi everyone, this is my first posting to the thread.

    This is my first marathon. I'm following a 3.30 training schedule but have a feeling that's I'm being a bit optimistic. Even though my best half is just under 1.40, I do find the long runs quite tough. This Sunday sees me up to 15 miles hopefully. So I will probably follow the 4hr pacing group - this is the offical time isn't it - so the actual time should be more like 3.45?

    New baby too (born 24/12) which adds another element to the challenge!
  • Richard

    Pacing groups now run to chip time (as this s now the official time for FLM) so the clock may well say 4+ if you finish with the sub4 group.

    See how your training goes. If I was in 1:40 half form I'd be thinking about the 3:45 pacing group.


    (Oh, the long runs are supposed to be tough by the way!)
  • hello richard and donna...welcome. looking at your times expect only questions and not answers from me.
    wabo, good to hear you are off the bench, lets hope it stays that way and JTS is not far behind.
    as for me, i'm getting a police escort to and around richmond park...i'm not taking any chances.
    gave the knee a whole WEEK off on nothing but cranberry juice (heard it helps ITB....oh thats UTI) and now ready to give it a 14 mile go!
    will reprt back
  • Thanks Higs for the info on chip times - I think I may go for the 3.45 then - what the hell! How was everybody's long run today?
  • Feeling very sensible but rather sad.
    Pulled out before the start of the Woburn 10k today because I really didn't feel well (and still don't)...

    Anyone got any ideas of what I can race to replace this? - I like the idea of quite a short race with lots of runners involved - so I can get some confidence back in my (relative) speed... but my calendar for the next 2 months now looks packed with long slow runs and just a couple of longer races.

    Should I just forget about it, be grateful I'm sick now and not (touch wood) in mid-April and move on? - or should I try to catch up with a shorter race somewhere else?
  • Hello All. Another one of my infrequent posts. Did my long run today. 13.1 miles in 2 hours ie 9min/mile but most important of all - done at a comfortable 135bpm HR (ie 60%WHR).

    I'm doing Roding Valley HM on 29th Feb as a long slow run but am also doing Reading HM the week after for which I'd like to achieve a fast time. I've never done a HM race so if anyone can provide advice on preparation & papering then I'd be much appreciated.

    To those on the bench I wish you a speedy recovery. Well done to all others for keeping up with your FLM schedules.
  • Ooops - I meant 'tapering' !
  • BNTM, sorry to hear about the pull-out...hope it clears up.
    as for Jean Plod, i believe i have finally left the bench (touch wood).
    did my LSD sunday, and ran through whatever niggles came up...result: i can report no pain this morning!
    so now to increase the distance and finally start increasing my training instead of maintaining what i already had.
  • Morning all, hello to the new comers.

    Benicetome, good move, you can afford to miss a race now as you still have 10 weeks to, personally I don't think you need to replace the race.

    JPLD, good to see you back off the bench, just don't try to push to hard for the next week or so.

    Nrg-b, I did my first half two weeks ago, the one big element I found was my pre race food, i.e. what & when I had to eat, during the race my main focus was on my own race plan, i.e. not going to quickly, I set my mile pace and checked it ever mile and I let everyone else get on with their race.

  • nrg-b - how fast are you aiming for in Reading?

    I'm running that race too and hoping to get as far below 1:50 as I can. Last October when I was faster but couldn't run as far, I completed the Cabbage Patch 10 miler in 1:15:30 - so if I can repeat that kind of time I hope to be in the low 1:40s.

    Trying to think about the next race and put Woburn out of my mind...

  • BNTM - Agree with CA, forget the 10k. Replace it with hills and interval training. You're doing fine and should definitely be aiming sub 1:45 for the half.

    nrg-b - Aha, so you can't resist the temptation of a fast half attempt? You've a good base and now in stage 2 BT done quite a few quicker runs haven't you? no problem. Run less and take rest days the week before and also eat well, and you'll be fine. What's the target ? 1:45 ?

    Welcome new sub4'ers.

    I'm still on the comeback trail. Hamstring injury iced and rested last week. Did 6 miles yesterday, ok ish today....trying to be sensible about this.
    Two months in a row now that I've lost 17 days to first flu, now injury.

    I'm still a believer though as long as I can get in 2 months good training from here....

    Oh, and fingers crossed on the job front too.

    Good training everyone.
  • Dear All.
    This will be my first FLM(and judging on how hard i'm finding fitting all the training in...will probably be the last!!)However, the training is going well and apart from the odd niggle...injury free! At the moment i'm running 35-40 miles a week, have done a 1/2 m.thon in 1hr43mins in 11/03, and recently completed Folkesworth 15 in a comfortable 2hrs 5mins. I have set myself a sub 4hr target for FLM. Is this a realistic target....or am i dreaming???
  • No dreaming reqd. Sherlock. You doin plenty good and plenty quick quick too.

    All you got to do is avoid injury...

    You hangin in dis thread with your homies?
  • hi

    LM will be my first one, hoping for sub 4. trng going ok, reg 5-7 miles, some speed stuff (yassos mainly) and a long one every week or so, up to 14 miles so far (just over 2 hours). varying btwn 20-32 a week

    a few q's....
    how far shld i go up to on the long runs before the day?
    when do i have to pack in booze?
    okay to go on a hike in wales the w/e before?

    any help appreciated
  • Cheers 'PC'....i thought i was doing enough it's just i'd had a few conflicting views from varying sorts that for that sort of time i wasn't doing enough. Racing is a rarity for me but have entered St Valentines 30km, Stamford 15/02, followed by Sleaford 1/2 M.thon 22/02, and finally Mondi 15 miler, March (Cambs) on 21/03 to supplement my trng....Pretty new to this sort of thing...thanks for your encouragement and hope your injury sorts itself out PDQ!
  • Sykesy - Looks like you're doing fine too.

    IMHO, not much point in going over 22 miles for the long run. Some people reckon your 5 longest runs should total 100 miles if you can fit it in....but build them up gradually.

    The long run is the most important run of the week so plan your schedule around it.

    Nothing wrong with moderate boozin as long as it does not interfere with training. 10 weeks to go so from here the training schedule must come first I reckon.

    Don't know about hiking but not more than a couple of hours I'd can go hiking anytime this year but there's only one FLM.
  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭
    Hi all. Am not off bench. My right foot is becoming a real pain. Seems maybe runners need got me in wrong shoe! I believe I underpronate and they sold me a shoe for overpronators. My ligaments on the inside of the twisted ankle are raelly causing me pain. Rand out of my house sunday am and straight back again.
    Really not looking good and if I get to do FLM i think i more likely to be with the penguin.
    nrg-b I have done roding a couple of times, it is undulating but I really like this one. May get there cos I won't be doing Richmond now.
    Good luck guys!
    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • Cheers Percy

    Making sense, and agree on the hiking thing. Long story but not something I want to do - politics with Doris.

    Hope you steer clear of further injuries and ills.
  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭
    Re my previous message, I now have a text from sports physio telling me I overpronate! Confused and soooooo fed up!
    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • Hi All
    Excellent to see more and more people in here (and some of them aren't even injured)!

    My guesses at teh Sykesy questions:
    > how far shld i go up to on the long runs before the day?

    I'm planning on going up to 22 miles at present (but there is a temptation to go up to 26.2 just so I know)

    > when do i have to pack in booze?

    Apparently you don't have to give up, but my consumption is already way down on normal...

    > okay to go on a hike in wales the w/e before?

    I'd have thought this is quite a good idea -the hills should be quite good gentle exercise - certainly I'm not going to know what to do with myself that weekend - the temptation to be running will be high... However, in my experience hill walking is also closely related to the booze question :-)
  • Sympathies Wabo......keep the bench warm please, I'm not completely off it yet either.......grrr. it's soooo frustrating isn't it....chin up...:-)
  • So get hammered and go for a yomp? ; -)
  • Thanks for the feedback, Peeps. Roding Valley is my local ie within walking (ok - jogging!) distance from home so am keen to take part. So doing RV in 2hrs would be grand.

    On previous long runs I've done 11.6 miles at 8:40/mile pace with aveHR of 140 ie 64%WHR.

    Therefore, for Reading I have my sights on 1:45 ie 8min/mile. What would be a good strategy:-
    1. start off faster with the expectation of slowing down?, or
    2. Maintain a pace of slightly faster then 8m/m always?

    Somehow, I can't imagine myself doing a negative split.

    Words of the Wise are very welcome.
  • Nrg-b, your plan must be one that suits you, but for what it's worth at Watford I set out looking to do 8.30 and went faster finishing the last three miles in sub 8.

    Wabo sorry to hear about you latest set back.

    BNTM, why the name change, just got used to typing the whole thing.

    Percy, are you back on the bench?

  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭
    I think Percy on bench with me! Am trying to keep chin up, just done some stretching of foot with a resistant band thingy, cycling home tonight, so I will get round somehow.
    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • nrg-b - I'm always impressed by the race reports of the quick runners. They always run at a very consistent pace, so that's what I'd try if I were you.

    I reckon negative splits are achieved by runners who set out intending on running a steady pace. Then with a few miles to go they feel really strong, finish fast and end up with a negative split.
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