sub 4 hour group,if anyone wants to get together



  • OK - I admit it - I don't know these things - what is a negative split? Is it where you run the last few miles faster than the first? If so, then that's my aim - as in the past I've always done it the dumb way around (and ended up feeling very tired as people zoom past me over the last bit of each and every race!)
  • P.S. Name change is all part of losing excess weight - I reckon those extra letters must have been slowing me down...
  • BNTM - you have got it - a negative split is running the second half of a race faster than the first half . . . never managed it myself on a marathon - but have noticed it on 10Ks and halves.

    I managed about 21 1/2 on the lsr this weekend in 3h18 - this works out at just a tad over 4hr for 26.2 - so with a negative split (and another two months training) I might/should just make it ;~{}

  • BNTM, good answer, so does that mean I should be known as just 'crazy'?
  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭
    Well if thats so I will be wabissimo soon if I don't resume running!!!
    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • Or CA would be even quicker.....or ca in lower case...

    Yes CA, I'm a one cheek off, one cheek on the bench PC at the moment.

    It's not terminal's just really really frustrating.

    Did I mention its F-R-U-S-T-R-A-T-I-N-G ??

    Did I?

    Did I?

    Surely it'll be all clear within a few more days....surely.
  • All my days got a bit muddled up this week due to work commitments so rested on Saturday instead of Friday.

    Friday being my first attempt at a marathon pace session. Just over one and a half hours later I got off the treadmill and drank about a gallon of water! Must take my run aid next time. So that was 11 miles (I know teadmills are supposed to be easier but I just don't find that's true for me, a mixture of boredom and overheating I suspect).

    Anyone else trying a marathon pace session? The idea is to build up to about 18 miles max at that pace (although not sure I could bear that on a treadmill)!

    Hopefully should be ready for the RW pacing run at Richmon Park although I do hate those hills. Anyone else down for that one?

    Are negative splits better than even paced running? I think maybe as said you end up doing negative splits if you've got energy left. Best to ensure you don't run out of energy more importantly!!
  • Percy, I think you might need to have a little lie down.

  • BNTM: You've got -ve splits in one.

    LOL! I changed my nickname from NRG-B to nrg-b for similar reasons. Didn't fancy being known as: n
  • Donna, I'm doing Richmond (provide I can get out of bed by 6am) and I think Percy is injury permitting and some the the other sub 4s.

    There is a good article in RW this month regarding long runs and what pace you should go at in training.

  • Donna

    I am down for Richmond . . . I think that treadmills are overall more difficult than real running - the total boredom, no breeze, very constant pace etc.

    but then there are some who say they prefer them . . .

  • BNTM...I at first thought you were a lady named Bernice Tome.
    whats the deal cheezer, the calf again/still...
  • It's a hamstring problem JPVD that's taking a long time to heal.....and I'm having to be patient. Ran yesterday though and hopefully again tomorrow.
    Sort of back of the knee type prob. so hard to identify as hamstring apparently.
  • Does anyone know much about this RW Richmond Park run - I'd assumed it was going to be quite a sedate jog with maybe some training tips - but you guys make it sound almost like a race?

    JPVD> The name was once a rather deparate attempt at trying to stop people fragging me in Quake - and people there thought I was a nice Italian called Benice Tome...

  • It feels a little like a race, but it has no formal start or finish, or a race for that matter . . .

    Essentially about 5 largish groups are organised and each group starts off, fastest first, at 2 min intervals.

    The RW pacer attempts to maintain a constant pace, as advertised, and you try to keep up, or stay with, or drop back, or go ahead: as you wish or ar able.

    It takes two laps of the park to do about 15 miles. It is mostly 'undulating' but there is a hell of a hill just at the end of each lap to make things interesting.

    I have done it for the last two years and enjoyed it both times: a lovely park to run in, running in a large group instead of solo or a small group, confirming that you can hold your hoped for pace for 15 miles at least . . .

    see you there ;-))
  • Problem is I know I can't hold my pace on hills.
  • Thanks Natnif - I'm running Richmond Park most weekends - so I know the course well - it'll be "interesting" to do it at pace though!

    DonnaW - the hills are quite short and sweet - especially clockwise where there are a couple of steep short slopes (<100m of pain) but then there's plenty of flat to try to recover...
  • Hello there,

    I appreciate that this thread has been going for a while but wondered if I could join in. I'm aiming for sub 4hrs but it's my first marathon so I don't know if I'm being over enthusiastic.

    I did 13 miles on Sunday and it took me 1hr 50 mins.

    I am following the RW sub 4 hr guide at the moment. any advise would be appreciated.
  • Dogger, you are more than welcomes to join us, like you there are a few of us on this thread who are doing our first flm.

    1.50 is not a bad time and if you’re training continues without injury sub 4 should be well within you range.

  • Thanks CA.

    I am doing the Tunbridge Wells half marathon this weekend which will be my first event so that will be interesting.

    Do you live in Charlton by any chance ?
  • Dogger, not any more now live in the orpington area.

    Good luck with Tunbridge Wells, what time are you hoping for? and are you planing other races?

  • Just wondering as I live on shooters hill road.

    I have no idea what the course is like to be honest. I am going to just enjoy it and aim to beat 2 hrs. Haven't planned any other races yet (apart from the FLM of course). One step at a time and all that.

    What about you ?
  • Oh and by the way how many miles a week are you running at the moment ?

  • I'm up to around 45-50 miles per week and will be looking to increase the long run over the next 8 weeks peaking at about 23/24 miles.

    I have entered the Richmond Park pacing run along with Hastings Half and my last race before the marathon is going to be Worthing 20 miler.

    Know SHR well I have a sister who lives on it to, most of my family live in the area and I still go to Charlton.

  • I'm heading back into action tonight - first run back post flu - then I'm aiming to get back to 45-50 miles a week too - although my longest planned outing is 22 miles so far...

    On a different note, I've signed up for a pre-marathon Sonia O Sullivan talk on 29th March at my gym - and there are guest places available if anyone's interested...
  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭
    Like bntm I am heading back (she says tentatively) tonight. Down running club and I will try a little plod.
    Wish me luck! And on the same note good luck to you bntm!
    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • Dogger - there is a (very) informal group that run in or around greenwich park - slow pace runs on a sunday at 9 . . .

    Skip over to the general forum, greenwich park thread for details. . .

    1.50 for a half sounds good for sub 4 as far as I know

  • Hi Wabo

    Yippe - I'm back in training... Did my 2 laps of Regents Park in 20.01 and 20.23 - maybe I shouldn't have learnt about these negative split things - cos now I'll never do them again!

    I really wanted to do the laps in under 20 minutes each - and was a little upset to miss out by 1 second. It reminds me of a story I once heard of someone who missed out on a sub-4 marathon time by like a few seconds - apparently they'd stopped for a pee or something?! - but I reckon this might just be some sort of urban myth ;-)

    Hope you're run went well too. Let's all go out running and then set fire to the bench.
  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭
    Hey bntm! My run went well too, only tip of my bum on bench (comfort blanket)!
    Am pleased for you it feels great doesn't it? I only went out for 35 mins, ankle slightly achy but no pain.
    I will try a bit more tonight and rest tomorrow.
    ANd I cycled to work in 40 mins! Prev took me 50! Looking gooooood.
    Had my first flm nightmare dream last night, does anybody else have em?
    You know like you get there with no number, get lost etc, running thru peoples houses? Am I alone???
    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • Good news Wabo. Looks like we're both well on the road to recovery.

    I ran 6M yesterday. Second run in 3 days and it's ok today - only the slightest bit of discomfort. Might try another short run later. I wonder if this is the new "normal" - feeling that the old injury is there but not enough to stop?
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