sub 4 hour group,if anyone wants to get together



  • Ooooh too scared to challenge, I just don't want to put that much pressure/pain on myself. However if I keep running with you I might end up a contender.
    I definitely like her tip on having several goals. Are you going to be taking her advice?

    Well done on running so soon after our long run. I can't believe your bodies not complaining. Superman!
  • sorry I meant the one body is not complaining.
  • Ah ha, Destiny! Congrats on joining the sub4 hopefuls. No turning back now you've posted here...:-)

    Interesting advice BNTM. I don't agree re. drinking energy drinks during long runs at this stage though. I'm in the McMillan camp and am sticking to water at present and will only be drinking Lucozade in warm up races and the last one or two long runs.

    After a day off yesterday I got a bit carried away today, felt really strong and did Greenwich and back. A very flat course of 18 miles in 2:31 with a faster second of course I'm plenty chuffed. I think I needed this to help me get my mind back to believing my pre-injury goals are still on. 1:50 half marathon PB on the way as well so still on course to break that at Hastings.

  • Hello there,

    Not posted for a bit so thought it about time.

    Just recovered from another cold. Nose is red-raw. Has knackered the training again.

    Cycling yesterday & gym. Fell off my bike in a large traffic queue when I stopped at lights. Failed to release toe-clip in time. Humbled but amused all drivers in vicinity.

    Hoping to do a moderatley hilly 12 miler tonight if I can get rid of my headache in time. Target is 1:40. Charging my garmin.

    Some of you look to be doing superbly. W.P., C.A. & Percy (which pasta dish is it ?) seem to have training off to a tee.

    Got the bath half as a target on Mar 7th. Have entered Mrs A who as I have said refuses to run outside. After initially refusing to try it she has stated that she will not run if she thinks she is going to get beaten by a womble. Her recent best a 2:02 half on the treadie whilst soap-watching. She is knocking out an enviable 50 miles per week. Oh how I wish I only worked a 38 hour week; life would be sweet.

    Have also entered the Rhyader 20m later in March. This is on a Sat so it is good for me as getting a Friday off is not as difficult as a Sat.

    Still can not get Mrs A to understand that you do not fiddle with a male runners nipples. (Aaaaaaargh !) How many times do I have to scream ?


  • Well done Percy, its great to know you're almost back to where you were before your injury! What a good example! Good luck at Hastings.
  • Did the Stamford 30k today which is undulating in the style of the Alps in 2 31 31 so pleased with that. Took Lucozade pouch on 20M training run last week & struggled with it. Kept dripping it up my arm & inhaling it. Today much more successful managed to consume whole pouch & I reckon it is worth using it advance to chk it doesn't upset you + get practiced in the technique of drinking from them
  • Alex-wondered where you had been:-)Not another cold!!!!

    Sorry to here about falling of your bike hope you don't have any injurys?

    Really hope your hilly 12 miler goes to plan and training is back on schedule

    Well done on Mrs Alex running the Bath 1/2 I am sure she will not be beat by a womble with those time and distance on treadie!!!!

    I had a 10K race today Altantic college I am really going to suprise you when I say another hilly course!!! woke up with the start of a wee cold sore throat/sniffles etc and calf niggling(massage tomorrow) I so wanted a PB as today is my 1st year running anniversary.Previous best for a 10K Richard Burton (very hilly) 50.53 anyway I did 49.44 so very pleased but in training I have gone a bit quicker but not so hilly so all in all a good day.

    I am looking to do 1/2 in Wales in March also down to do Reading but will see if I can make it.

    Good luck with training
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • WP, since you're definitely the expert on the long run topic - what do you think about eating and drinking during the runs?

    I'm thinking about running 22 miles (maybe next wek maybe later) and about drinking 2 Lucozades and trying 1 or 2 of these gel things. What do you reckon? Is it good race practice? Or is it bad for my learn-to-fat-burn regime?

    See you in Reading?

  • Have changed to Welsh Alex as for some reason I had been downgraded by Runners World to Alex Williams 2. Most dis-satisfying.

    Now have minor disfigurement on left knee plus a dent int my pride following cycle fiasco. Can never go to tesco xtra again due to laughing-stock fears.

    What I have from Mrs A about Bath is not a definate no. The next month will be a battle. Her parents have advised her not to do it as they do not feel she is ready ! (What on earth do they know ?)

    Been to the quack about my colds. He told me it must be an alergy as he tells me it is impossible to catch colds as frequently as I do. I do know the difference between an alergy and a cold. One can not give an alergy to everyone in work - that is an acid test. Know diagnosis to be bollocks but could not argue my case in face of lack of medical degree.

    Anyway have a steroid nose spray from him, wondering whether to use it as I might get banned !!!

    WP - Your PB for a hilly 10k is much the same as my recent best. What I desperatley need is some distance under my belt. It is the half-way to finish bit I have to sort out. It always lets me down.

    Was surprised how, considering my running strenght, the exertion of cycling 10m did not come easily. Might do more of this.

    Mrs A has not let me forget that I was beaten by a Rhino in the FLM last year. I rekon the Rhino must have cheated, well that's my excuse.


  • BNTM

    When I do my long runs I take 1 bottle of LS and 1 energy bar (Hi 5) and if needed will buy another LS on route and fill up bottle with water.But lately only needed 1 LS and 1/2 energy bar.....trying to get body used to just LS as that is what I will be consuming at FLM may take some dried apricots for big day just incase.

    I have a box of the gels(Hi 5) and dont like them so if anyone wants them about 24 in a box email me.

    Welsh Alex-Like the new name;-)

    Hope you can make Mrs Alex do race and don't listen to here parents----are they runners I guess not and she could suprise everyone with her time!!!!

    Ooh Alex I hope the spray does not make you faster;-) I have a certificate to allow me to race with my banned steroids...asthma medication before anyone gets concerned;-)I have to have the certicicate in my bag at every race just incase!!!

    I am sure the Rhino cheated how dare he beat you;-) I am sure you will get revenge this year!!!!

    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.

  • At least I have not been beaten by a Womble or that Viking Longboat thing.

    On my longish runs I tend to take money and buy LS, Ribena or O.J. enroute.

    Can you seriously Digest those HI 5 Energy bricks. More a self defence aid suerly ?

    Was also toying with calling myself The Plodmeister BTW.

    Mrs A's parents are neither runners nor athletes. Nice people mind and probably just being protective, but if Mrs A is not ready for a half logic would also dictate that Michael Jackson has not had facial surgery and that Ian Hislop is a bananna.

    Is that serious about a certificate for asthma medication ?

  • The Hi 5 bars I have are the sports one chocolate covered with orange in centre and are very nice mind you it is the only chocolate food item I have in my diet;-)

    Yes I am afraid it is very serious I got my form from my club and it gets sent of to Doctor connected to Welsh athletics and the certificate lasts for one year!!
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • Now slightly worried ...

    Do they actually test people like us ? My god ... I am sure I bought my vic's in nevada, all my results could be stuck off.

    You don't need a cert for public marathons and so on do you ? (Assuming you are not planning on winning)

    Is there a website which tells us what is banned ?
  • Well done you PB'ers. More of those to come before FLM I hope.

    Alex - Keep plugging away, I'm sure your wife will come round eventually. I know all about being stubborn ;-) I think you should follow Poppy's advice re. the spray, but if you don't get a cert. the chances of getting tested are small. Fettucine Alfredo is my pasta dish.

    I was tested once - at the English table tennis champs. many years ago. Lost first round to a former European champion. One of my mates was positive though for taking Day Nurse !! (he also lost first round)

    1.5 litres of water for my long runs, after eating a decent breakfast on the day. Afterwards it's always Slimfast (for the carb/protein refuel) and lucozade sport.
  • Good Morning Everybody, Did a long run yesterday of about 18.5 miles, which was split into a 1.50 run and 1.10 due to the second half being part of the Mcmillan training day. This was very useful and like BNTM’s day we had a coach to give us advice, a guy called Tim who runs British Runner magazine.

    The advice he gave was along the same lines as BNTM’s lady i.e.
    1. Train with LS now to get used to it.
    2. Last long run should be three weeks before the race.
    3. Enjoy the day.
    4. Eat early on the night before the race (no later than 8pm)
    5. Rests the week of the race don’t do any more than 3-4 mile runs.

    Like BNTM I should have made notes, but most of all I got the feeling that on the whole what I am doing seems to be ok.

  • Hi. I've been lurking in the darkest shadows of the bench for the past few weeks, living vicariously through all your wonderful runs. I'm well impressed - looks like everybody's coming along nicely.

    Well, almost everybody.... :-(
    Sadly, my back problems are continuing and I'm still unable to run more than about 1 mile without my left leg turning into a leaden lump and painfully slapping on the floor. My last, best hope for sub-4 is an Osteopath appointment on Wednesday in which he'll try to bend me back into a more-normal shape. Currently I'm so bent that I look like the b*stard son of Richard III and Quasimodo. The osteo is fairly confident that I'll be running again by early/mid-March so that'll give me *lots* fo time to get running again before the big day ;-)

    Anybody ever run a marathon on 4 weeks of training?
  • JtS - Chin up mate, and good luck with the Osteopath.

    Worst case scenario is a deferral isn't it?

    (I was thinking about this during my injury lay-off :-()
  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭
    Hi all, I am just a couple of weeks ahead of you jts so I know where you are coming from!
    DId 5 mile race sat, 43.49 and then sidcup 10 sunday (longest run this year what with cold, injury etc) - that took 93 mins. My hips were so sore near the end I thought it was 20 miles!
    Anyway I got round and feel ok today, so this week I will attempt to follow the schedule and see how I get on.
    I know I will struggle to do thanet 20 in 2 weeks but I am still hanging on by a nail.
    Talking about what to have on long runs, I usually drink water till later when I feel I need ls. It works ok for me, I have tried gels and they are ok too.
    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • thanks Percy, "Chin up" is just what the osteo was saying as well....

    Given that I'm utterly mule-headed about such things, I'm thinking that the worst-case scenario is that I walk the course in 6 1/2 hours and prefix my time with "Unfortunately I had a back problem and had to walk it in..."

    I'm still hopeful that I'll be able to start doing some short runs soon and I keep shuffling my training schedule to cater for the lay-off. The logic goes "April 18th...2 week taper leaves 6 weeks...26 miles...<faints>"

    Basically I'm going to train slowly, hopefully get back to (at least) half-marathon runs by 4th of April and then just do my best on the day.

    To mis-quote Ed Harris, "Deferral is not an option!" ;-)

    Yours, in blinkered optimism,

  • Wabo, Just missed your post whilst I was typing mine.
    Glad to hear that you're out and about (albeit painfully). The times sound good, esp. for races in such quick succession.

    By the way, and this goes for all of you, I'm currently stretched out comfortably along the bench so don't any of you even think of sitting down....
  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭
    Cheers jts, I am intent on keeping my bum well off that bench, I think I am in same frame of mind as you, I will just see what 'the day' brings. I nice strong wind behind us would be good.
    Other 'off the benchers' sound good!
    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • Wabo,Well done, keep off that bench.

    JTS, I like your spirit and I'm sure you will do better than 6.5 hours on hat alone.

  • Alex to tools and info is there for you.

    there is slim chance of being tested but more likely at welsh x country events or welsh championships !! not usually tested at fun evenys like marathons!!!! fun who said it was fun;-)

    JTS,you have my sort of spirit I like it good luck mate and I now you will do well with your guts and determination!!

    well done make sure you stay of the bench!!
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • Thanks to all for the encouragement.
    Hopefully I'll be able to post some good news on Thursday night.

  • Hello again. I'm back opn the sub4 thread after a brief (optimistic) hop over to sub3:45.

    Did my Yassos this morning and only got 2 of the 10 under 3:45. All were under 4:00.

    Now this might be running before breakfast or the effects of three days skiing in my legs but I'm not sure 3:45 is realistic.

    I'm also thinking that I'd rather do a safe sub4 than risk 3:45, blow up and go outside 4. I really, really want this to be my last mara and a sub4's the only goal I've got left from when I started running. So sub4 it is then stick to that pace guy like glue and cross in 3:59:59.

  • Welcome back Higs. Maybe just a bad day for the Yasso's ? My legs felt like concrete yesterday (even after Monday's rest day) so I postponed my Yasso's to today.

    First ever Yasso session and what a killer it is....think I prefer last Sunday's 18 miler ;-)

    3:41 3:46 3:34 3:30 3:32 3:39 3:42 3:32 3:32 3:40 with 2 min recoveries.

    Didn't know what to expect really, so went pretty hard at each one. Felt knackered after two!, but Mr. Endurance came to the rescue. Well pleased with the end result.
    I think a nice steady pace over the whole 800 gives the best result.
  • Hello

    Well done on your Yasso's Percy those times seem very similar to mine:-)

    Long slow run day 3hr 20 over trails,viaducts,bridges,muddy paths,roads you name it we ran over it a very enjoyable run and perfect sunny day again someone is smiling down on us at the moment!! and yesterday was track session a very hard one which left me gasping for breath!!! quads are sore and I lifted something heavy in work and back has been niggling me ever since and even my knee twinged I just hope it settles down and not that my back is out again as it is just 2 weeks since he clicked me back in place........I will not lift anything heavy again will wait for male employee to do it even if I have to nag him!!!

    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • Well done Poppy, that does sound like a nice LSD run.
    Take it easy with the niggles and get them seen to if necessary. The bench is not an option.....and heavy lifting? - not for athletes in training please!
  • Well, went to the osteo last night but there was only about 10 minutes of actual manipulation. He says that there's now more mobility in the back but that I shouldn't run until after the next massage on Saturday.
    It's a bit disappointing as I'm now looking at having my first run on Sunday morning.
    Ah well, I'll have a go on the cross-trainer again tonight to try to maintain what little aerobic fitness I have left.

    WP - Run sounds good (esp. the length of time - not much short of a marathon) but the back niggle is a bit of a concern. Take care of yourself!
  • Hi All

    Glad to hear there's lots of running going on - all I seem to have been doing this week is working :-(

    So this weekend is serious run time - and I think I'm gonna go up to 22 miles and take the collective advice and go for Lucozade along the way - thanks for the advice (including to those of you who gave the opposite advice - I can't follow everyone's advice!)

    JTS - when my knee was at its lowest last year the cross trainer was excellent - it's so low impact (compared to running) but it seems to be quite similar muscles (and it's also a lot easier to wear headphones on)
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