sub 4 hour group,if anyone wants to get together



  • Thanks Percy. What sort of recovery times do people usually do in between each 800m?
  • i think people cut the recovery time to make the overall session shorter,really...
  • 2 minute recoveries for me last time or perhaps 90 seconds for "extra pleasure"
  • Normally 2 minutes but have tried 90 seconds!!

    Well how have we all done today??

    I did 7 miles at a fast tempo but it was still icy on pavements and had to be careful but the sun was out, had to put my oakleys on the sun was so strong!!!! I felt tired but the run got better as it progressed but ended up on returning home going to bed for a 2hr nap as I so tired!!
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • Great nap Poppy....;-)

    Resting today for me. RW 15M training run in Richmond Park tomorrow early....
  • Thanks Percy;-)

    Good luck on your 15 miler tomorrow ...Hope you have enjoyed your rest day;-)
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • natnif, Percy, Destiny and JPVD - see you very early tomorrow!

    I've had 2 days off in preparation (it's been cold, beer's been tasting good and I just haven't felt like running...)

    I think I've decided to go for the 8:30 group tomorrow - which should see me heading around the park in 64 minute laps.

    Hopefully that will mean I'll then have confidence (and fresh enough legs) to try to run 8's at Reading the following week.

    What times is everyone else aiming for?
  • ermmmm I think I will do the 8:30,
    not the 9, no the 8:30 . . . oh well!
  • See you in the 8:30 group.....for starters ;-)
  • I only had time for 4.52 miles since we had too much to do today. With Roding Valley HM tomorrow I didn't want to risk any injury or such like. So managed 8:20/mile pace at ave HR of 63%WHR. Afterwards, still felt energetic so did an hours worth of legs, abs, backs, arms, shoulders muscle exercises.

    Thanks to all about Yassos - v. interesting. I haven't done any yet but I did do a Hadd test recently. These are 5x2400m with 90sec rests in between. The last two sets are at v. fast heart rates (ie fast pace) so if I average the pace for 800m over these levels only (total of 12x400m) with only 90s rest per 2400m, I get 3min 18sec per 800m. Does that mean my 'yasso' marathon time is somewhere around 3hr 18mins??

    Have just polished off 3/4 of a bottle of red so feel quite mellow now.
  • Yippee! RW pacing went very well for me today - although it got off to a very bad start as I was a little late for the 8am "kick off"...

    Did my fastest ever Richmond Park lap (1:01:30) as I tried to catch up with the 8:30 group.

    Was still several minutes behind them at half way - so dug deep and really went for it - I did 56:38 for the second lap, caught the group with a mile to go and was only about 30 meters behind the pacer on that final hill.

    Also met some great people going round - special thanks to the "good for your age" lady on the first lap who gave me loads of advice from her 11 consecutive FLMs.

    Natnif and Percy - hope I wasn't too rude to you on the laps - I was just a little cross with myself for being late to the start and I was determined to catch up with the pacer group.

    Next stop Reading...

  • Richmond runners - what's the drinks situation at these paced runs? Are there drinks stations or do you bring & carry your own?

  • There was water provided at the start/finish area - so there was water at 0, 7.25 and 14.5 miles (plus there are also some drinking fountains around the park) - but I think this was down to the local organiser (HumanRace) so it coud be different at the other events.
  • Excellent performance BNTM.

    RP pb's for me too but not of the negative split variety. I found the 8:30 pace a bit hot so dropped off the back quite early.

    Fastest ever one lap of 61 and two laps in 2:05 for me. Given the undulating nature of RP this is plenty acceptable.

    Overall well pleased, though perhaps I should be doing more Sunday morning running to get my body used to the "early" experience.
  • Yikes I had posted message but site crashed!!

    Well done chaps on a great mornings work out wish I lived nearer to these runs

    Bad run for me today 8 miles and legs did not want to go fast and it was to be a fast tempo run!!!!! I was 5 minutes slower than yesterday so not a happy Poppy!!!! maybe it is that i had not recovered from last weekend or just one of those days but finished on 53 miles this week!!

    Perhaps it is good that I am having a mini taper for Reading-maybe my body needs a break???
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • Did Roding Valley HM today - full race report on the daily training thread. Good plans are never followed and my plan for 2hr completion wasn't either.

    Did it in 01:36:30 at aveHR of LT-3 (76%WHR).

    Time to refuel on Pizza me thinks ;-)
  • Poppy, the enforced mini taper will definitely help you....enjoy an easy week.

    nrg-b Helluva debut HM. Well done mate.
  • ahhh wellll tried the 8:30 group but it
    just must have been one of those mornings!
    Dropped back after a couple of miles had
    a pee and joined the 9:30 group - had one
    easy lap of the park with them and then
    went on pace for the last three miles or so.

    Finished in about 2:15 (must have had a negative
    split!). Now Fleet in two weeks!!
  • nrg-b - that's quite a time you did today - congrats!

    WP - apparently work's sending me to Dublin for 2 days this week so I'll join you on the pre-Reading mini-taper - and I'll also try to increase my vitamin-rich drink intake ;-)

    natnif - glad to hear you recovered and managed to get a decent shape to the run - I think the pacers were a little bit naughty today - I reckon that the 8:30 pacer was doing 8:15 (or faster) from the start...
  • Morning all, well done everyone for some great runs, nrg-b brilliant first HM.

    Did my 19.2 miles yesterday in 2.43 so 8.30 pace with 5 significant hills so reasonably please with my work. Legs feel a bit sore especially my right hamstring and behind my left knee. Will do a nice slow run tonight on the treadie before a PT session.


  • well done all,i had a poor w/e in running terms,2 very broken nights with the baby and the planned 15 just didn't happen last night.i'm off for a longish effert at lunchtime though,lovely weather for it,so hopefully will bag another 12.looking to build mileage this week,another 10-12 on thursday and reading hm,not racing, in social 2.10 on sunday.might slip in a bit of speedwork at some point but in the end i will let the 4.00 slip and get myself fit to finish rather than injure myself so i can't do the full of respect for the richmond park brigade,well done.
  • well,what a lovely day in the east end-just back from a cracking run out to limehouse basin and up the regents canal;ok not too fast by your general standards but 13.2 in 2.05 and a bit left in the tank...but still not going to push it next weekend-i suspect i might be a bit stiff for a couple of days despite experimenting with the icy shower...
  • hi guys -thought i'd join you - so i bit the bullet yesterday and ventured out for my first ever run over 17 miles. I was out for a 3hrs 4mins and covered 20 miles exactly which i'm very peased with. Energy levels were great al the way but my legs after 2 hours felt like led boots and began to REALLY hurt towards the end (around the hips). I worked out that this is 4 hour 2 min pace. I'm not sure where to go from here - Is it best that i stick to this distance and try to run faster - if so should i be trying to run it every week now ? - By the way, i took that crazy cold bath afterwards, WOW !! what a cure..

    i'm running 10k in about 47 mins and i did the brighton half in 1.48 - is the under 4 hours category the right one for me ?
  • adam

    Sub4 should be comfortable for you looking at your figures. Don't forget you'll run faster on race day than in training. It's up to you whether you go further than 20 or not. Personally I'm going to do 2 at 22 (+ 3 20s and 2 18s) but lots of people don't go over 20. Also I wouldn't worry about the pace of your long runs too much, do separate speed training - maybe hill reps or 1000m intervals?

  • cheers higs - is it enough to to the speed sessions on a treadmill ?
  • adam,yes but most people add a small incline to simulate the effect of running outside vs inside-wind resistance etc.I'm a wimp and do 0.5%,no doubt the monsters here will poo-poo that and set it at 3.5%....which feels like hills to me...
  • Hi Adam

    My advice is very similar to Higs's on the long runs - I'm doing 3 runs at 22 miles now (but may yet cancel one of them) and am doing these very slowly - aiming for 3:30 for each. Everything I've read tells me the long runs don't need to be fast (and that you'll increase the risk of getting injured if you try to do long fast training runs).

    I'm afriad I don't know much about speed sessions, though - I'm toying with the ideas of using my Tuesday social runs, a couple of races (Reading and Kingston), the odd track session (Yassos?!) and the odd treadmill run.
  • i find that the heat of running inside,lack of fresh air and boredom enough of a handicap without running up hill as well. I need it though as my legs wont take 35-40 miles a week on the road alone
  • If you can make it into central london for 6.30 on Tuesdays then I'm finding the NikeTown run can get quite competitive - well it can if you want it to ;-)

    If not, then why not hunt for a local running club?
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