sub 4 hour group,if anyone wants to get together



  • Hi Kym - no I'm a Snoop Dogg, not a Snoop Bitchh.

    Your e-mail notification is disabled, so I can't send you an E - you can to me though and I'll reply.
  • Hello, been luring by pretending to be a female while I've been away have you Snoopy?
  • Hello again!
    It doesn't seem 5 minutes since the last sub 4hour FLM hopefuls forum for 03. I'm up for it again in 04, application went straight in again.

    Am hopeful of better things than last April's 4.20 but it was damned hot. Still had a fabulous day though. My only other marathon at FLM 02 gives me plenty of optimism that I can crack that 4 hour mark - came home in 4.03.

    Currently in training for Dublin but holidays were always going to disrupt that, and thay have. Will run it but don't think I'll go for a time, I'll leave the glorious sub4 for FLM 04!
  • not guilty Tigs...never pretended anything...honest! ;0)
  • Well I'm sure you always intend to be a good Dogg ....
  • bow-wow!!
  • Purrrrrrrr ....
  • now now gals....
  • Shall I invite your Lake V admirers along?
  • no thanks Tigs - don't want any part timers on this thread.
  • have just sent off my application form for the above race today ,so put me in the sub
    4hr section my last race was BLACKPOOL MARATHON and the weather was very hot,
    finished in 4h 10m.
    im now in training for the DUBLIN MARATHON in oct,things going ok.
  • well now back from hols and the baguettes and rose are well and truly stuck to my ribs,have put on about half a stone-almost a stone since flm,and feeling under a bit of pressure for windsor....but i have managed a couple of outings and now getting back into the swing a bit more,10 on saturday,6 yesterday with a 5x800 in 4 min session in the middle.trying to follow the 1.45 rw programme but i think it may be beyond me at the moment,would be delighted with a pb of sub 1.57 as we stand......
  • Alex,

    Is that the Yasso 800 technique your following?

    Am off to do some myself now to see if it will be as guaranteed as they say once built up to 10 x 800m - tonight, Matthew, however it's an easy 1m run to track then 5 x 800m. 1m jog back.

    Nottingham Half is my next race - hoping for a 1.45ish.
  • kg - Maybe see you in Dublin, although my training is sadly behind schedule - Spain was just a bit too hot over the past 10 days.

    I hear some of you guys are running Nottigham 1/2m. I'm aiming around the 1.45 mark but will probably be a bit slower as I'm not at my fittest at present.

    Re the Yasso's I tried them for last years FLM but seemed to fair better the previous year with shorter (and more painful!) speed sessions such as pyramids and 400m reps. Will try the same again for FLM. Am just out to enjoy Dublin rather than go for a time.
  • dr g i have done the yasso thing,though i haven't managed a full set of ten yet! and i think it works,but this was part of the sub 1.45 runners world half marathon schedule which i am keeping half an eye on ahead of deeply embedded in noakes' lore of running at the moment and am getting terribly confused over different training after windsor i will probably go back to the 4 hr rw marathon schedules and see if it looks sensible...

    i enjoy track sessions but its a bit of a fag getting to the nearest one at work-15 mins on the tube each way + changing time,so unless i can readily get a 2 hour lunch-in which case i'd rather do a 10 mile run-i don't tend to use it much any more.the other factor is that with a timex gps thingy,the whole world looks like a track(especially bits of docklands i can run to as a warm up) can set it to peep at whatever interval you like...and i'm also trying to get some value out of my gym membership at the moment,and when it was vvv hot,the air con was a joy,and getting the pacing spo6t on with a treadmill there's a bit of fresh air about i think its a shame not to take advantage of the great outdoors...
  • Alex - agree about the variety of different training options - bewildering! I'm going to get into regular speed/yassos, recovery, hill/fartlek, long run - 4 times a week schedule and base times/distance on RW 3.45-4.00 training. Anything more than 4 times a week and I start to ache.

    Good luck to anyone running a half this weekend (I'm at a wedding so running is unlikely to feature), and may see some of you at Nottingham on 14th.
  • If i get in i'll be looking aiming at 3:50 - so i must fit in here :o)
  • This place sounds like it should be my forum home. Just had my half marathon debut in Stockholm finishing in 1h 44m 55secs (I will scream if another non-runner says 1 hour 45 then - those 5 seconds are very important to me!) so a sub 4 seems about right. It felt like I could have knocked a few more mins from my time if i had started in a faster pen, but seeing as this will be my first proper marathon and I am not sure how my winter training will go, sub 4 seems a reasonable target.
  • my training is going so so at the moment
    have got 3 10k coming up over the next month
    then its the DUBLIN MARATHON so i should
    know if i can manage under the 4hr.mark.
  • well i had a lapse and didn't get out for a week,during which time i incurred mild shin/calf injury from the steps up notre dame in a result i went out very tentatively yesterday and got a 5 3/4 miler done but it was warm and creaky work to keep up the speed to 9 min/mile-i think doing a half in 8 30 to get to 1 51 or so is going to be too much to ask over the hills of windsor.17 days to go,i thinks its something speedy and short tomorrow,and a long slow 15 on sunday morning to get rid of the previous night's excesses-off to wembley to see the stones...
  • Here we go again...

    Perhaps set my sights too high aiming for 3:45 last year. Fell over at 3 and twisted my ankle, which didn't help much, and came in at 4:07. Sub-4 or bust for me.
  • After the GNR i'll nbe starting base training - i'll be alternating my long runs between 12miles and 20miles
  • I'd love to run sub 4hr next year. Managed 4.17 in April and my recently ran 1.51 for the Glasgow 1/2. I'm going to change my trainig a bit this time around but still haven't decided what schedule to follow. I'm allready excited and it's months away...
    Next biggie is Amsterdam 1/2 in Oct, then slowly building up the miles..
  • Nottingham half completed in 1.59. Happy with that considering heat and longest I've been since April.

    Hopefully take a few minutes off it at Liverpool next month. Should be cooler and likelihood of having my trainers stolen if I dawdle should ensure a faster run ;-)
  • good luck dr g.i'm now feeling excited rather than nervous about windsor,the urwfrc has got a beer tent organised and i've stopped worrying too much about trying to set a new pb,my shin is still hurting and i feel pretty uncomfortable going at faster than 9 min miling at the moment.perhaps a week off would help....
    i definitely need to up my mileage after this clears up.i only did about 18 mile/week in run up to last year,and i reckon i need to get that up to 25 or so.that would also help keep the weight down,i've put on 10 lbs since april cos of droppping the long w/e run,(although i have done a 10 and a 13 the last two weekends and will do another 10 on sunday),which in turn has made my achilles more grumbly....
  • for all those who are thinking they have it rough

    i am in intensive physio at the moment. cannot run a mile and am 2.5 stones (35 lbs)heavier than when i last ran sub 4 hrs

    superhuman effort required me thinks

  • good luck with the physio wwr.whats the problem?i have put on a stone since this years flm and i've kept up a reasonable amount of running.just haven't been doing the weekend long ones.but perhaps i need to cut down the food and drink too....
    windsor half on sunday,then i will take up greater residence here...hopefully a new pb of around 1.55 is on,but it is threatening to rain which is dull.have had a stinking cold this week...
  • bad hip - arguably caused by being a fat porker.

    still if all goes well, i'll be jogging by the end of the week after 9 months off

    how did the Windsor half go, btw
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