sub 4 hour group,if anyone wants to get together



  • received wisdom is that treadmills should be set to a 1% incline to give speed equivalence vs. road. Some people don't like the incline, reckon it puts strain on achilles or calf, so run a bit faster. See attached for equivalence:
  • Still lurking here.

    Did a 15 mile run today - including first 6 odd miles of marathon course. Silly to do that as all the kerbs can't be good for the knees - nostalgic to see the spot where I fell at 3 miles in last year's FLM!

    Aiming for 8:45-9:00/mile and averaged 9:00.

    Had a lurk in the 3:45 thread, but 8:30/mile for FLM seems a bit brisk for me. I feel that I'm sort of halfway between these times (1:42 in Watford 1/2M last month). Perhaps I should start a 3hr 52min 30sec thread?

    Anyone doing Silverstone on Sunday?
  • Hi Valuxian

    I like the idea of running a bit of the course on a training run... How bad is it for running? Anyone tried running the last 4 or so miles (from Tower Bridge) or the bit in Docklands - I can imagine it being quite a psychological boost to have seen it all before!

    Also you're not alone on the virtual 3:52.30 thread... although at 1:42 for Watford you might be closer to the the 3:48.45 ;-)
  • Hi everyone

    Still feeling very fatigued so an inforced rest day!!! been and had my massage to sort my legs out they feel like new!! the general thinking is I don't eat enough!!!!!Somehow I disagree with that thinking!!!

    keep up the good training wonder where Welsh Alex has got to??
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • Can I jump on?? My confidence has dropped recently with shins and calves and with it my motivation. This thread should help mind.
    And this is a new week!
    Does anyone know what at 9.00 min mile pace is in kms / hour... off the top of their head - treadmill thinking...?
  • Greetings..

    Not sure if I am in the right place? My current training times are 1/2M 1:54:24 floating around the 8:40/8:45 mile mark.

    Am I in with a chance of getting under the sub 4 for the full distance? Managed a stead 16 this weekend and increasing my mileage, heading down to silverstone this sunday to comfirm that I am a sub 2 for the 1/2...

    Any advice greatly appreciated..
  • welsh alex?hmmmm look you land of my fathers boyo.

    BNTM beware running the course too office is at mile 23 so i thought i'd do a fair bit last year.the trouble is that i could visualise exactly how far i had to go from about mile 14 onwards and it was counter productive...took some of the fun out of the huge crowd on the embankment....
  • cariad: 9min/mile = 6.667 mph = 10.73kph.

    Relaxed today with a very slow 5 miles at heart rate of LT-40 (53%WHR). Right calf felt a bit stiff this morning after yesterday's HM but now feels better.

  • Alex you misunderstood, there is another Alex on site who has not posted for a few weeks and HE is from Wales!!
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • WP sorry that was a "joke"-i had read back a bit on the thread-though i did skip a bit.
    ok,poor taste,politically incorrect etc-its not unusual...
  • Thank you very much nrg-b.
    You just made me smile. 10.73. Good.
  • Another question.. Whats the most accurate but not ridiculously expensive gadget for measuring distance. Last year I took to cutting a bit of string to the length of a scaled mile in my A-Z and wiggled it over my routes!!
    Don't laugh too hard.... I got my sub 4.30 - just!
    Any suggestions?
  • Cariad: You're welcome. The most inexpensive way is to use the online Java applet tool at Type in a start and ending postcode. Use the ruler to map out road lengths. Use the arrow keys to pan the map.

    Alternatively, buy a Garmin Forerunner 201 a portable GPS device for around £145. They are brilliant!
  • That's better!! - up at dawn for about 10K
    in a local park. Loverly crisp, cold,
    small breeze, sun raising over the
    hill etc. Managed a pb for 8 laps of 49.07
    including three laps at sub 6.00 and a
    new lap pb of 5.50.

    Puts sunday back into 'just one of those
    days' category.

    I do run all of the marathon course during
    training . . . do all of it apart from a
    but of the docklands loop . . . I do think
    it gives a small advantage to know that
    there is a 'ramp after the roundabout' or
    'hang to the left at this point!'. (But
    my mate is superstitious and won't run
    any of it!)

    cariad - try

  • cariad
    - Percy Cheeser put me onto the Java mapping software at (which I think is the same as the rac site)
    - or you can spend 100 quid on a Timex (or other) GPS watch on ebay - I've got one of these and I've used it a bit running - but the best thing to do with it is to take it skiing - it turns even the most boring green run into a death defying speed challenge ;-)
    - or you can get pedometers for about a tenner (but results and opinions vary)
  • English Alex - I've just noticed that your lunchtime route yesterday involved the Regents Park canal - I'm very intrigued - where does this canal go and how far can you follow it for? I'm hoping this might give me a new route away from the endless laps of Regents Park that I seem to have been stuck in at lunchtimes recently!
  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭
    Just popped in to check all your sched's going well, you are all looking goooooood! Hope feeling fiiiiine!
    Am off to 'try' thanet 20 sunday. It will be like a marathon but if I get round I will re evaluate. Cycling more than running at the moment though, with about 50 miles put in last week. Shame i can't cycle FLM....
    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • Alex P

    I thought maybe it was a joke or maybe you just don't like us Welsh:-)
    WP decides not to kill Alex...yet!! good job I am made of tough stuff;-)
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • Wouldn't it make for great comedy if Welsh Poppy was actually from somewhere like Croydon?

    Wabo, it sounds like you're already enjoying the build up to the FLM far too much!
  • BNTM
    Oh my secret is out how did you know I was from Croyden?Of course I don't have a Welsh accent at all:-)

    So on Welsh Poppy's hit list:
    Alex P

    Evil chuck......Thinking up some Evil plans
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • Me thinks, Welsh Poppy from Peckham would be good.

    We shouls show some respect for our famous WP as she is in RW this month.


  • Crazy Addick

    I really like the show WP respect part, but surely you are joking about RW ...Poppy goes and hides under her duvet a quivering wreck!!!

    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • No no, you are there. do'nt have it with me but I think it's in the results section.


  • Welcome to Poppy's hit list Alex P....I'm quaking in my Kayano's me ;-)

    Lovely day for lovely intervals at Battersea Park track....just nice to run in the sun again.....shame I'm not in west Wales....:-)
  • definitely on for low impact today,i think its the elliptical x trainer for me.somehow i have to shift a stone so i can run without crushing my joints....
    bntm-i go up the canal from the limehouse basin end towards victoria park and on towards city road.i haven't tried it from your end...towpath tends to be in good repair,flat-though up/down around the locks obviously-and not all concrete so (a tiny bit) more leg friendly than pavement.and i like running by water,no traffic/roads to cross etc.i would suggest that by daylight its pretty safe too,though not sure i'd want to run after dark.

    have a look on or for access points-usually you can get on/off the towpath at a bridge.there's probably a bit of stuff on the british waterways website too.
  • and WP i quake before your wrath.
    see you on sunday for light banter and celebration of another english victory over the celtic fringe ...
  • Thanks for the link, Alex - I'm in Dublin for the next day and a bit (could this be my last taste of the black stuff until April 18th?) then I'm running Reading (if I see lots of blood on the road then I'll know I'm behind you and WP) but I'll definitely try a mildly long run along the canal towpath some time next week.
  • BNTM see at the forum meeting place pre reading-i won't see you on the course as i am going for a slower trot to get my mileage up.likely 2.10 or so and chatty.though i'm not sure i'll recognise you from your pic...
  • up the booze already? hmmm...might have to re-think this marathon thingie.
    anyone running silverstone this weekend. I tried to do a few laps of central park last weekend (same distance of RP...just a bit harder to get to) but could only manage 10 miles until my knee flared up. stopped right away and after ice it went away...nothing since but i am worried about this run sunday.
    anyone done it? is it easy to drop out if an injury threatens? looks like couple laps...
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