sub 4 hour group,if anyone wants to get together



  • Entry form sent in, was worried for a while when I'd lost the entry form sent in the post, then none of the first 3 sports shops I went in had them, finally tracked one down and am looking forward to checking my accounts in Nov/Dec to see if cheques been cashed. If so, i'll be doing well, since I got through on the ballot last year as a first timer. Otherwise I may have to rely on a club place being available.
  • Just sent my form in. Put 4hrs on the form - this might be a bit optimitstic but I don't really know.

    My first marathon if I get in - if not I'll probably be aiming for Paris the week before.

    All excited now - so you'd best prepare for the barrage of stupid questions from the first timer.....

    M xx
  • Bod - I've been really lucky and got in through the ballot on the two occasions I've entered. Didn't think I had a chance last year having got a place in 2002 but got in. Don't think I've got a chance this year with my jammy 100% record but you never know. Failing that there's a chance of a club place and failing that maybe a marathon abroad, possibly Madrid.
  • you could always run another GB marathon.... there are a fair few around that time from memory
  • M.

    I have Paris as my back up plan too. It's on 4 April I think.
  • Dr Galah - you're right! It was the week before last year but is two weeks before this year. Hmmm that means my RW 15 week training programme would start before Christmas! Ouch....
  • I remember getting up and running on Xmas morning last year - only saw one person in an hour!!

    My New Years Day morning run was less successful - lasted about 4 strides before I dashed into the bushes!

    It's all well and good, but this running malarkey certainly eats into your social time!
  • I started running last year (got to fat & couldn’t afford to buy new cloths). Have now applied to do my first ever flm (something to do with being 40 next July).

    Would be grateful for any tips on training methods, have started doing one outdoor run per week (last night did 8.2 miles in 1hr 8mins not sure if that’s good), I also do three tread mill runs per week along with some weight stuff.

    Also if anyone knows of a running club in the Orpington area would love to hear.

    Any help will be gratefully accepted
  • Simon - there is a heck of a lot going on in the Orpington area. Check the City/SWLondon as well as the Beckenham threads in Beginners - we often meet up at Farnborough Church on Sundays and run through High Elms. Everyone is welcome. Also, a few of us run with the Orpington Road Runners on Tue evenings - the club is really informal, caters for all abilities and meets at the Buff in Green Street Green at 8pm.
  • Simon - it'll be my first FLM too - something to do with being 30 in Feb. Amazing how these age milestones make you want to do something new.

  • You can count me in as well.
    im not doing the Flora, i will be doing one in France a week after the flora.
    It will be my first one...awwww!! (that is if i survive tough guy...)
  • M, Tostaky, good luck to you both, keep us updated on your training progress just knowing that there are other slightly mad people made my run tonight a little easier.
  • Simon - I'm starting my training programme in November with a month in New Zealand. Lots of hills and open space to run around in!

    Until then I'm carrying on 10K training ready for Brighton...
  • M, sounds great, New Zealand is on my list of must go there one day ever since I watched Lord of the Rings
  • afternoon all.well windsor was tougher than i had hoped,i was shaking off a streaming cold and although i thought it was gone i felt really wretched after 3 miles and almost quit.luckily i persisted,settled down and got home in 2.00.20-so outside my pb and a fair way short of where i'd like to get to...but i'd have bitten your arm off if offered that time at half way.i think the lesson from a tough course is that i need to do better quality runs in training as well as upping the mileage,i need to get my comfortable ambling pace from 9 to 8 min/ flm starts for me this weekend,probably just a quick 5 or so,but pushing rather than shambling...
  • oooh - i'd give a fair bit for 2.00.20 - current pb is 2.11ish

    i was spectating at windsor and it looked hard - that last mile looked long even from where we were - so congrats and good luck with the training!
  • thanks M.that last mile-although it was sharply downhill and the fastest of the race for me-a sprightly 8.09,felt like the longest because of the foreshortening-it looked like 500m,and i did think i had a chance of sneaking under 2 for most of it!
    weather was good,cool and a little light drizzle at times,not too cold,but it was hillier than i remembered from last year-the big hills i had remembered right,but more of the 'undulations' felt tougher this year...
  • the secret on runs which have a long straight start and finish is to time yourself on the straight on the way out. that way no surprises on the way back.

    slough half used to have a 4 minute starting/fininshing straight which was always good to know.

    last year at the windsor half, i timed myself on the the long straight, 7 minutes or something - then on the way back..... one guys opened up just as we hit the straight - i thought, not a bloody chance of sustaining that, this early. rightly so - i aught him up 4 mihnutes later - he was dying.

    now then, physio session today featured 6 minutes jogging!! wow so maybe i'm back in the saddle.

    and alex you are right. i reckon you need to be able to hit 8.30 miles for about 20 miles and then grin and bear the rest, so looking at 8 m/ms for anthing less than 10 is about right.

    i will definitely have to get the "cruising speed" picked up. next task is to lose the sack of potatoes round my waist

    good luck
  • 8.30 m/ms for 20 miles!

    i'm off to the get you round thread....
  • |Simon - yeah i like the saying "I run therefore Im nuts"...
  • first runs today after 9 months out

    12 minutes - nearly killed me - and could still feel the hip injury (or am i imagining it??)

  • quick quiz question-does anyone have the elctronic version of the rw 4 day a week sub 4 schedule from last springs mag?the programmes on this site all seem to be the 5-6 day standard rw to the gym at lunchtime,i think its hills time.
  • and well done wwr,the longest journey starts with the shortest step,isn't that right?
  • Alex

    I certainly have last springs mags, so let me dig this out at the weekend (think its in the loft), scan it in and send it to you.

    Anyone doing the Liverpool Half? I could do with a running partner on the day aiming for a 1.50.
  • hi alex

    if you want that sub 4 - then i reckon you have to do the 5 day a week version.

    the best one they ever published was about three years ago and it helped me crack the big 4 (by 97 seconds)!!

    don't think i would have done it on 4 days a week - being a bit of a carthorse - but porve me wrong. good luck on the hills!

  • wwr back from gym i suspect you are probably right-hills had to be done on the stairwalker,the shin is playing up.time for a visit to the doc i think,just to check it out.maybe time for some new shoes,though mine have only done about 250 miles...
    and sorry dr g i'm some way from liverpool...
  • 6 x 1.5 miles this week plus back-breaking physio.

    all awful

    lack of fitness, extreme weight and trapped sciatic nerve all contributing to even greater discomfort than that felt by IDS this week, i suspect.

    just too many excuses to run slowly or stop at the moment.

  • Never mind WwR, at least you got post number 118 ...

    Sorry :-)

    Don't stop. Just take it one step at a time. We're all here to support.

  • Managed 10 miles last weekend (very slowly). Zilla is doing 15 miles this weekend - I may do 15 with him or may be a bit less insane and join him part way round and just do 12 or so.

    The mileage build up is going nicely (should be around 25-28 miles in total for the week) but I feel awfully slow still.
  • I've followed a 4 times a week schedule for the past three mararthons (only 3!!) and have chalked up:


    Don't think you necessarily need to run 5 times a week to crack four hours (though you'll seeI've only proved this once so far!). Just make sure you get 1 speed/hill session and 1 long run each week.

    And remember rest is important too!

    Off to pack for Liverpool - toodle pip!
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