sub 4 hour group,if anyone wants to get together



  • Thanks WP. Looking forward to it. Will complete a week of 28 miles so mileage is on target even if I don't get the time!

    I'm sulking today cos my FLM cheque hasn't been cashed :-(

  • Done my first one in Dublin, so I guess my next objective should be to go sub-4.

    I'm with ya!

  • I'm training for FLM 2004 - I have a guaranteed charity place. My aim is 3hr 59 mins. This will be my first marathon. Took up running 18 months ago aged 38 to help reduce weight. I'm 5ft 8inches and was 14 and half stone. Now 12 and half stone. Did 10k in Spring in 50mins and raced first half marathon today in 1hr 50mins in pouring rain at Stevenage. I was a little disappointed as I run 13 miles every Sunday and have run 1hr 48 in training. Find the RW forums motivating and enjoyable.
  • Following on from my last postng above I've now worked out how to personalise my name -so from now on will write under the name "first timer".
  • Hi first timer - and welcome. I did Stevenage too today - rotten weather. Did 2.04 pb by 7 mins but still left looking for that sub 2!

    Congrats on your time. It was a bad day for it out there today.
  • Target for this week - 30 miles (but I'm having a day off tomorrow)
  • Morning and welcome First Timer and Multi

    Well done M. on PB especially with the weather.

    Target for my week is 55 miles

    Good luck peeps with training!
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • welsh poppy, you are on the wrong thread, i am convinced.

    i never did more than 40 miles a week in training (and only then, in the feb mar training period) - when i cracked the BIG 4.

  • Wolf that Runs-You having a laugh...sub 3.30 never in a million years!!!!!

    This will be my first marathon I will be lucky too get sub 4!!!
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • wolf WITH runs if you please!! :-)

    i dunno how you can do that kind of mileage and not get quick, Welsh?

    if you're doing 50 miles now, you will be shedding a ton of weight and getting some great muscle strength and stamina. provided you mix in some speed work twice a week you will be flying round in april.

    make sure you don't get bored with the big miles, my friend and good luck.

    done any races so far?
  • welsh, i notice from an earlier thread that you have a COACH?

    now i REALLY don't believe your protestations

  • Wolf sorry about not getting your name right:-)

    I dont have a coach to myself just a shared one at club saying that not been there for ages!!

    I was doing 50 miles before my 1/2 marathon so just back where I was before will take advice about speed work I love speed work:-(

    yes done 4@5k,3@10k and 1 half marathon so far.

    How are you doing? and what sort of times do you do for your races?
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • i am afraid that i am a (big) shadow of my former self.

    probably a bit of an imposter for being here, too.

    this year i did the FLM in 4.55 after no training and had 1.5 pints of guinness on the way round!!!

    was actually injured and am only now coming back from 9 months off (excl FLM pub crawl). am running about 12 miles a week at 9+ m/miles

    only 24 months ago you would have found me running 45 min/10K; 1.46/half and 3.58/full. but carrying a handicap of +20 lbs makes those times feel a bit unrealistic this year.

    we'll see
  • Hi!
    Back to join the sub-4 thread after my 4 hours 1 minute watch time at Dublin. I took your recommendation about the guinness Wolf with Runs, 3 pints post race aided recovery no end!
    Am toying with the idea of doing FLM in fancy dress for a bit of fun ....
  • No Tiger, you have to drink the Guinness DURING the run!
  • Er yes, got plenty of practise with before and after in Dublin, but not during!
    I'm sure there'll be an opportunity in London .... :-)
  • on a semi serious note, i actually enjoyed this years FLM (+ Guinness) more than the other 2 runs.

    great atmosphere amongst the 5 hour runners. not to stressful, took photos, took time to look around, didn't wear a watch, no stress on time.....loverly
  • those pesky kids have been messing with the treadmill in the gym again.

    they have fixed it so that 8m/m is 10m/m on the read out
  • Wolf

    You have 6 months to shift the 20LB's you can do it if you want it badly enough, thats a target of 2lb a week and think how fantastic your running will become!!

    Good luck with your quest and happy training.
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • When do we hear about FLM? Quickest way of finding out is phoning the bank to see if your cheque has been cashed, but I can't remember when they start cashing them - soon i think. I'm thinking of alternatives if not successful during my recovery from Dublin - what a great w-e that was!
  • LM - they've already started - how on earth have you missed the gloating of the favoured few????

  • And if you've bequeathed like me, cashing cheque won't mean anything yet!

    Final confirmation with a in/out magazine will be with us in early December (postal strikes allowing!).

    Llama Man - I've got Paris down as my back up. It's on 4 April, you can enter online so no hanging around, and there's quite a crowd on this forum already going (see the thread in the Events section).
  • I'm in and I'm in for sub 4.
  • Hello everyone,

    Back running again, did a ten mile run last Friday in Norfolk (weather was not nice but the scenery was fantastic).

    So far this week I have managed two six milers and yesterday 15.2 miles in 2:09:27. No major reaction from my foot thankfully. I hope to do another six miles later today and tomorrow this will give me a new PB in miles per week terms of 39 miles.

    Keep up the good work, this thread does give me the motivation to keep improving and I’m sure we will all get round in sub 4.
  • Just completed my Sunday morning long run. Went to a specialist running shop to get trainers about 6 weeks ago but still suffer blisters on one foot. Any tips.
  • Fellow club-mates who got lucky have all had cheques cashed. Mine hasn't been & I didn't bequeath so I'm pretty certain I won't have a place through the lottery. Chance of a club place but as I've done the last two FLMs I'll be well down the pecking order. Looks like I'll be looking for an alternative ? Amsterdam ? Stockholm ? Paris
  • HigsHigs ✭✭✭
    ft - hop?
  • Llama Man - a little while to go yet so don't despair. But in the meantime (just in case) I'm compiling a list of alternatives so take a look here
  • Thanks M.

    Don't think i'm being pessimistic as all members who entered last year found out in the same week.
  • Can't say I'm too hopeful either LM. However the other threads have so far revelaed a couple of people who didn't have their cheques cashed till about a week before the magazines came out last year. So I haven't entirely given up!

    But the backup plan now looks like being Rotterdam on April 4th.
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