sub 4 hour group,if anyone wants to get together



  • The Cheeser's been accepted - WooHoo!

    But now sick with a cold - Grrrr!
  • Didn't get in, so it's Barcelona (21/3) for me.

    Whilst I'm here, does anyone know, or have any comments on, if splitting the long weekly run over an a.m and a p.m. session is still pretty much a long run as I won't be able to do a long Saturday or Sunday run, but could do upto the required 22 miles through a return run to work.

  • page 8?
  • have received my sorry notice for the london marathon so will be saying good bye and good luck to all you runners
  • Yep me too : though I do have a slim chance with the club ballot so all is not entirely lost yet (crossing fingers, legs, neck, spleen, etc)
  • off to belgium, so will be saying "au revior et bon chance" to you all. see you in 2005
  • Multi - re. the splitting of your long run.
    I think this was covered somewhere on the training thread recently.

    Gist of the answer was I think that it's better to do it all in one go but if you have to split it it's better than a shorter run or no run...

    I'm assuming this won't be a permanent arrangement for you.
  • I've received my official rejection this week & like The Doctor have a slim chance of a place through the club draw which is at our christmas do tomorrow night so everything is crossed for me too.

    As far as splitting the long run is concerned I understood the point of the long run to be time on feet. In this case i don't think two halves quite make a whole but they are certainly better than just doing one shorter run.
  • Bl@@dy Hell I got the place in the club draw so I'm in. now I'm just feeling daunted at the thought of all that training again.
  • I'm in.

    I'm following the 16 week intermediate schedule on this site - at least I think that's where I got it.

    Plan to do Watford, Sussex Beacon and Fleet 1/2 marathons. Did Silverstone Half in 1:43 last year, but was disappointed to blow up in the Marathon and finished in 4:07.

    Desperate to go sub-4 this time, and that's helping to focus my training more than last year!

    Fingers crossed - and good luck to everyone else here.
  • best of luck all you sub-4 guys - would love to have been a part of the group but didn't get in so looking at an alternative but need to get rid of the disappointment first

    valuxian - we must have finished very close to each other this year on 2 occasions - I was 4:07:24 at FLM, and did 1:45:08 at Silverstone.
  • fb,sorry to hear that.this is a bit of a boing and hopefully no one will need reminding to put expected time of 3.59 on their charity entry forms if that's how they are running,like me...

    training under way and i am ahead of last year in that i now have 4 10 milers under my belt and my initial yasso session yielded 5 x800 in 3.45 with 200 m recoveries yesterday.not sure how much else i will get to do this week...
  • and just to be really anal about what happens at the start,if you got a place in the ballot or are gfa,or a club runner you will most likely be on blue and i won't be seeing you.i am a charity runner and will be no 40155 or something v close,i forget now.but i will be on red,in the pen for 3.59 finishers.last year i found that this breakdown by start colour then by gradation of time that people put on their forms-i stupidly put 4.10 which because of slightly fascist marshalling meant that i started pretty much on my own out of a thread of about 25 people all trying to do the same thing!!congestion will inevitably mean that more than about 4 or 5 can't really run together but the ebbs and flows over the course mean that it would be really nice to feel there were a few friendly faces out there whether on (or particularly as last year off track )for the time.also the rw pacers will be aiming at a gun time of 4 or slightly quicker which means a chip time of around 3.52 or was a large and quick group last year that almost bowled me over at the cutty sark.....
    on the day meeting point is easy,the bandstand is a very easy landmark and worked quite well,though one or two charities use it,we may need a urwfrc flag or something.who knows we might even have met by then....and word to the wise is that the earliest trains are less crowded.but this is probably getting a bit ahead of ourselves.
  • Hi there Alex,
    Glad to see this thread active again I have quietly been getting on with training up to 17 mile long runs, and have been doing 53 miles per week but need to cut back a bit as my IT band was playing me up.

    I have a charity place and have put 3.45 as my time as I am keen to get a GFA place for 2005 but it could all go pear shape for me!!In fact I am sure it will!!!!

    Off for my 17 mile run tomorrow,then 7 miler Christmas morning,10 miler boxing day no idea after that!!
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • Well where are you all guys?????

    Come on how is training going not long for the race you know!!!!

    I have done 43 miles this week and very pleased with how it is going will build back up slowly.

    What have you all done this week???
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • Things going well. This time last year I was still injured (didn't run at all 'til Jan 6th) and did 4:14. At the mo' I'm up to ~30/week with long run of 16. In a couple of weeks I'll feed in a fifth run per week and once I've got distance up to 20 I can start to work on speed.

    Can't fail, won't fail!

  • managed 1:50 for about 13 miles this
    morning - but that included greenwich
    hill three times . . . otherwise built
    up to about 40 miles per week and running
    five days . . . my running mantra has
    become 3-59-59 . . . gets me to the top
    of the hill . . .

  • Well done guys it looks like all going well long may it continue!!!

    I am down track with Running partner tomorrow for......speed with all sessions with him my mantra is "He will not beat me I will not give up" I am so determind even if it kills me(asthma and it plays up bigtime with speed sessions)
    Also under my breath I keep saying 3.44.59 it keeps me going through tough sessions!!!

    Keep up the good work!!! and keep us informed
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • Hello all,

    From what I'm reading there's a few sneaky fast types posting here...let's hope I'm one of 'em....;-)

    After losing 17 days running to the flu earlier this month (just after getting my FLM ballot place - grrr) I'm back in the swing of things with 3 seven mile runs in the last three days. Rest day today followed by an increased mileage week and a 10k race in Hyde Park on NYD.

    Boy, it feels good to be back.

    Also looking forward to long Sunday runs in Richmond Park when we get ourselves organised hopefully starting Sun 4/1/04.
  • My 16-week training programme starts today.

    A bit worried in that I haven't increased my base weekly mileage as much as would have liked to by this stage - I hover around 20 mpw. Plus the usual Christmas excesses...

    There's a lot of big long runs floating about on here! I did a (fairly comfortable) 12-miler two weeks ago, but that was my longest since FLM 2003.

    Fat Buddha, you were 24 seconds ahead of me at FLM 2003 and 2 mins 6 secs behind me at Silverstone! I'll be looking out for you in April...

    Here goes...

  • Hello all, it's a bit quiet here...

    My new years day debut 10k went as well as I could have hoped for I guess - 50:41
    A bit eyeballs out and way more intense than the lower heart rate base training I've been doing.

    Is this a similar 10k time to you lot?

    Resting today having run 9, 8 and 12 miles since Thursday. Yesterdays 12 miler was all at average 9 min/mile pace. I planned 14.5 but the pace was uneven and I got knackered.
    Seems to me that even paced running is deceptively important...
    So with that in mind I plan to spend the rest of this month running at mostly slower pace (say 9:30) and building the mileage up to 50 mpw. Bigger mileage means bigger endurance and I'd like to be able to rely on something at least come race day. Speed on the other hand worries me a little as I really don't want to get injured. I will be doing Yasso's (3:30 hopeful) in Feb. along with more hills and more tempo runs.

    Good luck everyone.
  • Oh, and a special good luck to Alex with your toe nail problem...
  • I fancied joining in with this group having done 1.50 Half last Sept, but am becoming v worried reading how much training everyone has done! Just posted in Injury Forum re shin splint probs that am having at moment resulting in me not running for longer than 30 mins for the past two months. I'll shift up to the sub-5 group maybe!
  • Don't worry too much Celtic Lady, I'm confident of finishing in under 4 hours and am doing nowhere near what some people are doing already. A 1.50 half marathon is one of the indicators of achieving a sub 4 hour marathon so if the shins can hold up then there is no reason why you can't achieve this.

  • CL - my best half is 1:51 - but I am still
    going for sub 4 - gotto aim somewhere . . .

    managed 15 (15+ I think) in 2:15 on
    sunday - steady all the way through.

    And just did 39:55 on my 5 mile(ish) run to
    work - but maybe the rain helped!


  • Can I join? Average 1/2M is 1 45 & 10k 45mins so in theory should manage sub 4.
    Going to aim for RW 3 45 schedule. Going well so far. 1st week, day 2!
  • Hope you don't mind if I join ?

    My most recent 10k was 50:02 on a hilly route. Have been down to 42:30 in recent years, about 46 presently on the flat (Swansea Bay 10k). HM PB is 1:38 but that was in 1983. Recent 5k at 22:30.

    Started my program on 14th Dec but had 23/12 to 1/1 off due to work. Amazing how ten days of mince pies knocks one back.

    My pace seems to be very variable. One day great, few days later a struggle.

    I usually get cramp or blow up in second half of marathons.

    I don't do a lot of races because I work weekends. Hoping to do Bath and Rhayader 20 in run up to FLM.
  • Hi Alex
    How many marathons have you done & what sort of times?
  • Just being nosey but what do you do that knocks out the whole of Chrimbo & w/es?
  • Last two FLM's at about 4:40 and 4:50 (about 2 halfway - 16 Stone last year as I went overboard on the weights in autumn 02 / spring 03 plus over-ate that xmas. Back down to 14 now). Did more races before work intervened in about 1986. Have run regularly throughout however.

    Christmas and weekends are usually out as I run a pub & nightclub. Bed time is about 4am on Sat and 6/7am on Sunday mornings with a double-back on Sundays starting again at 10:30 am. Seasonally my workload goes up to about 110 hours and rarley drops below 70 over several businesses I run.

    Xmas Eve to NYD is bad because all the staff pull sickies and/or refuse to work. People buy me chocs and biscuits (the bastards) which I am forced to eat and I have to have an xmas lunch with each of the relatives.

    Musn't grumble.

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