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Hi guys,

just wondering if anyone from Plymouth or nearby in Devon/Cornwall would be interested in a Plymouth Parkrun? I know there is one near Exeter, but it would be cool to have one in Plymouth too. For anyone that doesn't know, this is a free and timed 5k even run every Saturday in a park. For more info go to Half of the costs are met by the local authority, and half by the parkrun sponsors. What is needed is a team of dedicated volunteers to help organise the race days.

Would anyone be interested in helping me set one up?



  • If you haven't already, contact the parkrun head office as it may be posible there are already others with the same idea and they'll put you in touch with each other.
  • I have been in touch with them and they said someone else had expressed an interest but not followed it up. I've only recently moved here so thought I'd post to see if there was anyone else around.

    Cheers for the reply BOTF
  • Hi

    This web page might interest you They organise  winter 3k Park runs in central park, once a month. They also do 5k runs in Saltram park during summer, once a month as well. Slightly different to park run, but they maybe able to assist you.

  • @Kamikaze_Runner

    Cheers! I was on there earlier today as it happens but didn't see that. Will check it out!
  • Sorry just discovered the world or parkrun. I would certainly be interested and know of plenty of others who would be too. I like the idea of having a goal to work towards and (hopefully) improve each week. Have you tried contacting head office again?
  • I haven't been in touch with them again, but would be interested if more people like yourself are up for it. I've actually got a knee injury at the moment so am not running - perhaps the ideal time to set it up!
  • Hi Carly (and others)

    I received a message yesterday from Joanne at parkrun to say that funding is in place for a Plymouth Parkrun, and permission has been granted by the National Trust to use the Plymbridge Woods Estate. If you want to register your interest (especially in terms of helping 'run' the event) then drop an email to Joanne

    I've said I am willing to help set it up and run it, and there are a few others willing to do the same.
  • All the best ollycowan my son lives in Plymouth and when I come down to see him,  I could fit in a run on Saturdays if it goes ahead. Once again wish you luck.
  • I'm coming down to Plymouth on Saturday 7th and would like to do a park run if there is one organised or something similar.

    mail me at
  • @ollycowan

    Plymbridge Woods seems an interesting place to host a parkrun, but on the plus side, so many choices of routes available.

    Just wondering if you have heard anything more from Joanne? Only because I might be interested in helping out

  • Depends really were the national trust is allowing it to take place.

  • Hi guys, I'm a student at Plymouth University. Does anyone have any more news about a Plymouth Parkrun? Are they looking for volunteers still?
  • J B 69 wrote (see)
    Hi guys, I'm a student at Plymouth University. Does anyone have any more news about a Plymouth Parkrun? Are they looking for volunteers still?


    I think it is still in the planning stages at the moment. I’m attending a meeting on Wednesday to talk about the scheme and to find possible routes, with someone from the national trust, park run and potential volunteers, but I am sure they will be a happy to have more volunteers.


  • Hey Kamikaze_Runner,

    Any news from the meeting?

    Are we getting a Plymouth Parkrun?

    I'd be happy to help out if volunteers are still needed, have already been in touch with Joanne @ Parkrun.

  • Alright Barefoot Matt.

    Things do seem positive from the meeting and the park run is likely to start maybe late September, I will need to check up on this though. There has been a slight issue with the route and hopefully this is being sorted out as well. I am sure more volunteers would be welcome, let me check tomorrow and see what the deal is.



  • I will be starting Plymouth university in September, so would love to run at this upcoming parkrun. I also don't mind some volunteering if you still need some help. 


    There is a meeting being planned on the 12th  September, to discuss volunteering and new volunteers are welcome to come along.

    Please PM me for details of the meeting


  • * update 2 *

    Only 2 days and 13 hours till Plymouths first park run starts. Volunteers are still welcome, please visit the following page for details about the run and on how to volunteer.

  • Has Central Park been considered?

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