Be safe out there folks !! FFS !!

As alot of people are upping the miles on the bikes for ironmans , as myself , or sportives etc etc I thought I would just say be seen and be safe out there folks , a friend of mine just posted me this:


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  • Timea it's a bit scary isn't it ? I typed in my postcode and it was like a dot-to-dot painting !!
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    The dots were exactly at the places where I tend to run the most within my area!! It is always good to be aware of hot spots and take preventive steps to avoid being the next victim. For example, I tend to take my iPod out of my ears when I run on busy streets and always pause and jog in one place until traffic clears so that I can cross the road safely - I can always make up for the time lost by doing a sprint once I am on the other side!
  • This was useful information, thanks. There is a road junction I run across regularly (3 or 4 times a week) where there's been a fatality. I'm going to change my route slightly to use a pelican crossing to cross instead. It only adds about 1/4 mile onto my route but its worth it.
  • Some of them are odd.

    There are four bike incidents in my local area. Two with no other vehicles involved, and out of the four two are on the A3,  one at 2:40 in the morning. Why would you ride a bike on the A3 at that time?

  • There are only a few bike incidents in my area.......a lot more pedestrian and car in theory I am safer on my bike.....
  • infact looking at a big radius from my house there are very few bike dots......I knew about the one lady 4 miles away....that felt close to home at the time.........miles and miles of busy miles without any.....maybe our drivers are more courteous or there are less people on bikes
  • Saw that the other day - there's a few around here.
  • Scary! 149 close to work and 90 near home ... and sometimes I run home from work image
  • On the A3?

    We are talking dual carriage 70mph limit, no hard shoulder. Main artery into London. I wouldn't ride my bike on it, it would be a very scary road to ride on.

    I have ridden bikes late at night but not on roads I wouldn't ride on during the day.

  • Does it distinguish between motor and pedal bikes? 

    If not, I'd guess the bikes on the A3 were of the motor variety.

  • You can narrow the results by car, bike, motorbike, bus, pedestrian ...
  • All the ones near me seem to be goods vehicles and bikes. image
  • There's a weekly time trial on wednesday nights at the bottom end of the a3! I've always thought that was madnes!
  • I prefer cycling on dual carriageways to country lanes to be honest.i feel safer......
  • The one near me was in the paper the other week. Broad daylight but driver blinded by low sun. But he carried on an mowed down a cyclist.
    So be very careful in low sunlight - change your route if you realise you're heading into a low sun.
  • Not many near me - quite sobering when you look at one where you remember the incident though.
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