Off to the States in Jan, can anyone you tell me if I buy an Ipad over there are they the same spec same type as those sold in the UK.

I visited an Apple store for the store assistant tell me I should buy it here as they are different but he couldn't tell me why ?

As you can guess not techno minded so any advice would be welcome image

Should add I'm buying it as a present



  • Friend of mine bought his son an Ipad while on holiday in the States but it wouldn't work properly in NZ where they live.  I think they got round it somehow but not sure how.

  • Not really sure either but you'll have to buy an adaptor as rhe plug won't work image Isn't their elec on a different frequency or something, so not sure if it would charge properly? Or that could be total and utter bollocks, i'm not really sure.....

    Sorry, that was no help at all really, lol
  • I can't see why it would be any different.  If you were buying a 3G one, that may be tied to a certain carrier I suppose.  It's a USB charger anyway, so just plug the USB into a normal UK USB plug.  The only reason why they would tell you not to buy abroad is that they would lose the sale in the store.

  • https://discussions.apple.com/thread/2764831?start=0&tstart=0

    Seems the biggest issue is VAT, and whether or not the warranty would be valid in the UK as a secondary issue.
  • Don't do it. I own an iPad (am using it now) and regret that I didn't get a Samsung tablet.
  • +1 to what Mr W said. Check out what's hot and new. You'll get a great deal over there. Buy two and come back on sell one and you'll make your money back.

  • If you're going to the USA get a Samsung Galaxy tab. Miles cheaper in Bestbuy and yes it DOES work because Mr LB got one and he's delighted with it.

    *written on his old iPad that won't even let me quote on here, let alone use something as basic as flash* image
  • Samsung warranty is worldwide.
  • Cheers  will have a look at the Samsung
  • In the interests of balance, and as an avid Apple fan, why would you buy an imitation / copy when you can buy the real deal?

     <scurries off to hide in the corner and see whether this provokes a reaction?>

  • Samsung is okay but nowhere near as many apps. Asus transformer nice too.

    You'd be fine buying an iPad in the US. And no problems coming back to UK

    Universal voltage thing, Just needs the UK charging bit which you can get off eBay cheap or apple shop for 10 quid. You can't just use usb , its too slow.

    3g is fine, just needs to get the same network type as here.
    Warranty is world wide too.

    Likely an iPad 3 in march though.
  • The iPad charges as quickly over a decent USB connection as it does when plugged in to the mains.

    If I were buying a tablet again I'd go for the Galaxy 10.1. Why? iTunes.
  • Currently writing this on an ipad2 that I brought in the Sates earlier this year. Haven't had any problems with it whatsoever, and have to say for the reasons we brought it, it's been brilliant.

    There did use to be an issue with worldwide warranty, where if you brought a device in the US you would have to return it there for any claims. This has however now been corrected to certain degree as you now purchase along with your device from an Apple store a worldwide warranty agreement which allows you to buy a device from one country and have it repaired in another.

    As for the power supplies. The power supply adaptor that comes with the iPad is design to have AC input of 110 - 240 volts 50 - 60 Hz allowing the iPad to be charged on any AC supply in the world. All you need is a suitable travel adaptor (or just go and buy a new adaptor).

    As for which is better iPad or Samsung, comes down to personnel choice really.
  • If you're the sort of person who doesn't want to customise your gadgets and would be happy with many websites not working properly then buy an iPad. If you like working websites and to be able to tweak your gadget to suit the way you use it then get a Samsung tablet.

    And don't worry about the number of apps that are available. The Android market had 200,000 back in April so you should be able to find anything you need.
  • The short-comings of the iPad that really piss me off (I've had mine for over a year now) are that you have to use iTunes to run it (though it's better since iOs 5); it doesn't support Flash; there's no concept of a home screen, so you can't run things like weather apps, permanently display a calendar, etc.

    Claiming that there are "nowhere near as many apps" for Android may well be true, but so what? How many apps do people really use? Once you're past email, web, Twitter and Angry Birds there's not much else you'd want. If you're going to offer software availability as a reason to choose iPad over Android, talk about quality. Android Market is full of crap, most of it written by Japanese teenagers who just build things containing photos of girls in bikinis. However, keep an eye on Android Police or Android Guys and you'll get a heads-up on the good stuff.

    As soon as the Galaxy 10.1 is available, I'll jump ship. I love my Android phone, and whenever I see it alongside iPhone4 I'm further convinced that I'll never switch to iPhone.
  • Inter manaut. The iPad needs more power than normal usb gives so does charge faster off mains . Usb will work but slow, like 20 hours. Mac with higher power usb maybe does if you have one.

    Agree with you about weather apps and calendar. I like to see these too.
    A few ios 5 apps getting close plus the new status bar

    I'm actually in both camps , android phone & iPad plus lots at work... Play book, zoom & Samsung. IPad is by far the simplest and most advanced.

    Adobe has cancelled flash on mobile devices.
  • GOM. wrote (see)
    As for which is better iPad or Samsung, comes down to personnel choice really.
    i'm planning to use it myself so i won't be giving the staff any say in the matter. image
  • Yeah, yeah whatever....... image


    Mr W most sites are seaming to be moving away from flash. I really don't come across that many these days thar cause me any problems on the iPad. If they do I just go and look at them on my iMac image the reason iPads, and the iPhones don't have flash installed comes down to licensing issues, it is installed on iMac, which may mean one day it will be installed on all Apple devices, or it might not.

    I do agree though if you just want to buy and use apps, then I feel Apple devices are the way to go, also from a point of ease of use.
  • GOM. wrote (see)
     the reason iPads, and the iPhones don't have flash installed comes down to licensing issues, .

    there are many reasons but that isn't one of them.

    GOM. wrote (see)
    if you just want to buy and use apps, then I feel Apple devices are the way to go, also from a point of ease of use.

    not sure about that. there are plenty of android "apps" out there.

    GOM. wrote (see)
    , it is installed on iMac, which may mean one day it will be installed on all Apple devices, or it might not. 

    i very much doubt it.

    flash is definitely on the way out as far as other mobile devices are concerned.


  • When it came down to allowing Flash on iOS devices, Jobs' two main was performance. It was nothing to do with licensing.

    I think it's particularly ironic that Apple has paired with Nike for the Nike+ gadget, yet you can't use the Nike+ site on iOS devices.

    In many respects Flash is growing. Google Maps, for example, ...
  • I may be wrong, am happy to admit it if I am. Though from my understanding it is a licensing issue. Or that is what I've been told when I've asked about this issue in the past from independent sources.

    If google maps is Flash, and flash doesn't work on Apple mobile devices, how come it works on my iPad and iPhone?
  • TopSecTopSec ✭✭✭
    No issues with buying iPads in US, will work just fine in UK, even 3G - just swap your sim card when in UK
  • I have my own answer google maps is Java, not flash.
  • Google Maps is a combination of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, not Java. StreetView, however, is Flash.
  • The Google Maps app on your iPhone is not the Google Maps web site - it's a custom app. Also, when you view Maps in your iOS devices' browsers, you don't get StreetView.
  • Nope your right, you don't get streetview. To be honest since you mentioned it I had never noticed before. Still the point is the vast part of google isn't flash, but a combination of other code types / plugins.

    Anyway does it really matter, the point is some people, me for one like Apple products and like what they do. Some people don't......

    I do agree about the Nike thing though, what the feck were Apple thinking? Oh, yeah the licensing fees from it.....
  • I, too, like Apple products. Last year I got an iPad, and this year I ditched my Windows laptop for a MPB. I think the MBP is awesome, and the iPad is very good, but the screen is the wrong shape and I hate iTunes.
  • fit running cat - I'm really interested that you think there'll be an iPad 3 in March.  It's making me think that I'll hold out until then if that's likely to be the case.  What info are you basing this on?  I've had a little look (not much of a look yet, granted) on the web and haven't seen any rumours about product launches. Would love to read them if there is a website you frequent/can recommend?  (I had a look on iLounge.)

  • There is a story on the iPad 3 here

  • @fit-running-cat - USB2 is plenty to charge an iPad, from 10%, in about two hours. Even my old HP NC4400 does it. If yours is taking 20 hours then there's something wrong with either your USB interface of the cable.
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