Great North Run 2002

I only started running seriously in June and am doing my first Great North Run in a couple of weeks. When I filled in my application I estimated a 1hr40min finish time. My running has developed over the past few months to a point where I hope to run 1hr30min. I would like to tag onto the runners world 1HR30min pacers but due to my original estimated time, I have got a white number so may not get near them. Has anyone run this before who could advise me? Can I be a bit cheeky and get near the pacer group at the start? Any advice welcome. Good luck to all those competing.


  • You don't have to worry about the colour of your number, there are no checks made on the start position. That means you can just make your way up to the 1hr 30min start place. I had a white number last year, but was still able to start midway through the 1:30 starters. The GNR is not like the London marathon, you are not allocated a number based on your expected finish time. Good luck on your 1st go.
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