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  • What exercises are you thinking of adding?  I currently do the plank (can hold for 60 seconds) and other Pilates exercises for flexibility / mobility / strength.  I used to do sit ups and crunches, but wasn't sure that they were doing much to help (and I got bored with them).

  • Squats & lunge and a pelvis floor exercise.
    Lying on your back with you knees bent and arms crossed over your chest, then lower the back down, clench the glutes and raise the stomach up. The idea being that the glutes are doing the work and not the hamstrings to hold in this pose. Ultimately, once I've mastered this the idea is to lift one leg up , hold for 10 seconds, then lift the other leg and so on and building up into sets. I think that although sit ups are good, gettting a six pack is not what it's all about.
  • I voted for you. good luck
  • Cheers Rich T 1973, I like the way your forum name rhymes!

    10 miles in the bag tonight at an av. pace of 7.57. It felt good to be doing it in a more relaxed state. As mentioend I plotted a new route with mapmyrun to make it a bit more interesting. Went through the Park they use for the Parkruns here and I can tell you it's a different place in the dark. Not many about but the ones that are there are on the dodgy side. First encounter was a bloke & his Pitbull (which was off the lead) Not wanting to startle owner and dog I made the obilgitory coughing before approaching them - went okay. Next lot were a bunch of hoodies who quite frankly couldn't hold back and had to shout out obscenities - shame on you for living up to pre-concieved stereotypes! These sort of things aren't flagged up on mapmyrun, maybe someone could design a hoodie icon to go on parks like this?

    So it was back home unscathed , then the plank for a count to 100, shower and baked potatoes & baked beans!

  • Aha, thanks for that - have given it a go and realised how difficult it is to get the glutes to engageimage.
  • I like the idea of a hoodie icon. A dogging icon would be useful too (I don't like to intrupt them), but I'm slighty disturbed what the icon would look like image

    Cheers, I should probably try out those glutes exercises too, arse image

  • Maybe some kind of rocking car with a red triangle round it?

    Doesn't look like I'll be doing any running tonight, got a few sociable pints to drink down the pub!

  • Looks like the boys night out has been called off to unforseen circumstances - that's life! image
    So it's a night in chilling with my wife and maybe planning a new LSR route for Sunday. Going to go rural and make the most of the daylight. That's the trouble with this time of year as I tend to do most of my running at night.
  • Getting a PB in the marathon has been my goal for the last 2 years ever since I crossed the line at the VLM, even then I knew I had more in me to get a better time. Having followed various schedules I think plan B is needed!
    So here it is, with the help of your votes and essentially the support and valued expertise of the coaches & Asics team involved, I hope to put my all into giving it my best shot.

    PLAN B -  please vote for Knight Rider in the PB hunting section. Thank you.

  • A busy day today. Was in ASDA early doors at 8am doing the weekly shop, then it was back home unpack shopping then take my eldest boy and his 2 mates to football practice. Blinking freezing this morning. After Xmas instead of standing round waiting for him drinking tea, I'll be doing some laps of the sports field - does that count as XC image? This afternoon it's a trip into town Xmas shopping. Might get a cheeky quick round the block 5 miles in early evening. Cook dinner & put kids to bed. (maybe I should be in the busy lifestyle category too!) .Then it will be a route planning mission on mapmyrun for tomorrows early doors LSR. Hope the predicted heavy rain holds off - but if it does, c'est la vie!

    Happy running everyone!

  • Knight Rider - I have cast my vote in your direction, and I wish you all the best in getting through, I am running Paris myself with a similar target so will watch your progress with interest.
    Be lucky. image

  • Thanks Shaggy, god luck to with your target.

    12 mile run this morning in rural South Leicester, started off with the first few miles at around just over 8mm pace. Then in the last half my pace picked up to between 7.15 - 7.40 pace. Then it was back home and the plank, holding for a count of 100. Spent the rest of the morning doodling/drawing with my eldest boy - fantastic. It's amazing what you can come up with, with just blank paper, a pen and loads of imagination. We managed to create a new creature which is a cross between a shark and a crocodile. Of course we named it a Sharkadile!

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Nice run this morning KR.  You are so going to get your 3.15 time - everything crossed you get the help of the Asics team.

    Just out of interest, do you plank after every run? image

  • Minni - are you still doing your cor work 3 times per week, I am up to 50 secs per rep now but still find that first one so damn hard.

    KR - do you get any feedback on how the voting is going,  and when do you actually find out if you have been succsessful ?

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Interesting you should mention that shaggy .... I've not been so good on the core work recently. Must try harder.
  • I have got into the plank and core work the physio gave us at bootcamp doing great things for my lower back and hammys already, worth the effort going to stick at it.
    Eleven cross country for me this am then pets at home with no 3 daughter for hamster stuff.
    All the best for Tuesday kr.
  • Hi Minni, like mcs said, we got some good advice at the Bootcamp regarding core work and how it can help your running & posture, so I am trying to introduce it into a routine of at least 3 times a week.

    Shaggy - We don't get any feedback or have any idea of how the voting is going which makes it more nerve racking not knowing, might be intersting to see some kind of graph online though?

    Nice xc run there mcs, 11 miles cover the fields will wirth more than road miles - good for the legs!

    Best of luck to you too for Tuesday!

  • (Nearly end of) Day 6 of voting and a bit of an update on the week. Managed to get out for 4 runs 7, 7, 10 & 12 miles, so not a bad average week and a good base building mileage total of 36 miles. This week will hopefully be quite similar in terms of mileage, but then the next week will probably be more sporadic with my wife's 40th birthday celebration, a few Xmas parties and then it's Christmas day!

    It's been busy on the forums, good to see lots of posts from the other guys & gals in all the categories. Hope the good form continues and I look forward to following you all.

    Good luck to everyone!

    In case you've stumbled on here expecting to see pictures of David Hasselhoff semi naked cuddling puppies, click here to see them.

    If not, just vote for Knight rider in the PB hunters category instead.

  • Bit of a late run planned tonight - not till after 9.00pm. But no problem as it is a steady 6 miler and I'll have had my dinner digested by then! Then tomorrow night it'll be the Club again. Good news on that front as we had another member go sub 80 minutes for the Half marathon yesterday - that's 3 regulars so far this year and another knocking on the door, can only be good for our Club in the league next year.
  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭
    I used to run a lot in the evening but much prefer to get out during the day in the Winter.  Not good for the work but good for the Vitamin D levels and making me feel betterimage
  • I'd love to be bale to run more in the day, but lifestyle/work/homelife can make it more difficult.
    I'm sittiing here in my tights & Hi Viz gear waiting to hit the streets. It's raining, windy & dark outside - just what the doctor ordered for a Monday night run!

    Does anyone know who invented Hi Visabilty clothes/colour and how is it made?

  • Very windy tonight and raining too, but hey it's winter.
    On the other hand I could have run the morning and seen where I was going.
    The worst experience I had running in the dark resulted in me smashing my wrist on a concrete bollard.
    Everytime I go out now i am a bit wary, especilly when there are branches just randomly lying there.

    Forgot about looking at my watch tonight and just ran to feel and managed a steady 7.57 pace.
    Only 6.75 miles, so not  bad start to the week.
    Really looking forward to starting marathon training now.

    Must start thinking about doing a weekly core session and build that into my 16 week plan.
    Every little helps!

    12 hours to go - a long time in politics!

  • If you want to stay invisible get some day glo workwear.

    Just found out who invented the day glo colours

    Good luck to all the Asics candidates today.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Good luck Knight Rider.
  • Thanks DDMOH!

    Is this like ebay now, where in the last nano seconds before midday there will be a rush on the votes?

  • good luck! no news yet ?? have you heard anything ??
  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭
    Better late than never - just cast my vote, KR.
  • Thanks for the vote Birch.

    Hope you get picked Colin J, good luck to you too.

  • 7 miles at the Club tonight with an avergae pace of 7.23. First mile was 8.16 and we speeded up gradually. Mile 4 was a cheeky 6.18 fella and to be honest enough at that pace considering this is all base building.

    it was good to chat with another cub mate who got under 80 minutes for the first time at the weekend for the half marathon. He's recently had a bit of coaching from a very experienced (elder) Club runner and it has paid dividends with his recent results.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    When are you able to tell us if you've been successful KR?  The suspense is killing me!
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