Really hot hot news!!!

Now I have your attention. Please would you vote for me in the Asics Competition for a place in the Paris Marathon. I run for Bowel and Cancer Research and need to get better. I am in the "on a plateau" group of four and I am mark!!

I appreciate your vote and as i am on here every day all the time you will hear all about the training we recieve from epic legend Steve Smythe the five decades sub three hour man and Sam Murphy of the famed column in the esteemed Runners World mag!!

Check out my ugly pics on here, I am not the best looking of the four in our group but think of the greater good!!!!!

Thanks for having a look.


  • More "vote for me" crap. You're getting tiresome now.
  • Good luck with it MCS, dont worry about the negativity from the likes of Intermanaut....these forums are full of various threads from the inane to the useful....a few theads sourcing votes is no big dealimage Had a quick look at your category....its a tough decision mcs, you have a good cause/motivation....but Rosie A has a pretty face...decision decions....when do we need to vote by? I hope whoever gets voted in is more successful than last year, i vaguely recall only 1 out of the 6 hit their target...not a great advertisement for the expert advice, but then perhaps it was a combination of the individuals involved and a lack of luck.
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