Asics 26.2

How are you going to vote........

Time spent previously on the Forum
Similarity in running aims
Length of time on the Forum previously
Where they live
Shoe size
Posting frequency between now and cut off.......

be interested to know

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  • Different criteria for the different runners:

    I've gone for Knight Rider as he's a regular poster on the 3h15 thread and I think would do well to host a thread on his own which is one of the major points of the competition

    I've gone for Choisty as I want to read about a fast runner trying to go faster, especially as he's gunnign for Championship qualification

    I've gone for Rosie A as she's done 12 marathons in 12 months so is no newbie and her profile is screaming out for someone to give her a structure.

    The other two categories don't interest me in the slightest so I haven't voted in them

    Basically, Rosie A is similar to in terms of time to where I started out when I was running marathons, Knight Rider is where I was when I did the SSX comp and I'm now nearer to Choisty in terms of ability

     Hopefully having had their fingers burnt with bad choices of online mentors over the past couple of years and having been exposed with the selection procedures of candidates, RW have tightened up the competition to make it better all round. I don't care about how new they are to the forums, in some cases I think the newer posters actually make better hosts.

  • image

    thats me out then

  • Primarily on whether I can relate to them or not.  I might not be the same ability as them, or have the same goals but are they likely to provide me with any new ideas or tips?  Will the fast runners understand and be sensitive to the slower runners?  Will the slower runners take it seriously?

    So I guess my main criteria is that they will be engaging on the forum and sensitive to others.  I would not vote for someone who's first post said something like 'I train 16 hours a week and think that anyone who does less than that is pathetic' for example as I doubt that they would ahve anything else interesting for me to read.

  • Running aims - not necessarily similarity to mine (that only takes care of one category) but the candidates that I think have the most interesting aims.

    I don't really care about length of time on the forum or number of posts before this competition, I'm more interested in what they are hoping to achieve in the Paris marathon, although it is interesting to get a bit more detail on PBs for different distances.

  • It should be based on size of beard
    Sorry Ladies
  • Ladies have beards too...just not in the same place.....
  • I was thinking the same thing, but I am too sweet and innocent to post something like that.
  • One of my ex girlfriends had a ladybeard and sideburns
    Still waxing wasnt invented then
  • I'll vote for someone who is honest about why they want to win and doesn't promise to stay around afterwards. Actually they'll get my vote if they say they won't be sticking around afterwards and have a genuine reason, like having a life image 
  • Little Ninja wrote (see)
    I'll vote for someone who is honest about why they want to win and doesn't promise to stay around afterwards. Actually they'll get my vote if they say they won't be sticking around afterwards and have a genuine reason, like having a life image 
    image image image
  • Anyone who puts out on a first date image
  • I won't vote for people who swing in here, stealing our jobs, our women and our country.....
    Hang on - what are we talking about again?
  • I have very little respect for the way RW do this competition anyway. But I like to moan regardless image
  • We had noticed.............image
  • I vote for LB

    But could someone tell me what we are voting for ??

  • Sexiest fat bird in Lycra.
  • If it's based on looks, I may as well call a taxi now image
  • i tend to vote for anyone who comes across as genuinely serious about giving it their all & try their best to achieve their goal, as in previous years i've always voted this way & the grand total in the past years of the one's i've voted for who've achieved this is er.......none.image Nevermind, maybe this time it'll be more of a successimage
  • This year it's about individual goals, which I think is a really nice way of doing it.

    I was aiming for a sub 4:30 in my last marathon (which was also my first) and I ended up with a time closer to 5hr. I was trying to follow a programme which didn't suit my lifestyle and other commitments, so got trapped in a cycle of poor quality training and injury which didn't help...

    I'm shortlisted in the 'busy lifestyle' category this year, and would LOVE to be the first person to follow this new approach. I got so much out of hearing other people's training experiences on the forums, I'd really *REALLY* love to be able to do the same on here.

    Take a look and I hope you'll choose to vote image
  • The great thing about the voting is as contender on the shortlist we get to vote too.

    I know who I'm voting for in the other categories… image

  • Hi Gemma and Colin,

    How are you both?

    I think it's good too, adds a mix of different targets to the selections. I'm aiming to finish it and times come a very close second. It's that last 6.2 miles that scares me to be honest. Life goal.

    Me too. image
  • When I saw it was about individual goals I wondered what on earth I would have said had I been entering this year.  Then I looked at them and found I have the same goals as many of you image
  • I like the "goals that aren't time specific" pressure.

    Of course, time is important to us all (are there any runners who DON'T want a PB?!) but I want to have the best possible training I can have with a programme that suits me, and challenge myself in a completely different way.

    And BoDuke- that's exactly what I thought, but those last 6.2 miles taste of knowing you're nearly there.

    If you can crack 17-20 miles, you can crack the full 26.2 in style on the day image
  • LIVERBIRD wrote (see)
    Sexiest fat bird in Lycra.
    Your not fat  your sexxxxxxxxxxxxyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyimage
  • Sorry Matchstick man has no interest in my (and Gemma's) catergory - hopefully some folks will be!

    This will (hopefully) be my third marathon - really want to break 4:30- but like Gemma its difficult getting the chance to train really well. Very busy job, two beastie boys to look after and there is the old running vs football match argument in our house too.

    Its a bit parky out there tonight - long sleeves and a gillet (what a whimp!).image

  • Hey all, 

    I think that the individual goals is a great idea and it was fascinating having the opportunity to meet so many great people all at different levels on Friday. I am delighted to be shortlisted and really want to offer the same level of support (albeit virtually) that my running group offer me to other Spring Marathon runners. I followed the Asics Super 6 carefully last year and it gave me real motivation and great advice for London.

    This will be my third marathon too and would love the chance to break 4 hours - 4:00:13 is such a cruel time to be left with! ;) 

    I feel I represent your average Runner's World runner. I have a busy work and home life, desperately try to fit in as much running as I can whilst maintaining a home / work / running balance!! Sometimes I achieve this more successfully than others!

    Happy to pass on any 'average' wisdom I have obtained so far if anyone is interested!!

    Thanks for your interest in the competition (oooh, and if you haven't voted in the PB Hunter category yet, vote for me image!!)


  • My only worry with this way of voting is that we could have 4 of the 5 aiming for between a 4 and 4:30 marathon and that would exclude lots of other groups............if we vote that way i am sure the RW team will override the votes which is what they have let known they can do.......
  • True Seren!

    Mind you most people stream over the line between 4 and 5 hours so statistically there will be more people in this category. I hope that my ploddyness doesn't stop me being able to run Parisimage!

  • OK

    who drinks the most beer after training is one of my voting criteria....for beer you can read any alcoholic beverage
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