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  • Not the best timing- I think he gets back on the last day of voting. Hope he has internet wherever he is image
  • I voted for someone who has a target time similar to mine for next year, purely so that if they win I can follow their thread while I'm training for my Spring marathon.  I didn't vote for anyone last year but, again, I followed the thread with the same target time as me, plus the odd nosey in at the time group either side of my target.  It was interesting to see that some of the runners on the 'slower' thread were posting similar times to me in training and even in racing!  And a bit scary seeing what runs the 'faster' thread were churning out.

    I think it's a good idea to have an even spread of target times for everyone can follow the runner close to their own ability.  You can then get involved in the banter, share the ups and downs of training with folks who understand your own pace, and get plenty of support and encouragement as you all build up for race day.  The runners on the thread I'm most at are a lovely bunch who I now class as genuine friends.

    As Holly Liz says, someone aiming for a 3 hour marathon probably doesn't have any idea of what it's like to train for a 5 hour marathon.  Both runners would have to be equally as dedicated - the 3 hour runner would probably be running twice a day, while the 5 hour runner is probably spending the majority of their Sunday out on a long run.  To me that deserves just as much respect.

  • Well said carrot!
  • this is giving me a much better insight into who to vote for, keep talking.............
  • What would you like to know plum?
  • Good evening folks,

     Just thought I would say hello and give a wee bit of an introduction.

    I have been shortlisted in the PB Hunter Cateogory and would love the opportunity (wouldn't everyone here) to get to the start line in Paris as part of the Runners World / Asics team.

    I am 43 years old and started road running but drifted into trail running which combined with general mountaineering drifted into almost exclusively mountain / fell running (makes a bit of sense since I live up in Scotland).

    A few years ago, I ran / wobbled the Marathon des Sables and have done some Ultras (Devil of the Highlands, Highland Fling and the 100km North Face Ultra in the Blue Mountains above Sydney) ...but still tended to stay away from the roads !

    Late last year I grew increasingly curious about what my 26.2 time would be and pretty much to my suprise got round London Marthon this year in 3:09:51 (I did spew just after the finish however). Making the improvement to under 3 hours is huge and my previous training had no formal structure - hence my application to the Runners World / Asics programme.

    The amount of road miles scares the hell out of me and in addition to the advice of the coaches, I am hoping to gain support and advice from those folks whose home is the road. Reckon most of the forum contributors have far more experience than me in that arena !

     Your vote to help me through to the team would be greatly appreciated. I can only offer my thanks, regular updates on the forum and blog but hopefully some good karma and a guided tour of some cracking wee trail and hill routes for anyone who is up in the Glasgow area


     Thanks for taking the time to read ...

    Graham K

     ps - I am the one with the dodgy chin !
  • But do you drink too much beer and make a fool of yourself in a regular basis?
  • I can't manage much wine afraid Plum - real light weight. But make a fool of myself on a daily basis - all part of my job!

  • Likewise Emma!

    My b/f and I challenged ourselves to not have a drink until Christmas. It started 3 weeks ago and has been great (massively helps training!) but the Xmas party season will be tough.

    I think plain tonic water will have to be my tipple of choice...
  • I'm only going to vote for people who already use the forum.
    I don't buy the magazine so I won't see the articles.
    I don't venture off the forums either so I won't see the stories there.
    So basically the only feedback I will get on their progress will be through the forum.

    If they haven't been active on here before then I've no idea if they will report back enough for my liking. We've already seen previous winners posting rarely and then disappearing off.

    That's my criteria anyway plumster.
  • I´m the one mentioned earlier in the thread who is "on holiday"! I´ve sneaked onto the hotel coin-slot-internet-terminal. 9 Euros for 3 seconds or something, proving my commitment!

    Plus lots of good hill work here in Tenerife!

    Back on Sunday, when I will be launching my 48 campaign. By which time you´ll have voted for someone else! Am I doomed? Up against it, but that´s how I like it! I´ll really put it in if I´m selected, would be the biggest thing by far in my relative short running career so far.

    So I hereby commit to progress in the PB Hunter category, to represent everyone following, to post regularly, informatively, humorously * and intelligently about my progress. And I will train wearing a t-shirt sporting the names of everyone who votes for me (excluding myself, as I voted for Jade by mistake).

    Vote Pryde!Please!


  • Hi all

    Interesting debate about the selection process and who gest picked. I hope that there will be a good cross section in the final 5 that get picked in ability & target times. I know there are no specific taget time categories, but we all know that's how we would base who we follow on the threads. For this competition to work for the forums, there needs to be a balance of target times rather than how or what the reason for doing the marathon. I think that 5 x runners aiming for a sub 3 hour would miss the mark. Agree with carot that I would only follow someone with the same target time as myself rather than we had similiar busy lives.

  • Judging by the folks I spoke to at Birmingham, I reckon RW have done exactly that ...selected a wide cross section.

     As far as posting progress on the forums (including the good, the bad and the hellish) ...I would suggest that is not only part of the deal but also part of the fun.

     In answer to any earlier question about drinking and making a fool of myself ...I am Scottish - it is in ma genes image

    Cheer for noo ...

    Graham K

  • Graham  Kelly wrote (see)

     As far as posting progress on the forums (including the good, the bad and the hellish) ...I would suggest that is not only part of the deal but also part of the fun.

    Think you may be preaching to the converted with that comment.


  • GK.they have selected a fairly wide band.........but not many back of the pack runners..........but great to see a very fast one............

    But because of the catergories we could have 4 going for around 4 to 4:30......which menas they will ignore the vote and adjust it to get a broader band........
    which is a shame as the votes will be for nothing..........

    my main point is that there is still one guy who hasn't even set up a sceen name yet.......why on earth pick people who aren't interested.......
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Ah ha Prydey checks in! Look forward to your 48 hours of selling yourself, which I'm sure you will do very well. image
  • I agree that people will just collect around threads with their target time, surely the new categories are just a bit of window dressing by RW to try and respond to the persistent claims of unrealistic targets. I think removing some of the pressure from candidates is a good thing, it can't be great when your thread starts with an analysis of why you won't hit your target? The new approach should recognise that people always start with a loose aim but it's not all about hitting perfect 8m/m on Boxing Day.
  • carrot wrote (see)

    As Holly Liz says, someone aiming for a 3 hour marathon probably doesn't have any idea of what it's like to train for a 5 hour marathon.  Both runners would have to be equally as dedicated - the 3 hour runner would probably be running twice a day, while the 5 hour runner is probably spending the majority of their Sunday out on a long run.  To me that deserves just as much respect.

    I am in the fortunate position that my marathon times have fallen over the years, my first in 1997 was completed in 6hrs 43mins through to my PB in 2006 of 2hrs 54mins and I think that things can be learnt from everyone, whether it is the enthusiasm of a beginner or the sage words of someone with 40years experience.  So I will continue to lurk on the forums even if I don't have much to add
  • From the point of view of relevance to myself, I'd be far more interested in how Choisty got from 6+ to the faster times than I am in seeing how he improves now.

    But a progression like that is plainly not achieved in one 16 week training plan, as the 10 years between those two times shows.

  • Your not wrong I don't think it's possible to halve your marathon time in 16weeks, but I do think training/running advice comes from a varied range of sources and I try and adapt all the time to new information in order to improve

  • I've voted for people that have made an effort with posting in the past, because I know they are more likely to post regularly during their training. MCS is the guy I most want to go through, being similar age to myself, with similar targets and good forum posting history.

    I made an exception to my "posting" criteria for the first timers, but I couldn't be bothered voting in the "qualifying time" category, because I may as well shut my eyes and use a pin.

    I want to follow someone targeting 4:15 to 4:30, so I hope someone gets through with that kind of target who is committed to posting all that they learn.
  • Tenjiso, stick a pin in in the qualifying time section it might make me run faster! My aim if I get through is to post tips and tricks for everyone whether it is picking the right hill for a hill session or how to find motivation on a cold february morning
  • My "criteria" are a bit random... image

    I'm not at all motivated by folks proposed times etc I'm sort of more interested in them as people, although Choisty's story of halving his mara time over the years sounds fun and he's had my vote.  Plus he had a friendly smile in the picture and says he gets lost a lot... something I can associate to... *coughs*

    But I've voted for others just on the basis of their friendly banter on the threads they started, or the fact that they have a dog... 

    In terms of feeling you have something "in common" with someone, running times per se mean nothing to me personally to make that link.

  • Choisty, I previously missed the fact that you post a lot of race reviews, so this has swung it for me. Good luck.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Choisty.. you've got my vote fella, great to see an improver.  lol at your 6:43 time!  Did you stop for a pub lunch & a haircut?  image
  • Oi...I really was that slow, I may of over-hydrated as I stoppped for several wees.  I got overtaken by Rhinos, the sweeper wagon...well the lot really to finish in 28,657th the thing that stands out for me though is that even after all that time there were still people cheering me on.

    I also had the goal of sub-7 as that is when they take down the finish linea dn you don't get a medal on the day, although I did miss out on the sandwhiches in the goody bag the tube wasn't crowded!

  • Just realised how odd that looks, a goal of sub-7hrs
  • SNHM - If I may be presumptuous, Reg would like to thank you very much for the vote. Unless of course there are other ASICs 26.2 contenders shamelessly using their pets in their campaign?! image

    Seriously though, I am uber committed to this competition. I would relish the opportunity and although, I haven't been a major poster on these threads in the past, I have been a keen voyeur! My progress through this process has definitely given my running confidence a boost and it is great to feel as though I would be able to support others through my personal goals.

    In person, this has very much been the story of my association with my running group where I essentially marathon trained with them over the summer (they were training for Berlin) in order to keep them company. At the end of this process, I decided I didn't want to waste the training, entered myself for Chester and was rewarded by knocking 12 mins off my PB. Essentially, I want to bring this ethic to the forums and offer the same support in a virtual way through my own aims and objectives. 

     Vote for me because I know how much it means to support others and because I have a super cute dog. image

    Ladey Jadey x  

     p.s. been totally distracted by the forums now and so need to get my trainers on and go for a run!

  • Never mind cute pets ...

     I tried to get the guys in work into the whole voting thing ...needless to say, the girls collected all the votes image

    Regardless of whatever motive or target that got folks to enter or indeed post on the forum, the one thing we all share is a passion for the simple art of running. Considering the range of abilities and backgrounds, I reckon that is pretty special in itself !

  • Well said Graham!

     And with the runners going for the other categories, I'm going for people I'd feel inspried by, people who genuinely enjoy the forums and people who sound really dedicated.

     Does anyone know whether the vote is final or whether there's any selection by RW after that?

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