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  • Hi Gemmabee, shame the groups at bootcamp weren't mixed up more after each session as we only kind of mixed with others in the same group. Good luck with the voting process and that goes for all the other candidates in all the groups. I think it's pretty even stephens judging by the input of all those that have come on the forums, been interesting reading through peoples profiles and their posts. Not sure on the final voting process might be on one of the emails we've had from RW?

    Good luck everyone!

  • they did state on the original applications that the vote was only part of the final decsion.....
  • Well there you go, looks like someone read the small print, now where are my glasses?
    Will it be like X factor where after the phone vote the Judges have to vote to send one of their acts home?
  • Totally agree on the mixing of groups. Group 4 were fab but it would have been good to get to know fellow runners in the other camps. That said, I thought that the day was great and I am genuinely delighted to have got this far. And Graham, I am all about the running but you can never underestimate the power of a cute pooch image Night all!
  • Oh, and the run was really good - Don't you just love it when that happens! Def time for bed now! x
  • I've been voting based on how I feel I would get on with the individuals.  Someone who only posts the stats about their runs is going to make for pretty dry reading and unless they have the same goals as me (which they won't as I am concetrating on swimming next year) I would not bother to read their threads.

    But if they have the ability to make their posts interesting and the potential to be someone I could call a friend if I knew them in the real world, then I am more likely to support them.

    I've also been asking questions which have been aimed at probing their attitude to slow runners.  One of the things that I love about my running club is the support that the fast runners have for the slower ones.  They always hang around and cheer in the last runners and make me feel special however slow they are.  I think this says a lot about a person's true commitment to the running community and suggests that they are going to give back as well as take.

    I have already cast my votes so I cannot be influenced any more, but the people I voted for all seemed to have a genuine respect for runners of all abilities - yes, even those of us that run at 12 or 13 min/miles or need walking breaks.  I'm not surprised at all about the comments I have seen from some people mocking runners slower than 11 min/miles, or even 10 min/miles as some people love to make themselves feel better by putting down others, but that is not the sort of person I wish to ahve anything to do with.

  • Vote for me. A wasp flew into my mouth when I was running and I didn´t even kill it, which is much more pro-animal than having a cute dog.

  • SuperCaz, here here, I love fact that people are out there enjoying the same sport as me, pace is immaterial we all try, but its always more fun when your smiling
  • Choisty, I worked that out and voted for you image
  • What sort of stuff do you want to know about me......??? Ask away....... I am middle aged according to my 10 year old this morning, when I woke her up to feed her guinea pigs(not using my pets to get a vote there sorry). I live in Derbyshire doing an office job which means I need to run, cycle, walk and swim to get fit, though not a good swimmer. Love road cycling in the summer though still struggling to get up some of the hills round here on my new road bike, gears a touch high. Built a mountain bike four years ago and cycled coast to coast on it. Raised a few quid for Bowel Cancer Reasearch as my nan and two mates have been taken with this. I have Coeliac condition hence my interest in this charity as untreated Coeliac condition is followed by Bowel Cancer which happened to my Nan.

    Love to run on the hills and trails for the wild life round here but cant say I love running hills. Tried a couple of fell races last year.........check the Great Longstone Fell Race there is a great video on there shows the beautiful views where I am privileged to live.  Like stats but also like to run watch free on Sundays and just go for a long run with my brother who is 17 years younger than me and has just started running for his asthma. My oh of 26 years in Jan runs three times a week as does my 20 year old daughter and my eldest daughter and her hubby also run.  We have done half marathons together, the Royal Parks, Sheffield, Birmingham I did to get a pb with a mate who I met on here who pulled me round to a respectable 1.49. Rod runs for a club and is a great runner and very supportive. We met up at the GNR for the second year in a row this year he ran 1.36 and I lost him to come in at 1.50 which was a touch disappointing.  Hope to improve over the next few months especially if I can get to the Paris Mara.

    Good luck to all for a great Friday and a happy weekend.image

  • Here is a piccie of where I am privileged to run to work................the greatest commute in the world unless you show otherwise...........Monsal Viaduct and through the tunnels down to Bakewell.

  • MCS,

    Nice commute to work, love it !!


  • Who would have thought that you would need to add "canvassing for votes" as part of your training programme, welcome to the world of PR.

    So on that note...VOTE for me! image I'd love to be given the opportunity to run the Paris Marathon as part of the Runners World / Asics team. Strangely enough having to think about what to write on the forum actually makes for more enjoyable training as you're always looking to see what others will find amusing or beneficial.

  • Here's my tuppence-worth on the voting criteria. What I want is someone who will:

    • be capable of doing all aspects of the training: LSRs, Intervals, Tempo runs, Hills and recovery runs
    • make sure that all the gobbledegook in the training plan makes sense by clarifying it all with the coach beforehand each day
    • log every aspect of how the training went for everyone to be able to analyse or compare with what they've done
    • log on often throughout the day and respond to comments and questions that are posted to the thread
    • Keep it interesting by talking about things other than running, such as marmite, dogs, the weather, what's on tv, snippets from the web
    • Pick everyone's brains about the latest fads, gear 'n stuff
    • Ask stupid questions like why do so many people spend their Saturday evenings watching people who can't sing or dance?

    In short. I want to vote for me. Surely you do too!

  • Great long run this morning with my running group. Just over 13 miles mainly on the canal and rea valley route. Cruel beauty to this morning - perfect frosted roofs and clear blue skies combined with slippy pavements and some cheeky ice patches - be careful out there today guys!! Best bit of all was that I managed to negotiate a Christmas tree from a seller at the side of the road on the run home. Running offers so many benefits!! Now I don't have to spend tomorrow braving Christmas tree crowds and I can make the house all nice and festive for the time N gets back from rugby. image

    Happy (crispy and Christmassy) December weekend to you all!

  • Peanut butter and marmite on toast after a run. Five icy this morning bid iffy. Going later in the morning out for at least eleven tomorrow when the ice has eased abit. I am going have to work hard tomorrow as going over the Great Longstone Edge going to do part of the Grindleford Gallop a 22 mile fell run that takes place in March, I'll be doing that if it fits in with my training okay. It's a cracking day with food at the checkpoints and you run through Chatsworth grounds over near Bakewell on the old railway line that has recently been opened up and along Baslow, Froggart and Stanedge Edges. If the weather is fair the views are fantastic. I like to do 11 miles of it and then do the other 11 to check out the route by end of January.
    How many folk do there long runs on their own?
    I had no company when training for London in 2010 so music or the radio kept me company, but now my daughters run as does my son in law, my wife does too but is slow and prefers her own pace she tells me.
    Happy saturday viewing if you have to watch strictly superstar factor x talent thingy. I prefer Peter Kay.
  • I pretty much always do my long runs alone and without music/radio. I like the tranquillity of several hours alone in beautify scenery. When I trained for London 2010 I had a friend run with me for part of my longest two runs and that did help a bit, though next time I'll as him to do the last 13 with me not the first 13 (fell apart big-time between 16-19 miles...hit the wall big-time and never experienced anything like that before).
  • Hey MCS, when I was training for London earlier this year I did all of my long runs alone (with my ipod for company - Marathon Talk podcasts are great to while away the time!) I could have run part of these runs with my group however, to be honest, I wasn't hugely confident in my ability and being in control of the situation e.g. pace, route, time of day etc made me feel a bit better. Yes, I'll admit  it, I am a little bit of a control freak!

    Whilst training over the summer for Chester, I ran with my group. It was a totally different experience. I still like running by myself but I just find the miles seem to slip by that little bit more quickly when you have company and it also taught me to be more flexible with times, routes, water stops etc. I really believe it helped to develop me as a runner and, whilst I didn't feel as though the training was as tough as when I was running solo, I actually ran a much quicker time on the day. I really like the feeling of support whether you are being supported or offering support. It is a bit like the pleasure you get from giving as opposed to receiving Crimbo pressies I guess!! Now that gives me an idea for a seasonal blog post for today...

    BTW  - I am seriously jealous of your off road runs. The Peak District is such an awesome place. We stayed in Grindleford in Feb and are hopinng to go back for our wedding annivevrsary next week. Will have to pack my trainers and see if I can sneak in a little run image 

  • Give me a message and we could do a run if you aren't too busy training or down London. Hope you voted for me??? I am at great Longstone.
  • What a kind offer mcs - thanks!! I am reserving judgement on next weekend's plans at the moment just in case...Will let you know if I am in your 'hood at any point. The view above is AMAZING! Hope you voted for me too image!!!!
  • Be glad when Tuesday has come and gone keep dreaming about running round a track for 26.2 miles with Steve timing me!!!
    Eleven done cross country this am at a nice slow pace enjoyed it could have done more but my wife has to work at chatsworth she looks after holiday cottages. No ice today which made it much easier. No gloves needed so mild compared to this time last year when we had deep snow.
  • Can anyone who hasn't voted yet please post their criteria, and I'll let you know if I fulfill them. I probably will. Vote Pryde, Run With The Wind (my new slogan, after consuming a chorizo stew which has played internal havoc).
  • Simon, what did you do with the wasp? Hope the holiday was good..

    Been reading this thread with interest as having met everyone in Birmingham am finding it weird asking people to vote for me at the expense of others. I like competition in sport but all the people I chatted with at Birmingham seemed so keen and motivated and deserving of extra training help. I don't envy the people picking the final five...

    I haven't been posting details of my runs this week (think the reason I'm in the On A Plateau group is because my current training is rubbish (10-15K a day basically, usually the same route image), though very enjoyable, but wasn't keen to encourage others to follow in my current naughty ways.. but promise that if anyone does decide to go with the experiment of how much I could improve with some actual structure, I'd share every step of the way.

    I'm also incapable of not bantering about dogs with similarly interested types, and living in Scotland have a current special interest in cold weather running gear!    

    I've just finished 12 marathons in 12 months raising money for Samaritans, and love supporting people doing similar challenges. Embarassingly though despite doing 12 x 26.2 my times really are plateaued, and I've not improved at all for several years - times tend to be around 3:35 (slightly more if I spend ages chatting round the course as is a weakness of mine). I'm not part of a club and train mostly on my own so getting together with other runners at a race and having a banter is sometimes too much to resist... I'd love to see what an improvement a bit of structure could bring.

    My special minority interests following extensive burn scarring several years ago are the delights of compression gear, and looking after scars when running (SPF and bio oil chat anyone? image, nope, thought not, but if anyone does..)

    Seriously good luck to the final five whoever they are anyway. I'll be following you all the way..

  • Rosie A - wow 12 marathons in 12 months on your own. Now that is impressive and your times are amazing and whilst steady not at all embarassing! I managed one by myself and found that pretty tough in terms of motivation.

    Is that your dog in the photo - he / she is gorgeous!! Dogs just make the world a slightly better place image

    Totally know what you mean in terms of the group - everyone was so nice and genuinely excited to be at the Bootcamp and I think that whoever gets through is going to have an amazing supportive experience.

    Just wanted to pick your brain on a small point if you don't mind - I broke my hand a few years ago and tend to feel the cold quite badly in it at this time of year. I am yet to find the perfect gloves that are warm yet breathable - any tips!?

    Good luck to everyone involved. I am certainly going to be glued to the Asics threads either way! x

  • Rosie! I released it, back into the wild. It looked worse for wear, admittedly!
  • 12 marathons in 12 months Rosie is very impressive. I'm sure with the right coachnig you can get that sub 3.30 time.

    (just under) 38 hours left for the voting by my calculations - good luck to everyone!

  • Simon - Wow, good wasp skills!

    Ladey Jadey - the profile pic is my old boy who passed away at nearly 14 earlier this year. He's been my profile pic for years though and I like having him there. Honouring his memory and keeping me on my toes now is my 5mth old pup, Dug. Loved your dog on your forum thread. Think Dug would too if they ever met. He looks full of fun.


    Sorry to hear about your hand. My current gloves are GORE ones from a few years ago but getting pretty worn out, Graham Kelly suggested sealskinz ultra grips on another thread which sound pretty tempting for this sort of weather.

    I've tried those handwarmer gel things in the past too, though the disposable ones get expensive so found it was worth seeking out reuseable ones. A friend who had really bad trauma induced cold associated symptoms in their hand had some good results after biofeedback treatment, but as far as I'm aware the jury is still out in terms of what helps cold associated pain after hand fractures. Last time I read about it even the mechanism that causes it was still being debated. Horrible problem though, hope you find a solution that works for you. 

  • LJ - re gloves, I have two pairs: lightweight Gore ones for when it's a bit nippy like Saturday (admitedly I'm in the Midlands) and a thick Ronhill pair for subzero temps. The ladies version is here.

    Keep calm everyone. Not long now!

  • I have now voted based on inside leg measurements, quantity of swearing in forum posts, proximity to me in age and hairstyles............ I await the promised bribes.

    Good luck one and all

  • Thanks knightrider, and good luck to you too.

    The 12 were mostly really fun (so much so a friend who spotted how much I was enjoying it said she'd sponsor me to not run for a day instead as she thought that would be more testing and so more deserving for my chosen cause of her cash image), the treadmill ones a wee bit less so...indoors facing a wall is not my favourite place to run!

    Kudos to the people who were smarter than me and realised 12 in 2012 is neater and easier to sell than 12 in 2011 though. Lots of properly impressive stuff going on there, there's a whole thread of people up to it

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