Reasons why you should vote for me!

  1. I have a winsome smile
  2. I have all my own hair
  3. I did a R4L in 2004 and posted a 40 min pb. My target is a sub 2:45 marathon. With the right training I know I can smash it
  4. I put out on a first date
  5. Erm... that's it


  • got my vote JB image
  • Good luck!
  • And sub 2:45 is beyond my wildest dreams... If you have any tips to get me closer to the 4 hour mark from 5, I'll be a supporter image
  • Hopeless.

     What are you doing later?

  • Not you, gemma, just the Dawg.
  • Ha! I was going to tell you about my plans for a nice Cous Cous dish, but perhaps I'll save those for another time image
  • you may have all your own hair but you've got someone elses as well.
  • He's nicked someone's hat too
  • do you have all of your teeth? (dont call me hoose or I will cast my vote elsewhere-lol)image
  • Will you need an ipod to achieve such a time?

    What shoes will you be wearing?

    Pants or commando?

    How many jellies will you carry?  and what brand of jel do you think I would like?

    Will a GPS be helpful?  CAn you download the route for race day?  I've heard the route might be quite well marked - but does anyone have any advice on how good the signage/marshals are?

    Shorts, capris or longs - which would you advise for an April Marathon?

    VOTE JB image

  • How long is the marathon?

  • Whats a marathon?
  • Long enough! Why couldn't they make it 26? Why do they tack on that 0.2 miles...
  • Is there more than one?
  • Yep, there's been one every year since 198(er)1 ish. 

    JB there's a bag of chips with your name on it in the bus shelter.  Plus it's carbo-loading, so therefore counts as training

  • I will also take me teef out if you ask nicely.

    And I deplore the use of Sony walkmans in races.

    Vote me - you kno it makes sense
  • Phwoarimageimageimageimageimage


  • It's a slam-dunk!
  • Johnny Sleighs wrote (see)
    I will also take me teef out if you ask nicely.

    And I deplore the use of Sony walkmans in races.

    Vote me - you kno it makes sense
    any kind of walking in a running race is to be fround upon.
  • Who WONT i be voting for?

    Anyone who starts loads of begging threads.....(see yesterday)

    Anyone who seemingly cannot string a coherent sentence together....(see today)

  • I did a wee, quiet begging thread, only because of enthusiasm & being desperate to do this thing! Am I blacklisted Nick? image Hope you'll sympathise with us all, scrapping for votes. It's pretty weird, I tell you! But worth it I hope image
  • Gemma - starting one thread is fine - it is when you start half a dozen that p1sses me (and probably some others too) off.

    Obviously you have to pimp yourself, but the best way to get the votes is to be involved in the forums - life might not be a popularity contest, but the RW-SS is.

  • Flat Foo.ted wrote (see)
    Whats a marathon?

    Used to be a bar of nougatty-peanutty stuff with a bit of toffee, covered in milk chocolate.  Unfortunately, that meaning is now sadly defunct.

    Just checked the dictionary, can't see any other definition for "marathon", so guess the word will just go the same way as "penny-farthing", "Christine Bleakley" and drop out of use.

  • I only started one, so I might be off the hook image

    I love these forums- they did so much for me in my 2012 marathon prep so to be honest, I'm just glad to have a push to come back on here image
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