Talkback: ASICS Target 26.2: The Vote

I am DELIGHTED to be classified as a PB Hunter!! Does this make me a proper runner now?!

I have been shortlisted for the Asics Target 26.2 Paris Marathon competition and would be ECSTATIC, ELATED, OVERJOYED, THRILLED (Plus every other superlative you can think of) if you were to support me to reach my goal of breaking 4 hours.

Why me?

  • I have a PB of 4:00:13 - anyone who runs will appreciate that this is a cruel, cruel time and non-runners saying " is as good as breaking 4 hours" makes it grate that little bit more. Surely I could have found those 14 seconds somewhere? I blame the over zealous water station person who chased me down as I took a bottle that still had the lid on it - grrrr!!
  • I am totally committed to not only make the most of this opportunity but to steadfastly support all others that are dedicated enough to train through these dark cold nights and mornings to reach the goal of a spring marathon. I am addicted to 'challenges' and have run two marathons, climbed Kilimanjaro and, so far, have raised almost £10,000 for good causes in my 30 short years
  • I have broken my hand, incurred a nasty infected knee and lost 2 (almost 3) of my toe nails in pursuit of my running goals and I am still pounding the streets and trails (albeit a little more carefully). This is commitment - particularly if you understand the level of affection I hold for amazing shoes (that have now been resigned to the back of the wardrobe pending recovery of the feet).


  • I am ginger - if you didn't feel sorry for me with point 1, I am hoping I might get your sympathy vote now
  • I run with an awesome running group - Cocks Moors Woods Ladies - great company, fantastic runners and the BEST name for a running group this side of the M5, if not, across the UK.
  • I have an amazing Border Terrier called Reg who occasionally joins me on my runs and will be a regular feature of my blog posts. Now for the shameless cute picture to get your vote:

If this doesn't grab your heart nothing will!*

*unless of course you are a hardcore dedicated runner who dislikes dogs with a passion. In that case, please refer to point 1 above and I am sure that will pull on your heartstrings.


Thanks very much!

LadeyJadey Bressington (so named by one of the guides that I climbed Kilimanjaro with also called Reg!)



  • Thanks for putting me through, mcs on the On a Plateau group ........really enjoyed the Boot Camp day on Friday learnt plenty from Steve Smythe and Sam Murphy. Shame we didn't get to keep the trainers we tried on though I so need a new pair!!

    I run with my three daughters, the eldest is married and her husband runs too as well as my wife and youngest brother who is 17 years younger than me.  We all run for Bowel & Cancer Research due to family members who have been affected by this disease. I have the Coeliac condition which is an allergy to gluten so have to be careful when travelling to take some of my own carbs...... I love RW and post every day on here, love the stats of running and the challenges faced of running in all weathers as I run to work most days and cycle off road and youngest who is 10 ran the Great North Junior race this year her first race that was a great day.  I have run four half marathons and one marathon. 1.49 for the half but the full marathon fell apart for me as I staggered in at 4.35 after doing the first half in a nice steady 2.10 so really need to improve on this.  The other reason for voting for me is that my wife wants to go to Paris!! We went there 26 years ago just before we got married.......

    mcs in the "On a Plateau" group

    With my youngest 2010 the first VLM........
  • Hello!

    Thanks for reading me!

    I'm incredibly surprised but happy to find myself this far too. I'm also not beyond a little shameless begging for votes, my forum thread on why you might want to vote for me in the On a Plateau group is here.

    For anyone not in a clicky mood though, in brief: I'm a vet, based in Edinburgh, and started running 4 years ago as part of recovery from a serious illness, and since then have learnt more than I ever thought possible about portaloo queue ettiquete, home-surgery for blisters, and the joys of realising you're not the only one sneaking out early on Christmas day in the snow to get a quick 5 miler in before anyone realises you are missing. I've had a few setbacks, serious burns in 2009 mean I now have a ridiculous amount to say about the benefits/drawbacks of running in different kinds of compression gear/SPF protection for scars when training in the sun. This year I've run 12 marathons in 12 months to raise money for Samaritans - a charity really close to my heart after losing a friend to suicide, but despite (because of?) running a marathon a month (am very happy to swap stories if anyone else is doing this!), my times haven't improved. I'm at around 3:34/5 for a marathon usually, so especially keen to share experiences with runners looking to break 3:30 as well as people who feel stuck in a bit of a rut with their running. I am very naughty/unimaginative/add as appropriate and run the same route pretty much every day. I need help! Vote me!

    Thanks image


  • Hi there, Really chuffed and honoured to have got through to the voting stage in the PB hunting section. I really do hope that I can get through and follow all the advice from the coaches and mentors.

    I've been running for 8 years and I am an active member of my local running Club taking part in both a Winter & Summer league of races. Getting good PB's at the shorter distances has made it more frustrating not to be able to crack out a decent marathon time. I know I have it in me, just need the guidance and help from the Asics and RW team. I know it is not just about the running and that the physio and nutrition is just as important.

    So I would really appreciate your vote to help me get through to the next stage.

    Vote Knight Rider in the PB hunting section. Thanks

    VOTE KNightRider

  • Hello everyone!

    I've been shortlisted in the Aiming for a qualifying time category and would love to run Paris as my 3rd marathon in 12 months and run sub 3.10 which would allow me to run London again in 2013..

    I've been running for almost 2 years and after running London this year through the golden bond route and raising over £2500 for the Prostate Cancer charity I would love to be able to give it another go in 2013..

    This means alot to me because with the support of people on runners world the coaches and Asics I know I can reach my goal. I have no shortage of commitment and won't let myself or anyone else down!

    Please vote for me!

    Thank you, Alistair (Aliscott78)

  • Good evening folks,

     Just thought I would say hello and give a wee bit of an introduction.

    I have been shortlisted in the PB Hunter Cateogory and would love the opportunity (wouldn't everyone here) to get to the start line in Paris as part of the Runners World / Asics team.

    I am 43 years old and started road running but drifted into trail running which combined with general mountaineering drifted into almost exclusively mountain / fell running (makes a bit of sense since I live up in Scotland).

    A few years ago, I ran / wobbled the Marathon des Sables and have done some Ultras (Devil of the Highlands, Highland Fling and the 100km North Face Ultra in the Blue Mountains above Sydney) ...but still tended to stay away from the roads !

    Late last year I grew increasingly curious about what my 26.2 time would be and pretty much to my suprise got round London Marthon this year in 3:09:51 (I did spew just after the finish however). Making the improvement to under 3 hours is huge and my previous training had no formal structure - hence my application to the Runners World / Asics programme.

    The amount of road miles scares the hell out of me and in addition to the advice of the coaches, I am hoping to gain support and advice from those folks whose home is the road. Reckon most of the forum contributors have far more experience than me in that arena !

     Your vote to help me through to the team would be greatly appreciated. I can only offer my thanks, regular updates on the forum and blog but hopefully some good karma and a guided tour of some cracking wee trail and hill routes for anyone who is up in the Glasgow area image

     Thanks for taking the time to read ...

    Graham K

     ps - I am the one with the dodgy chin !

  • Hello everyone.

    Im in the PB Hunter category.

    (I know, I know, the link is just up there anyway).


    I´ve now become mildy obsessed ("obsessed " a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated, though, didn´t someone wiser than me say?) with getting on to the ASICS team and sharing my experiences with everyone.

    Though I´ve been into sport for ages, I´m FAIRLY new to "proper running"... having chanced upon entry to London Marathon 2010 I decided to do it properly, followed a training plan to the letter, and in the process, caught the bug we all share (and as well as athete´s foot I got addicted to running).

    Love a challenge, need to get to next level. Being shouted at by a coach will help. I need to sort out pacing and stuff. I´m occasionally blundering and incompetent.... but try to see this as an extra challenge to overcome (eg entered the Nokia Coast to Coast run-bike-kayak challenge (over 100 miles across Scotland) without realising I´d entered the Great North Run the next day (whoops), so treated it as a challenge and managed to complete both.... I think that sums me up - an idiot with drive and determination.

    Really keen to push personal boundaries and perhaps influence others to do likewise.

    I do not have a dog, if I did it would be Tibetan Mountain dog, and would be slightly cuter than Jades. I voted for Jade by mistake (I´m on a confusing Spanish keyboard) so Í need YOUR vote. There´s a Vote Pryde thread in the forums should you wish to probe me, Dimbleby style. That sounds mildly wrong.


  • Just to add - breaking 4 hours was massive for me - many stop at that. If I get on the team, I´ll be looking to not only hit my PB, but to smash it... is sub 3.30 possible? Challenge me!

  • I have been lucky enough to be selected in the Qualifying Time section of the

    <img title="Click image to view full size." src="" width="200" height="54" />

    and I need your vote...but why?

    I love running and this has me so motivated (I ran two sessions yesterday, 4miles easy at lunch and 10miles tempo in the evening) so I won't let you down, I promise.

    I am trying to achieve the British Championship qualifying time of 2hr 45min and my stretch target is sub 2hrs 40mins, I have the times to back it up too (10mile PB 56:53).  However I have never run a PB and it been easy!

    I pledge to keep you informed every step of the way through Facebook, Twitter and right here on the forums...starting in about an hour when I get back from that most horrid of sessions…hills!

    I will answer your questions and hopefully won't get too lost and excited in the process.So please vote for me at 

    Yes, I am Choisty, the dodgy looking one at the bottom! 

    Thank you!!!

  • I'm on the quest to get a PB in the marathon, ultimately sub 3.15. With the help of Steve, Sam and the Asics team of physio's & nutritionists I hope I can achieve this. Although I have followed schedules before I have never had specific tution on my specific goals. I have been on the forums a lot over the past 4 or 5 years and haved dipped into many debates. Even if a sub 3.15 isn't your goal I hope that if I get picked I can make the thread an interesting read, through humour, photos + more*. I hope to take advantage of the nutritionial advice as I think that is an area that has let me down in previous campaigns.

    So please vote for Knightrider in the PB Hunter category. Thanks.

     * To be revealed if I win! image

  • I'm on the quest to get a PB in the marathon, ultimately sub 3.15. With the help of Steve, Sam and the Asics team of physio's & nutritionists I hope I can achieve this. Although I have followed schedules before I have never had specific tution on my specific goals. I have been on the forums a lot over the past 4 or 5 years and haved dipped into many debates. Even if a sub 3.15 isn't your goal I hope that if I get picked I can make the thread an interesting read, through humour, photos + more*. I hope to take advantage of the nutritionial advice as I think that is an area that has let me down in previous campaigns.

    So please vote for Knightrider in the PB Hunter category. Thanks.

     * To be revealed if I win! image

  • A great time had at boot camp and ever so excited at being put through in the Juggling a Busy Lifestyle category. If I get into the final five I'll have that goal I've been looking for leading into 2012 to achieve a sub 4 hour marathon.

    Well done to every else that got through to this stage, how the Runners World and Asics team managed to whittle the numbers down I have no idea as all the candidates were worthy of entry.

    Now on to learning the art of PR and pushing the VOTE for Gordon campaign, another task to add to my already "Busy Lifestyle" but most definitely worth it!

  • Hi folks, 

    Thanks for taking the time. I'm in the first timers group.

    I started to run in May to help me lose weight. Did the classic run/walk programme cos I couldn't get to the end of the road. Got a bit further and a bit quicker...

    A friend challenged me to run a half next year, but for some reason I decide to try in October. Used the training plans on RW (smart coach), read books and tri/error. Thought I'd have to walk loads of it and came in at 2:02:38... So happy I signed up to do the Milton Keynes marathon in April. Been training since...

    I'm hoping for the support of the team and people here.

    I've lost five stone since March, in the best shape I've ever been and hopelessly in love with running. It's changed my life sooooo much. 

    Ultimate aim is heavy dude to marathon runner in under a year. 

    Please support me. 

  • Muchas Gracias for your vote Simon!image Very kind of you to offer me the opportunity of tasting a sub 4 marathon too but seriously, a dog cuter than Reggie, really?! Come on!!

    Off out for a run now. Its been a long day already with an hour walk to work, a christmas lunch and a 40 min walk with the aforementioned Reginald so could be a tough run. One thing for sure is that it will certainly be wet and windy, which will blow away the cobwebs!! 

    Please vote for LadeyJadey as a PB Hunter!

    More later...!  

  • So the run was good. Really good in fact! Check out - and then please vote for me!!

    Thanks! image

  • Woops, the link:

    I wasn't joking about being scatty.

    Thanks again.
  • You have done amazingly well in such a short period of time and quite right to feel proud.  It's inspirational!
  • Hello!

    I'm so excited to be in the busy lifestyle category- I ran my first marathon in 2010 and loved the process of training, but really struggled to get the best quality of training in the time I had.

     After an ongoing ITB problems (I hadn't yet discovered orthotics!)  I limped round in 4 hrs 50, knowing I could have done better. 

    The forums were my absolute lifeline throughout my training period and without the help & advice of fellow RW forumites I might have thrown in the towel.

    I'd love to  lead a forum this year and pass on the advice that the Target 26.2 experience would give me. Plus I'd love to be shouted at to make sure I do all my training to the best of my ability image

    Please support me by casting a quick vote- this is a once in a lifetime opportunity I don't want to miss.

    THANK YOU image 

  • Hello,

    I'm Chris  - trying to think of reasons to vote for me ahead of the others. Aren't really any, everybody I met at boot camp seemed to be really friendly and approachable and deserving of your votes.

    All can say for myself is I try to be a good person, work hard and hopefully bring a little humour into  things.

     I am in the busy lifestyle group (I am the squinty one at the top.

    I would dearly love your vote and can assure you that I would work my butt out if given the chance.


    p.s. I am the only one that mentions scrotums so surely that is worth a vote?

  • The weekend is here - hoorah!!

    Anyone else missing Friday 'Running School'?!


  • I knew my Friday was missing something, oh for boot camp and the company....the lunch time jaffa cakes went down really well too!
  • I am with you TOR - Friday just wasn't the same without fellow runners and yards of jaffas image Have a good weekend!
  • Arrgggh - seriously in the mood for Jaffa Cakes now !

    Just think seven days time, the Asics 5 will be known and in London.

    Hope folks have a great weekend is perfect in Glasgow this evening with a little dusting of snow forecast just to make the trails pretty image

  • It's going to be a nerve racking couple of days ahead…

    Have a good LSR if you have one planned.

  • No snow here, just a bit nippy - good for a nerve-settling long run. Going out in a mo to try out my new LR pacing strategy as suggested to me on another thread.

    Had to switch my LR day from Sun to Sat as I've got to spend tomorrow standing in a field watching my kids do cross-country. The start always scares me. If someone goes down among all of those spikes, they may never get back up again.

    Have fun everyone! - George

  • Flying home from hols tonight - a bracing 10 miler in Newcastle tomorrow morning I think... just to get back into the English winter flow of things!! Cracking 1.2 mile circuit I found here, with one big climb... I´ll miss my laps of it!
  • Great long run this morning with my running group. Just over 13 miles mainly on the canal and rea valley route. Cruel beauty to this morning - perfect frosted roofs and clear blue skies combined with slippy pavements and some cheeky ice patches - be careful out there today guys!! Best bit of all was that I managed to negotiate a Christmas tree from a seller at the side of the road on the run home. Running offers so many benefits!! Now I don't have to spend tomorrow braving Christmas tree crowds and I can make the house all nice and festive for the time N gets back from rugby. image

    Happy (crispy and Christmassy) December weekend to you all!

  • Broke tradition and did an easy long run this morning (wee bit slippy eeekkkk) - Running club dinner this evening so tomorrow could be messy ...opps I mean a "rest day" image
  • What schedules have you guys followed previously for the marathon? I used the runners world 4.30 schedule for 2010 vlm and it went well apart from missing it by five mins which annoyed me big stylee!
  • Hi mcs, I too followed the RW schedules (but for sub 3.15 plan) for VLM 2 years ago and thought it worked well for a first effort. i then tweaked it with a few more longer runs, althougth I've not been able to beat my VLM time yet. Must be doing something wrong - hence entering this competition!

    I know I've not long had me dinner, but I'm hungry to get into this Asics Paris martahon image

    Vote Kight Rider for the PB Hunter Category !!! image

  • Been reflecting on the importance of support from a group. Asic's Target 26.2 group, I'd be so good for you... image

    mcs, I followed the Hal Higdon plan and found it really good. Was recommended by a friend and I found it fitted in nicely with my lifestyle (only had time to do 4 runs a week). If you google it you will get a variety of different Hal options.

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