Asics 5

I'm not voting.

I wont even be reading the articles.

Happy people with a free marathon and free goodies having free training and free physio.

I'm resentful, jealous and boiling over with repressed schadenfruede and feel no vicarious delight in your good fortune at all.

Its a bit like reading about local lottery winners.

do you think, "oh good for them I'm so pleased such nice people have all that money and I wish them all the best"

No think "bastards."

A week or so later when the ex spouse is spilling the beans on their mean and spiteful private life you happily beleive every word and hope they choke on their bloody money.

Or its like those wonderfully inoffensive pleasant cheery and relentlessly positive youngsters on the X-Factor with their bright innocent eyes and "vot for me" pleading with all that youth and vitality and future full of possibilities.....


Bring back the talentless shagger with the coke issue who cant sing.

Bah bloody humbug.


  • If you don't vote then you can't complain..the same with the general elections image
  • I'm not voting but I can complain about the number of threads begging for votes on something that I really cba'd to find out what it's all about!

  • I voted. 

     Then I came onto the forum to see it clogged up with lots of "vote for me" threads to scroll past.  Irritating, but hardly the end of the world.

  • I can always complain....
  • It's a shame that some of you don't feel like voting for fellow runners, who had just as much chance as you to be picked! there are 19 people trying to get five places- and its you who gets to pick your favs, sorry for blocking up threads with beggin vote for me shameless ! i know but will all want to be picked thats all. so please take a few mins just to pick who you want to be the lucky ones? hopefully me lol

  • No

    I didnt have even remotely the same chance as you to be picked.

    I didnt enter.

    I dont have a fav, (I assume that means favourite?).

    If there is a coke snorting shagger who cant sing amongst you then I may vote.

    what do I get?

  • I really can't sing if that helps.

    But I am more of a tango man myself

  • I'm not voting for anyone who can't post in comprehensible English and has to resort to txt spk.

    It's up to me to choose the criteria on which I will vote and being able to use an apostrophe correctly happens to be one of them.

    Yes, I am having a grumpy day; I feel the need to share the grumpiness about a bit.

  • I'm not voting because being one of the stupid six is a poison apple. You may get some decent training but you're equally likely to end up with half-arsed guidance. You'll also have the Asics '"expert" trying to fix your running gait but more likely buggering it up and causing you injuries.
  • Cool another stupid reality show!
    Anyway, if we don't bump the 'vote for me' threads (or if we open new threads) they will go quickly on page 2.
  • Damn all excited about free coke (is it not easier to drink it ???) and free wimen as part of the deal only to be disappointed.

     I entered, was lucky enough to get through to last Friday in Birmingham and short listed for the PB category. Yup - totally new to the forums and keen to try and get a place. Despite and negative thoughts or concerns, I have enjoyed the process so far - would recommend anyone at all interested to apply next year (assuming it gets run again). Totally respect folks opinion not to vote ...all about choice after all !

     Cheers for the space ...

    Graham K

  • See what I mean?

    Graham comes on here all positive and friendly and respectful and cheerful.

    What he wants to say is "do one you bunch of miserable sods"

    If he said "do one you miserbale sods I'm off to snort some coke and do wrong things with willing young ladies and I'm going to put the free Asics gear on ebay  - I may even vote."

    I'm with you Holly Liz - spread the misery I say

  • KMA ! thats txt spk

  • do one you miserbale sods I'm off to snort some coke and do wrong things with willing young ladies and I'm going to put the free Asics gear on ebay.

    There said it - Best you get voting then KI!image

  • Kicked-it, I have been posting on forums over last 2 and a bit years (since I started running) and tend to try and be positive.

    When I'm feeling low I've been lucky enough to get supportive comments from the folks on the forums and I met up with a forumite before VLM this year.

    To be honest, there's enough misery and hardship in life without spreading unhappiness via the internet, isn't there?

    Good luck to everyone who entered the competition and got through bootcamp - the weather and training will be tough whether it is with guidence or without - hope you are proud of what you manage to achieve!image

  • VOTE OR DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  • Just out of interest, Kicked-It, did you enter?

    I don't know whether they're going to do it again this year, but there was the Forum Six last year - check the posts out if you're not familiar with them.  If they do it again this year, you could consider entering that.  From memory, some of the FSers did really well.

  • Kicked-It ...sorry but you cheered me up this evening !

    As I struggle to keep a hold of ma beard through Hurricane Bawbag up here in Glasgow (seriously, bawbag is what is has been called even has a wikipedia page so it must be true) I can ony think about the fact that the whole concept of "miserable" was invented oan this side of the river tweed ...we have almost constant darkness and rain (that is only summer mind) and every year, the midges increase the length of their breeding season. If having a pile of fat politicians in London wasn't enough, we decided to support another bunch over in Edinburgh (haud oan ....that turned out to be a good thing for the best part). We are the poorest most unhealthy diet in Europe ....the list could go oan and oan but you have probably stopped reading ....

    Damn, that is me all miserable again out to run in 70mph winds and rain !

  • Nice one Graham!

    I bet you love Christmas Kicked It .

  • Kicked-it, go to hell. I don´t even want your vote anyway. I don´t even want to run a bloody marathon. I just want free trainers.

    So shut up, go away, and go here and vote for no-one.


  • Damn  - too late.....


    You means it isn't too late?

    It was all a dream? Its still Christmas day?

    Why take half a crown and go buy the biggest Goose you can boy!



    Kicked-It wrote (see)

    Damn  - too late.....


    You means it isn't too late?

    It was all a dream? Its still Christmas day?

    Why take half a crown and go buy the biggest Goose you can boy!



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