Here's a photo of my dog

What's that you're saying Marmite? Vote for George?


  • A guy at work has a Stupid Little Dog (TM) called Marmite. He sometimes brings it into the office, and then carries it around in a man bag.

    I think it looks like a rat with long hair, a lot of the other girls in the office loved it - until Marmite ran around marking their desks. Serves them right, I say! image

    Your Marmite looks much nicer image

  • He doesn't seem to mind what he's called. He would mind being put in a man bag, though.
  • TimeaJTimeaJ ✭✭✭
    Does Marmite do any running, too, like his owner? image
  • He loves to come out with me but he hasn't quite got the concept of running in a straight line yet
  • Maybe you should get him some straighteners (sorry - couldn't resist!)

  • George, cheeky question: how did you get the photo on there? Got to ask mate.
  • Thanks Niloc.

    Hi Craig. First of all, use IE. The formatting options are much greater than in Chrome or Firefox, I believe. To upload a photo you have to click on the image link and then choose to create an album. You can upload a photo from your PC into that album and from there into a forum post. It gets easier after the first time.

    I can see a trend emerging......

  • What is he?  Giant poodle?  Labradoodle?  Looks big for a normal poodle or maybe your stairs are small.  image
  • Nice one mate!

    Good looking dog to. Don't worry, I've not got a dog, just three cats who attack me every morning for food.
  • I'll see your Marmite and raise you a Guinness.  (He's not mine.)

  • Nice bedding Phil. image
  • looks a bit vicious Phil image
    Marmite looks like a cross Bedlington/poodle ?
  • Hi Stille,

    I believe the stairs are standard, as is the poodle. But at only 2 years old and 30 inches to the shoulder, I'm beginning to suspect that his pedigree has been tainted somewhere along the line. Mountain Lion maybe?

  • Every time he kills, another heart gets added to the duvet.
  • Phil,

    Normally I'd prefer a Guinness to a (ahem) Marmite, but, after looking at that, I'm having second thoughts.


  • /members/images/614617/Gallery/IMG00047-20110422-1600.jpg

    I see your poodle/lion cross and raise you a deckchair-nabbing- Rascal!

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