Anyone else think

that  the "Power Up The Tower" advert  makes the wench look like she has a bug bum ?





.or does she really have a big bum ?


  • I thought that as well when I saw it...she has a mahoosive bootie.

    On the hottest threads list... there is this one and the rest of them are to find the spam and delete it, all RW need to do is look at their own lists. image

  • I thought it was more a very strange stance to adopt. How many people run up stairs 4 at a time?

  • I think... you're not getting enough, Dave.
  • Peter Collins wrote (see)
    I think... you're not getting enough, Dave.
    Mid 50's and married, Of course I'm not !!!!
  • Not just me then!
  • I thought it was a very odd stance too.  The strength needed to get up 40 flights 4 at a time would give you very firm glutes so maybe that's it.
  • It's only three steps.  Maybe she's about to do up her lace?  Anyway, looks like a very nice bottom to me. 

    Looks lik a fun event and I'm vaguely interested but not sure I could be arsed to go around with the obligatory charity collection box again.

  • I like big butts and I cannot lie
  • Dave The Ex- Spartan wrote (see)

    that  the "Power Up The Tower" advert  makes the wench look like she has a bug bum ?

    A BUG bum?

    Is that her bee-hind?  image

  • bit disrespectful
  • To women or bees?
  • What about the John Lewis advert where the kid walks into his parents bedroom at the end with a dead dog's head in a box?
  • What's that got to do with the fat bum in the advert above ????
  • Key word is advert. Sorry are you paying for this thread?
  • Nope.. Just wondering why you wished to make a t!t of yourself by bringing up something from commercial televison
  • imageits nothing new,
  • Maybe I did. I don't really know what the tower of power advert is. Oh well.
  • It's the advert at the top of the screen, on the right.  Or it is some of the time, it alternates with another ad.

    Some sort of charity event climbing the stairs of an office block image

  • Ahhhhhhhhh....... Can see only see a spa advert at the moment. Feel a right tit now (will go for the left one later)
  • I think the pose is exaggerating the curveyness of the bootay, but I think it looks good!

    I wouldn't like to run up a tower block though, wouldn't you get dizzy after a while? image

  • if she stood upright normally though that WOULD be a rather large bottomimage
  • NLR, don't feel too much of a tit. I have no idea what they are going on about either. There's no such advert on my screen.
  • Personally I think the dog's head in a box is more interesting.
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