2012 Olympic Torch Bearer

Has anyone yet heard whether they have been selected as a torch bearer for the 2012 Olympics?

I am waiting to hear if a friend I nominated has been chosen and understand nominees will hear this month.


  • I nominated my son for one of the coca cola olympic torch bearers and we heard last week and they gave him the surprise call yesterday........I was too late to apply for the official one so really pleased he got through on the inspirational young person category with coca cola.

    we heard a couple of months ago that he was shortlisted........not sure how the official site ones work
  • That's BRILLIANT news.  I know my friend was shortlisted - it's the final confirmation we're waiting for.

     Well done for your son though.

  • How far do they get to carry it?

    One of my friends' husband is a police officer accompanying the torch the whole way round image

    (They don't all run all the way, I think....)

  • Not a lot of people know this, but the torch dates from the 1936 Olympics... the Nazi one. It's not ancient or even necessary. This makes anyone who carries the torch a Nazi of course image
  • its only on average a couple hundred metres I believe..I get to accompany him as he is under 18 image
  • i'm shortlisted, but not had any final decision, they come by email today apparently, its been a few hours since they were sent though so i'm guessing no image

    oh and each runner runs 300m on average
  • Congrats to your son seren nos!

    I was nominated in one of the other sponsors categories. They said it would be during the week of the 5th Dec they let people know..

  • I was in Carnaby Street London on Tuesday morning where someone was presented with a Golden Tourch Holder with hidden TV cameras all around


  • All people from 2012 site notified this week....according to the site it's around a 300m carry.
  • I'll be carrying the Torch through my home village.  It's 0.2 mi in total.  Trying to see what's the slowest pace I can run and still look vaguely cool.  Think around 14min/mi should be slow enough to eek out those precious seconds!
  • There are 4 torch bearers in my district. Only one of them lives within 20 miles of us. I think that's wrong.
  • INKY......probably the ones who live in your district will be carrying the torches else where........

    my son has to travel over 20 miles to do the torch and people from that area are travelling to our town the following day.....
    seems like they are not having people do their local towns much..everyone is having to travel
  • IKFY wrote (see)
    There are 4 torch bearers in my district. Only one of them lives within 20 miles of us. I think that's wrong.

    Total disgrace.

    Live in Tidworth, a military town and not one of them running it through the town looks military, or from Tidworth,  

    I'm disgusted!!

  • Should all probably stop complaining about this I think.  At least we have an opportunity to carry it.
  • Alex.......as i said there will be people from your area running other areas..its just the way they have worked it.......
    they haven't appointed people to run in their own area.......they must have their reasons.......

    not sure what looking military means........surely you don't expect them to have farmers running through farming villages.......and coal miners running through mining towns.or bankers running through london........

    don't think they would go to that much trouble to match up.......

    if you are upset you weren't chosen then ask them for a reason
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