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    hey cool - I've been looking into the whole cani-x caper - have seen a few photos of other people with terriers.  I reckon I'll be getting some odd looks with my wee JRT in front of me too.  Do you find the waist belt makes a big difference - I can't decide whether to just run with her on a bungee lead at the side of me.

    (Don't worry - we'll both be wearing pants tho hers will be metaphorical fur ones)image

    Glad to hear your gonna hold on to yer knickers! image Lol.

    If you are on facebook look up the "Canicross Trailrunners" page.  A very friendly bunch of UK based people who organise meet ups to run together with their dogs (free) and enter races also.  For my dogs, who are stronger than a jrt the belts are brilliant, take any shocks out of the arms when they pull, and of course they help me along.

    For a jrt the belt might be handy from the point of view of being hands free most of the time.  Or you could get a lead with bungee in it which you could hold in your hand.  Depends on what you'd feel most comfortable with.

     Either way, a harness that the dog can comfortably pull in is best.  The guys on the canicross trailrunners page might be able to advise the best ones for a jrt.

    I'm addicted to running with the dogs now!

  • Brilliant - I'll have a look.  It looks like really good fun. image
  • I saw another random tonight...a chap walking home into the wind and driving rain with a raincoat on, but not one up jus open to the elements with a jumper and jeans on...that is just odd, why wouldn't you do it up? He wasn't even a flasher!
  • Had he lost his buttons? Reminds me of a tale my dad tells about when he and my mum where newly-wed... he was walking down to the shipyards for work one morning in the driving lashing rain, wearing a brand new mac. He had his hands in the front pockets in a vain attempt to keep them warm and dry, and then he slipped in a puddle, attempted to put his hands out to break his fall, ripped both pockets clean off the front of the mac and landed face first into the puddles. My mum had to stitch the pockets back on... the worst part of the story is that he actually didn't even own it yet - he had it on hire purchase would you believe!

    Anyway... Evie May, friends of mine go running with their two huskies on a harness and also with sleds... they love it!

    The most wonderful wildlife I've seen was on a long run in the West Berkshire countryside, having not seen a soul for hours, and I came into a clearing to find an enormous and majestic stag standing in the sunshine up to his knees in the meadow grass.
  • Last summer running on a cycle path cut-through in the middle of Edinburgh I ran past a bright green Thai water dragon. When [a few mintues after passing him*] it finally dawned on me that even though it was the middle of the Edinburgh festival, he probably wasn't a performer (you see some really strange stuff running through town in August here) I did run back to check he was ok**.


    **long story short it turned out he was an escaped pet and a big cardboard box and several of us making fools of ourselves trying to catch him later he was safely home.

  • hee hee hee  I'm glad it's not just me that falls over!  No flashing here though!


    We are lucky aren't we?  In terms of the creatures we get to see when we're out and about - it still shocks me when I hear of inner city children who've never even seen a real cow or sheep.  Wonder what they'd have made of a wee lizardy beast.  Once I get Rascal's endurance up (she's only 1) who knows where our runs will take us and what we'll find!

  • Shepski, where are you based, I'm just south of Newbury and run across the downs loads, also like greenham common (esp the old air strip) for reps
  • Running with my sister in maspalomas GC and she ran around a sand dune and right between a guys legs. He was lying there naked! she had a few choice words for him! now nude sunbathing has it's place but it was 7.30 in the morning !!
  • Choisty, I'm in Northern Ireland currently but I lived in Newbury for about 7 years. I loved running across Greenham Common myself (in fact that's where my friends with the huskies run!) and also Snelsmore and the Bagnor area was a favourite. The local running group were there brilliant too... very supportive.
  • Ahhh nearly forgot the goats - though I was marshalling that day not running - still - I think they count as much as naked men hiding in sand dunes - beaches - gotta love em - reminds me of the time me and my friend innocently wandered through the nudist section of a beach in Lanzarote - we only went to learn to surf - learnt a whole lot more I can tell you!

    However, back to the goats - any of you ani-experts recognise these: 4ftish - chocolatey coloured with white dots and beagle type ears.  They were very inquisitive and kept coming over to the fence for a closer look at my high-vis vest.  Wonder what they thought when the field came shooshing through...

  • The bad weather forced me to run indoors recently which is where I saw this strange site!

  • Wowser - I think he's been practising that! image
  • pretty impressive!
  • A deck chair !

    Not today, but a couple of months ago !!

  • If you ever run in the North West, at the very top of Winter Hill there is a portaloo minus the surrounding tardis, it looks very strange and I can't the desperation of anyone ever having to use it
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Was out running this afternoon and saw a father who looked to be wearing a backpack. As I ran past him - i saw that it wasnt a back pack but a harness - he was pulling his kids behind him on a sleigh/trolley. Fantastic!

  • Emmy_bug wrote (see)

    Was out running this afternoon and saw a father who looked to be wearing a backpack. As I ran past him - i saw that it wasnt a back pack but a harness - he was pulling his kids behind him on a sleigh/trolley. Fantastic!

    Clever man!  Rather than the kids being off school stopping him running he's putting them to good use.  Running will be easy once they're back at school again. Lol.
  • I saw a dwarf getting into a mini.
    Amused me but that's quite easy.....
  • Again a couple of months ago, I saw a wig lying at the side of the road for a few days image!
  • A wig, what if it had been a man who fell down a very narrow hole, you should have checked
  • Also why is it when you're out anywhere (not always running) that you always tend to see just one discarded shoe? always puzzled me that, I don't know of anyone who ever came home minus a shoe
  • Was running last summer along the smallish cliffs local to me when I heard something going on down at the beach, looked over the edge and it was an Army Hovercraft coming up the shore, before reversing back into the sea, it did this a few times. That's probably the weirdest running moment for me this year.
  • EG: Nah no narrow holes or drains near where wig was, I was looking for  a bald runner thoughimage
  • Good one at 7.15am this morning

     Somebody was up and out cleaning their window.image It was still dark. imageimage

    Okay so I was walking the  dog, but I 'm a morning runner, so it could easily have been when coming back from a  run !

  • Bet it's tricky keeping a wig on in this weather!

    As for window cleaning in the dark - I wonder if they came back later and noticed lots of streaks? Or maybe it's more efficient as they show up better in the glow from indoors?  Who knows! I'm going to ask our window cleaner when I see him - he already thinks I'm nuts anyway!

    Nothing too exciting to report for me over Christmas except a lone half sandwich (completely untouched) by the side of the road at the summit of a Yorkshire Wold!image

  • Have seen a bloke on a unicycle on a track on Dartmoor. I'd spotted him before from a distance but this time was up close and personal. And a barn owl.
  • Often see two llamas in a local farm when out !
  • You know what I remember seeing a bloke on a unicycle in Runcorn on the path towards Widnes just after the bridge, and I think my ambition is to now become a random sight, this is more interesting than running
  • A roman legionnaire, a local "character" walks the roads dressed as one for some reason .
  • Running cross country near a golf course in saltash, cornwall when i was 8 with my mum we were stopped dead in our tracks when what can only be described as a black puma/panther stopped in the middle of the track to stare at us before casually continuing on his/her travels. If camera phones had been invented by then it would have been my uni fee's paid for we were that close. So glad my mum was with me just so i dont think i was hallucinating. 16 years on still no one believes us. image

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