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  • Not sure which of the last two would worry me the most LOL. And wonder if the above mentioned unicyclist  was the same unicyclist on a long distance north-south ride??

    Will be watching this thread for sightings of EG! image

  • Curly45Curly45 ✭✭✭

    I ran past the premier of Iron Lady just as Meryl Streep was arriving last night!

    I'm not sure who was more weirded out - me by the huge scrum of papps or them by the sight of a very confused and windswept runner going past image

  • Not running but when we were on holidays is Spain once MrGFB was out a bike ride and an eagle flew over head and dropped a live snake in his path! *quick swerve* image
  • A naked man trying to hide in shrubbery.

    2 running male model types with matching dogs.  (Black and white dogs and men.)

  •  C45 - better check the dailies then- you could be famous image

    GFB - hee hee hee - brilliant (though only cos you/he both lived to tell the tale)!

  • Usually see an owl when out in morning.
  • BM- Coool - I love owls! Amazing birds.  Heard my first woodpecker of the year this morning - hammering away!

    RS - were they wearing matching kit too?  Hope the naked chap wasn't too far from home?  Remnant of a stag do perhaps? Why else be naked in a shrubbery - probably best not to dwell on that one....image

  • EG Graham wrote (see)
    Also why is it when you're out anywhere (not always running) that you always tend to see just one discarded shoe? always puzzled me that, I don't know of anyone who ever came home minus a shoe

    I know a chap who went home from a night out with one shoe missing - he was very, very drunk at the time.  He can't remember how or where he lost it.

  • I've come home with one shoe after a drunken night out image
  • SleepyBear: He's always there, nicknamed him 'Ovett' the owlimage
  • Iron Pingu wrote (see)
    I've come home with one shoe after a drunken night out image

    we expect nothing less from you! image

  • 3 Budweiser bottles in a row this morningimage

    Opened and I assume empty...

  • were they hanging on a wall birkmyre? image
  • Sleepy: Nahimage lying on the grass. Not got same lyrical effect !image
  • I was on an evening run a couple of months ago when a fox jumped out of a hedge right in front of me!

    We both looked at each other in surprise for a second, then the fox ran off in one direction and me in the other! image

  • Couple of years ago, I was out at 5:30am running and ran past a horse that had got out of its field and was happily eating flowers in a gardenimage

    Okay so I'm a  morning runner

  • I have to confess to a lost shoe once too - a red sling back, size 5, if anyone comes across it.  Somehow lost it on the way back to the B&B from a wedding in the Pennines- loved those shoes too! Kept the other one for ages in the hope that it would magically reappear! 

  • M.r Zuvai wrote (see)
    Iron Pingu wrote (see)
    I've come home with one shoe after a drunken night out image

    we expect nothing less from you! image

    I think that was the night I dropped my phone down the loo too ...

    Sleepy Bear, mine were my fav shoes too!

  • My Friend lost a shoe on a night out - she and he boyfriend had snuck off to the men's loos to get it on, and she'd had to remove a shoe go get one leg our of her jeans. When they'd finished they realized someone had stolen the other shoe! ..... Which also
    means someone had realized what was going on in there too!
  • I've come across a bagpiper in the middle of Windsor Great Park, and also another one in a camper van parked on a quiet country road outside a local country park.
  • Well, that explains the missing shoe mystery, so if we were to take this information and use it, it could say that runners in general are morning people, who turn lightweight and lose  theirshoes when do they venture out in anything other than trainers and shorts.

    And Sleepy bear, my ambition to be the random sight is going further away, with bag-pipes and animals it's a tall order.

  • So glad I spotted this thread as the other week I was running through an industrial estate when I passed a woman running towards me and she was wearing a welding mask. It was flipped up and I can only imagine it was her weird idea of a sunvisor?

    Also during the south downs marathon last year a group of us reached the top of one the hills only to find a naked hiker complete with rucksack and hiking boots.

  • Not exactly a sight but the weirdest thing I've ever been asked on a run is 'Do you have a lighter?' !!!! I had headphones in aswell......seriously!
  • Rosie Gaskell wrote (see)
    Not exactly a sight but the weirdest thing I've ever been asked on a run is 'Do you have a lighter?' !!!! I had headphones in aswell......seriously!

    be careful.

    they probably said "are you a fighter?"

  • Shame they didn't ask the welding lady - she could have loaned them her torchy thingy wotsit! image

    Catalin - romance is not dead then!


    BOTF - was he playing inside the camper van? Now that is weird -  not a lot of room either I would have thought!image

    EG -  am disappointed!   May I suggest wearing an owl/llama costume whilst riding a unicycle!


  • Hello everyone, first post! Slightly off topic but there must be something about the way I run because I'm always getting shouted at or having stuff lobbed at me for some reason (although it could just be that I run in Essex?). I've had chips, eggs and milkshakes amongst other things and been called almost everything when I've been out and about. Anyway a few months ago I had one to top the lot, a large red van crept up behind me and just as it drew level the passenger blew a massive great airhorn at me from point blank range and then sped off. When the ringing in my ears had stopped I have to admit I did give me a chuckle for the remaining few miles. Why they were driving around with an airhorn I have no idea.
  • Sadly it's not uncommon, although an airhorn is a little extreme - there are several threads on here about the morons who think it's funny to try to disrupt or abuse runners. But then they have little else do do betwen picking up their dole cheques, drinking the next beer and getting the next girl pregnant (or getting pregnant).
  • Nothing exciting to report this week - looks like my world has returned to normal! Though I did smile at a field full of sheep all stood/laid with their backs to me so that they looked like half snowmen in the frost. Couldn't see their legs but then they were half way across the field and facing into the sun.

    Not sure it's totally fair to start stacking sheep up to see if they do look like snowmen if you put two together  image

  • Yesterday I narrowly avoided seeing a fox on the beach in Brighton. It was spotted by my friend who had run ahead.

    I did see half a dozen people in chef aprons standing in a boat holding platters of food. They were being photographed from the Brighton food festival. WIll have to look out for the pictures and see if there are any runners in the background!

    I think sheep stacking is a good idea Sleepybear. You could start a sheep circus if they were good at balancing on each other. 

  • When running in the New Forest Marathon a huge stag jumped out of the hedges and came charging towards me.  My legs were shot and although my mind was thinking get out the way my legs just didn't get the message!  Luckily the stag wasn't attacking me and stopped sharply about 8ft away darting back into the the forest. 

    The only other strange sighting (but not that pleasant) was when standing along the finishing straight of the Drogo 10.  A chunky chap in his 50s was giving speeding up for a sprint finish, however his very worn shorts had ridden up to his hips on one side and his lunchbox hadn't been well packed!  His meat and veg were all hanging out.  All his team mates waiting at the side began cheering loudly to which he really started sprinting resulting in a considerable increase in swingage and a noticable slapping sound (sorry if a bit too graphic!).  I can only imagine the pain of a red raw inner thigh and the embarassment at the finish line (the only x-rated run I have been to).

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