Is it finally making me go blind?

and wasn't my picture over there? ---------->


  • It still is image
  • <<<------------------------  My picture has always been over there.

    But, yes, the writing has definitely got smaller, I thought it was just my eyes!

  • And what's with the "so-and-so posted today at .... " nonsense?




    <<<------------------------ over there.

  • ahhh not just me then!
  • And is it a different font, or is it one of those annoying fonts that just basically looks different when it's smaller?

  • If you are on Firefox, hit Ctrl and + and the font goes bigger. I think it's a different one though Phil.

    Yeo - down the bottom of the page there's a change stats view. Try that .

  • Little Ninja wrote (see

    If you are on Firefox, hit Ctrl and + and the font goes bigger. .

    Bigger as in readable! Thanks Little Ninja.

  • annoying changes....the pic on the right side was much better, kind of stayed out of the way.

    Font is smaller, and harder to read, and also top right hand corner of the site used to have your inbox and profile, now it's disappeared, so you have no idea if you've had a message.


  • My pic is still on the right (it's adjustable through My Forum within My Profile anyway) and all the profile stuff is still at the top of my screen.  The only thing that's different on my screen is the font is small and the comment box to type in is off centre.

    And I don't even have to use a super swanky clever machine either - a 5 year old lappy with XP on Firefox.

  • Mines all back to normal now.
  • My pics are still on the right .. if you go to "my forum"you can change where the pics are shown ... unless that has changed ...
  • The  my forum bit has disappeared from the main screen, so you have to go into it through a posted message now...just awkward really...

    fired off some polite commentary to [b][/b]

  • can't see how to change where the pics are shown...only thing you can change there is whether to show pics or not. not where they're shown.
  • It changes when you change the stats view from horizontal to vertical.
    However, today's changes, I think, are due to the "upgrade" carried out this afternoon.
  • Cripes, moving that from horizontal to vertical makes it look about 20 times worse. Everything is crammed to the left.


  • Hi chaps,

    We're looking into this now. I think (hope) the problems now are only on Internet Explorer and we're getting them sorted as fast as we can.


  • The page size/font is still very small in Firefox - I am still manually increasing the page.
  • And the message box is a bit wonky on FF too.  Not a biggy but its a bit messy.
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