Prague 2012

Have signed up for the Prague marathon in May 2012   Any other takers ??


  • Hi, im also signed up for it. This will be my 2nd marathon. You?

  • Janie

    My 21st  

    Had a long weekend in prague during the summer so thought I would go back and run Down side I'm told is the cobbles

    But looking forward to it plus it was easier to get in than London image

  • Sorry Slowfoot, I have a date with Edinburgh marathon and 2 marathons in 2 consecutive weeks is too much for me! Enjoy it and all that training image
  • Wow 21 marathons under your belt.......

     Ive just booked flights and hotel staying friday until monday.  Prague looks amazing im really looking forward to my number too couple of days ago so its all becoming a reality....just need to get the training in.

    Hows your training going Slowfoot?

  • Janie

    Not really started yet !  Will start in a couple of weeks (hopefully)

    Im staying Friday till Tuesday where you flying from ? Have you set yourself a target time ?

    also have my number 4284 (i think)

  • I'm also doing Prague. It will be my 9th. I went there as a backpacker about 20 years ago and have been wanting to go back ever since. Would never have imagined then that it would be to do a 26 mile run!     
  • Pierre

    Welcome have you run Prague before ?

  • Slowfoot,

     Flying from Edinburgh.  What about you?

    Well, my first marathon May 2011 (Edinburgh) was 4.09.  I am hoping to improve on that and get under 4 hours ...something like 3.45 would be fantastic but I will have to see how the training goes first to see what i am capable of.

     What about your target time?? Are you following any particular training programme and do you have any good tips for a newbie??


  • Janie

    Aiming for 4.30 but it will depend on the cobbles  image Haven't got a particular plan will just get out and run and same as yourself see how i feel.

    Flying from Manchester on the Friday and staying at the Hilton on the waterfront which is about a 10/15 min walk from the start/finish. Not sure how far it is from the expo but

  • Slowfoot,

    Have you done other marathons overseas? What about these cobbles???? How many miles do you reckon they cover??

    I've only done 13 miles so far as a long run so I'm just going to build on that now. Going to try for 5 days running, I also go to the gym. I also do most of my running at night

  • Janie

    I ran in Stockholm, Belfast and Casablanca (only the half) last year  (Cheap flights)

    I've also run in the States a few times.

    I'm told there is about a mile worth of cobbles split throughout the course and that it can be a bit warm image but a really friendly event


  • Slowfoot,

     Im staying at Hotel Salvator i think its close to the Town Square.  Has plenty of good reviews and was a good price!!!

     Never been to Prague but always fancied it for a break.  I hear the beer is good but that will have to wait til the Sunday night!!


  • Janie

    The beer is not only very good but its actually cheaper than bottled water & soft drinks !!!

     I think we can manage one beer on Friday night but after the run I'll buy the first round. image 

  • Hi Slowfoot,

    The beer on Sunday will be the best!!!!!

    I'm 3 weeks into a training programme and it's tough work!!! Didn't follow a plan last time just ran when I felt like it and upped my long run every week. The midweek runs are quite long but I'm managing so far. Got 15 on Sunday so fingers crossed all goes well.

    I also got given a garmin watch and It's great.

    How you getting on?

  • Janie

    Suffering with plantar facitis at the moment so having a couple of weeks off from running.whilst it eases.

    Making sure I do some cross training in the gym managing about 45 minutes a day at the mo.   Want to make sure I'm back up and running by early March at the latest  and will then have to a crash 8 week training course.

    the beer will help numb the pain afterwards image 

  • Sorry to hear that....I had that a couple of winters ago caused by running on uneven ground. At least your keeping up your cardio and hopefully it won't be long til your back running again!!!

    And yes beer always helps no matter what the circumstance!!!!

  • Janie 

    Thanks I'm going stir crazy not running but at least I'm doing something lots of cross training and strecthing.

    Do you have any races planned pre Prague ?

  • Hi Slowfoot

    No I've not got any races planned at all.

    Not much happening up here til spring....think there is a half in edinburgh in April so maybe think about doing that one.

    Just been for a sports massage feels good to get the tension out of your legs. Will go once a month hoping it helps me stay injury free!!

    Have you got any plans for any races before may?
  • I've entered the Coniston 14 end of March but will depend on the injury

    Thinking of booking a  sports massage with the physio next week but i think I need to rest up before he pods and pokes so will stick with 45 minute cardio sessions

  • Hi Slowfoot

    How's things? Is your injury still holding you back and did you go for that sports massage?

    I've had a bit of a rough week with the cold so have missed a few runs! Hoping to get back on track this weekend though.

  • Janie

    Sorry for the late reply had a bit of a holiday.

    Foot still isn't great haven't managed more than a few hundred yards running and will need to get back in the gym this week to shed the holiday pounds

    Physio releived the pain for a while but its still there and mornings its at its worse

    Still planning on running but any time aspirations are well and truly out the window  image

  • Hi Slowfoot

    Can't believe that's feb gone already. Hope there is some improvement in your training it must be tough on you.

    I've completed my first 18 miler on Tuesday and all is going well so far....keeping my fingers crossed.

    Have you managed to shed your holiday pounds. I've managed to lose a few pounds too since definitely feel the difference when running don't you.

    Anyway hope all is well.

  • Janie

    Still restricted to gym I'm afraid haven't managed a run since Jan I have a doctors appointment this week to see if i can get some intensive physio sessions.

    I'm running prague with a mate from work so have promised him i will start and finish just haven't said how long it will take me !

  • Hi, I ran this last year. I really don't remember any cobbles, if that helps! If there were any, they obviously weren't too bad.
    It is a fast flat course. It was quite warm last year, sun was out, it was beautiful if warm for running a marathon.
    The only negative remark I have is the chaos at the start pens - most people around me totally ignored which pen they were supposed to be in and just climbed the barriers - it was a bit of a crush, which was annoying to say the least. However it thinned out once we had got underway.
    Hope you all have a great time. I am doing Vienna this year.
  • Hi Amanda,

    Thanks for the positive response!  Im really looking forward to seeing Prague as well as the actual marathon itself.

     Vienna that sounds good.  When is it? Are you making a holiday of it and hows your training going??

     Fast and flat also a relief as most of just about all of my training is done on the flat.


  • Slowfoot,

     Are you any further forward?????


  • Hi Janie,
    you will love Prague! It's so beautiful at that time of year.
    vienna is on April15 - 3 weeks on Sunday. My training has been going well, although I don't feel any faster than I have been before, despite training harder. Hopefully it'll all come right on the day, after having tapered. That's the plan! We are spending 4 nights there, plus a night in Munich afterwards. Can't wait!
    Good luck with the training.
  • That sounds great Amanda hope all goes well!!!
  • Janie

    Hoping (fingers crossed) to get out running this weekend  but I'm giving serious consideration to missing the run and just enjoying Prague image

  • Hi, I'm running this one and it'll be my first marathon. I have run a couple of halfs before with Bath the most recent (2:09:52). I was targeting 4:30 until last weekend, but I struggled with the 20th mile of my 20-miler and am now thinking I'll be happy with anything under 5.

     Good luck to the rest of you as well! image

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