Prague 2012



  • Vinod

    I will be there or there abouts still have a problem with my foot but planning on run/walk approach Its a long way to go and DNS image

  • I'm only a very occasional poster so Slowfoot please forgive very late response. Haven't done Prague before and don't know too much about it except what I can glean from course map. Looks like a very flat course as it follows the river.  I'm hoping the lovely setting is a distraction from the hard slog of doing 26 miles.  At least with a metric course the K markers come along sooner and you feel you are getting somewhere. 

    I have been trying to stick to a 3'30 training schedule with limited success. The plan says do several 20 milers but I have so far only managed one 18 and one 20.  In a panic have entered the South Cheshire 20 this Sun to squeeze in another long one with a fortnight to go. That will have to be it. Mind you I also did Offa's Orror nr Chepstow last Sun and although billed as less than 13M it was a killer! 

  • Good to hear that Slowfoot! Good luck with that!

     Also, does anyone know what the "refreshments" will be provided? It says at stations at 5K intervals, I think, but doesn't specify what exactly.

  • Hi there! Feel free to check out the course map and elevation data of Prague Marathon 2012 that I've created. Under the "Strategy" tab you can setup detailed race strategy and "simulate" the race:

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