For Sale & Wanted.

Hey guys & about a For Sale & Wanted Board????....or has this already been tried. ???


  • Yep - we've asked RW for one - so far zilch (not that we're ungrateful RW mind - we know you've got loads on right now)

    But some lucky person got a free treadmill out if a thread we did - I sold my trainers and got the loan of a HRM

    Suggest that until RW gives us this as a new Forum heading, if you have anything to sell / that you want, you just post your message

    PS if you have a free treadmill going please can I have it!!
  • RW have their advertisers' interests to look after too. The last thing the sports shops want is us swapping 2nd hand rather than buying new - am I just an old cynic??
  • Nike SDM - nearly new (too sophisticated for me!) - yours for £150.
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