Best book for beginners?

Hi All,

My mum has recently taken up running and has asked for some kit for Christmas including "a book about running". Does anyone have any recommendations that are particularly good for beginners and won't scare her off?

(She already gets my copy of Runner's World after I've read it, and I've pointed her in the direction of the website for training plans and advice ... but she still wants a book)

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    No, it's not a book for ultra runners, its a book for all runners. Definitely a page turner!
  • if you speak French: "Courir, du Jogging au Marathon" de Michel Delorrs
  • Thanks Julezy, I wouldn't mind getting that for xmas myself!  image
  • Thanks Vincent, but I don't think mum's French language skills are up to that ... they tend to centre around ordering café crème or vin rouge. (Not that mine are much better!)

  • TimeaJTimeaJ ✭✭✭

    Paula Radcliffe: How to Run

    Runners' World Complete Book of Running for Beginners

     I have read both and they helped me a lot!

  • my English skills aren't very good too, but this book helped me so much I could not resist to advise it!

    (if you know a book to improve my English! lol)
  • Thanks Timea, I will check those out image 

    Vincent, I appreciate the recommendation anyway - thank you image Your English looks to be of a MUCH better standard than my French! I would not have the confidence to reply to a thread on a French website, I'd be worried that everyone would laugh at me.

    I think its easiest to learn by immersion but despite my efforts my boss won't let me transfer to the Paris office. So I have the radio set to a French station, watch lots of French movies and try to read a few short news articles every day without going back to my dictionary ... sometimes the difference between what I THINK the article is about and what it is actually is quite funny!

  • Paula Radcliffe's - how to run is on my christmas list.  I had a brief look at it recently and it is ideal for beginnersand improvers.
  • Thanks Deva, it looks as though the Paula Radcliffe book might be the winner image
  • Another vote for Paula's book. I loved it.
  • Thanks AN!

    Off to Amazon I go ...

  • Another good one, not a PR book "Marathon Running for Mortals" by John Bingham and Jenny Hadfield.

    Depending on how your mum gets on, it's got  programmes for mara and HM, walk, walk/run, run/walk and run, so pretty useful as well as full of good old common sense.

  • Have bought my mum, "What I talk about when I talk about running", for Christmas. I have not read it myself yet, but I have heard it is a good book, although I do not think it is training orientated.
  • Thanks Jeepers! I will see how she gets on with Paula's and keep that in mind for her birthday present (which is in Feb, so not too far off)

    Solent Runner - I've had my eye on that! I'm hoping it might be in my stocking on Christmas morning
  • The Runners Handbook, by Bob Glover. Got it last year, really good.
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